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Wed, 26 Mar 08 - Episode # 4603

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ They Don’t Send People To Prison For Sleeping In “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 26 Mar 08 - Episode # 4603]


Sam can’t believe it when jack wonders if the baby is even his. Jack is still way in shock, and heads for the bedroom when Rachel arrives back home from her run. Sam asks Rachel if she could bail again – as she & jack are having a D&M. After rach bails, Sam goes into the bedroom, where jack has his police shirt is his hand, bout to get change. Sam insists that he just can’t treat today like any other day – they needed to talk about this. Sam lays it on thick about bow great a family they are – esp. With a child they made tyyigether on the way. Jack sits back on the bed, whilst Sam phones that station - saying that jack is ill. When she goes but into the bedroom, she insists that they have to sort things out.


Maddie & Cass are in the corridor – and Maddie is really worried about how today could go. Cass inistsisthat she NEEDS to tell the students about her own experiences and Maddie certainly agrees wiotyyhg Cass when she says that she will [thanks to miles] never look at a homeless person the same way again, i.e. both will be REALLY thinking “what’s the person’s story”. Cass insists that a REAL talk about the dangers of HIV could have prevented her from geeing into a atitauation that she now has the disease.

In the principal’s office, Miles is trying to convince Bartlett to let Cass give her talk – and they rach a compromise. Cass will speak to the yr 12 students, and then that info will trickle down to the lower grades. Cass is called into the office, and Bartlett tells her that he always thought that she is a strong, brave girl. Cass tells miles & Bartlett that she is more than expecting comments for the likes of Aden.

Soon after, in corridor, Maddie expresses her concerns to miles about cassie’s upcoming talk. Miles insists that Cass will be looking to Maddie for spt – so Maddie must be strong for Cass.

After the kid’s files into class, Miles tells the class, incl Axel & Maddie that they will have a surprise guest in the 2nd half of this double period. Maddie & the others are intrigued that Aden isn’t at school yet.


Aden is in bed asleep, when his dad throws a pillow at him, which wakes him. Aden suggest that no one ever went to prison for sleeping in and missing boring school, but his father keeps on having a go at him. Aden “suggest” that his dad should bail for n the room, so Aden can get changed form school.


Tony and Rachel talk on the front patio. Rachel says that she began to feel well at around midnight. Tony confesses that jazz went with him to the reuininion, which rach suspected as rach stayed at the hunter place last night, and noted that jazz didn’t sleep there. Tony insist that nothing happened tween him & jazz last night. Both agree to go for a juice at Nosh’s and talk further.


Rachel tells Tony that she worried about Sam & Jack as there was a “weird vibe” tween them this morn.


Jack enters the bedroom, when Sam has just finshigied packing a suit case. she tells him that she & Rory are hoping to visit her sister in the city, which will give jack time to makes his decision.


As tony bails, Rachel suggests once more for him to talk to jack. Rachel then sees jazz, whose just been exercising in the gym. Rachel is a tad perplexed when jazz tells her that, after last night, she knows 130% that tony is now TOTALLY in love with Rachel.


Jack is lying on the couch when tony comes the the door. Jack insists that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone fight nw. Tiny is worried, but bails.


In corridor, Rory is quite suprosesd when Sam tell him that they are going to they city right now for a few days, but despite his concerns about missing school., Sam is able to talk Rory around and they bail.

Aden enters miles classroom, and moments later so too does Cass, she begins her talk by saying that she never expected to be back here at school so soon, but has something to tell the students. When she comments about her pregnancy, axel suggests that that is another “unplanned pregnancy”: speech, but Cass tells that students that this is more that that. Cass tells them that she is HIV positive, and after seeing the shocked looks, repeats that she’s HIV+ [with Maddie looking as supportive as she can]


Jack has a glass of spirits in his hand, when he starts ringing the police station, but even after it starts ringing, jack stops the call. Then picks up Johnny’s letter and some matches. He lights one of them, and gets rall close to burn the letter, but he pulls the lit match away form the paper and put out the match.


An unknown female student asks Cass about the baby, and Cass tells her that the placenta should be able to stop the baby for being HIV+. Also, when asked, Cass says that she has no idea exactly how long she’s had the disease. Cass use a comment form axel [i.e. how he's glad he not kiss her] to tell ppl that you can’t get HIV that way - only through unprotected sex, blood on blood contact. Aden then has a flashcback to the car crash lat last year. He stumbles to his feet, and stumbles out of the room. Cass “wakes up” to what’s happened, and goes after him. In corridor, Aden angrily tells Cass that she better pray that she hasn’t given him the disease!!!!



Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: green scoop t/dark long pants


Matilda: SBH uniform


Cass: yellow & black [yellow top half, with blue birds on black on lower half] mid thigh dress/grey track pants


Aden: SBH uniform

Axel: SBH uniform

Jazz: black [with partly red backed] sports top/black long pants

Larry [Aden’s dad]: white [with dark blue security patches on shoulders] button up shirt

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/dark blue button up shirt/denim jeans

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white shirt/black [white check tie

Rachel: red v neck t/dark long pants

Rory: SBH uniform

Sam: sky blue [unknown white logo] singlet top/white long pants/grey [black horiz stripes] cardigan

Tony: brown & sky blue horiz striped polo shirt

Tony: dark suit/dark tie/ light blue button up shirt

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