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Tues, 25 Mar 08 - Episode # 4602

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Just When JACK Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any More Intriguing …“

[screened in Australia on Tues, 25 Mar 08 - Episode # 4602]


Johnny is writing the note that Jack has just found. We hear Johnny’s voiceover – saying that Sam hid him in the annexe.


Cut to Jack as his reds the letter. Johnny’s voiceover continues. Johnny “says” that he was able to get Sam to assist him as he knows that it was SAM that got herself & her hubby involved in the drugs scene – and it all began when Sam stole drugs form the hospital that she was working at. After the police started to close in, Sam cut a deal wit them, to get immunity for herself. Johnny insist tat if ppl look deep enough into the police files, they will back up his story.

Sam [main room] is curious as to why jack is in the bedroom, so she goes in there, and when she sits bext to jack, she wonders why he is looking at his with a look of total shock. Jack tells her about the leetr, and he angrily tells her that he can't belief that she hid Johnny like that. Sam insists tat she would never have let Johnny hurt anyone, and tells jack that he himself said that the world was a better place with Johnny dead. Jack isn’t listening to anything Sam has to say – he tells her that he is going to give her a 12 hour head start, i.e. he wants her to run, and he will inform police in the morning. Jack bails – Sam’s totally in shco9k, as in jack.


At the reunion, an old “mate” of Tony’s, Dave, tells Tony & Jazz of his vast import/export business. He also mentions to jazz that they used to call Tony “metal mouth” [braces]. Jazz fires back, saying that Tony owns number of gyms. When Dave has walked away, jazz comment that by the end of tonight, Tony’s gym business could have gone global. Tony seems to like this free spirited thinijking of jazz’s.


Alf is working at the bar with Martha enters the room. He comments that she looks amazing. Roman enters – with similar comment.


Jack is in tears, as he sits on the slope that separates the beach form the rod etc nearby. Things get even worse for jack, as up the beach a little, he sees Martha walking with Roman. Jack starts drinking for the bottle of spirits that he has.


Jazz is sitting by herself when Dave approaches. He comments tatyb he has seen that Ton has a rental car – and he insinuates that Jazz is a hooker. Dave also suggests that he’ll pay jazz double what Tony is. Jazz tips a drink in dave’s lap, just as Tony returns t9o her side. Jazz insist that she can well & truly handle things herself.


Roman & a blindfolded Martha enter a room that we’ve not seen before. Roman removes that blindfold and tells Martha that they are in the new diner. The place looks cosy – and the candlit dinner that Roman has set up only adds to this.


Tony & Jazz both agree that it’s been a good night so far, and Jazz looks V pleased when Tiny downs another shot with some old school firnmeds.

Soon after, Tony & jazz are in the room that Tony booked. Tony is lying on the bed, and he is muchly drunk. Jazz begins unbuttoning his shirt.


Martha asks Roman several questions – and he tells her that he isnl;t married, but that he did lie to her when he told her aht this meal they’ve just had was all his own creation [he got the sauce/dressing out of a recipe book]. Martha & Roma WAAAAAAAAAAAY starts kissing.


Jazz hops into bed beside Tony, and starts kissing him. He saterts kissing her – but jazz is muchly put off when Tony calls out “Rachel”. Jazz goes back to her side of the double bed.


Next morn, Martha & Roman are walking and talking – both comment on how great last night was. After they head on up to road level, we see jack beginning to stir. He looks a mess.


Tony asks, and sees that most of his clothes have been removed. He wanders to jazz what happened, and jazz insist that nothing happened then them. She wanted it to, but when he called out Rachel’s name, that proved to jazz that Rach/tony are further down the track with their ‘ship than she thought. Tony is pleased hen jazz insists that she won’t tell anyone that they slept in the same bed.


Martha is behind the bar when jack [he still looks a mess] enters, he is keen to talk to her about what’s occurred, but bails as soon as Roman enters the room.


Jack enetrs, he is shocked that Sam is still there. She insists that there was NO WAY that she was just going to leave town without Rory – who must be at a school camp or something. As jack picks up the phone to call the station, Sam tells hi8m that she is PREGNANT with his child!!!!!



Will Jack walk out on Sam???

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: electric blue spaghetti strap dress


Sam: sky blue [unknown white logo] singlet top/white long pants/grey [black horiz stripes] cardigan


Jazz: red [with white “collar”] halter neck mid thigh dress


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Dave Markham: dark suit/white button up shirt/blue [yellow circles] tie

Jack: faded black [dark swirls at top pf back] t/faded jeans

Jazz: black thin strap mid thigh length nightdress

Johnny: dark sleeveless t

Roman: light grey [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Sam: dark green scoop t/grey long pants

Tony: dark suit/dark tie/ light blue button up shirt

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