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Mon, 24 Mar 08 - Episode # 4601

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Just When Sam Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse … “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 24 Mar 08 - Episode # 4601]


Ric tells Matilda that he isn’t that keen on being a charity case - this is after he’s just fixed some gym equips for Tony. Matilda suggests that ric shouldn’t see things that way.

Nearby, Noel and his associate are lurking about – taking a partic interest in Ric’s van.


Cass & miles whisper to each other about plans for Sally’s farewell, but they clam up when Sally approach. Ric & Matilda enters, and Cass tells Sally that she will get little Pippa changed & int9o bed – good practice for her open kid. After Matilda gees with Cass & little Pippa, Ric tells Sally that he isn’t that keen on “sponging” off her – with odd jobs round the van park. Miles & Sally insist that ric will find work soon.


Colleen is almost run over by Ric’s waaaaaaay speeding van.


As Mad & the others are chatting, Colleen enters – and is surprises to see Ric in the house, since she thought the almost ran her over secs ago. Ric rushes outside.


Ric sees that his van is not where he parked it.


Jazz enters just as Jack bails. Jazz insist that she needs Sam’s help with this reunion thing of Tony’s.


After Tony & Rachel ask Alf for some drinks, Tony comments that it will be great having Rachel on his arm for them reunion.


Jazz replaces Rachel’s jar of energy building powered drink with another jar – that has laxatives in it. Jazz tells Sam that all Sam had to do is switch jars once Rachel has had some.


Jack asks Ric some questions about the van, before bailing. Ric is worried that he has no insurance et the van etc.


Next day, Rachel enters – back form her run. Sam comments bout how good Tony & Rachel are together, and she does this to get Rachel to hopefully forget her energy drink, but Rachel does make a drink from the laxative incl jar.


Ric is raking up leafs etc and Maddie is sitting nearby. Maddie suggest that she could permanently move in to the VPH, so costs wouldn’t be so high for Ric. He isn’t exactly keen on the idea, but Maddie insists that she was going to move out of home errantly anyway, and this way they can totally be together. Maddie is pleased when Ric agrees that it is a good idea. Btw, before he saw Maddie & Ric, as the lead-in shot to establish that we weer at the van park, they had some emus near one of the vans!!!


Tony is talking to jazz about the reunion, when rach phones. She tells him that she is ill – and isn’t sure if will be able to make it. When off phone, Tony tells jazz that, and she hides her delight. Also, Sam looks guiulty when Rachel was on phone with Tony.


Maddie, Cass, Annie & Geoff are talking to Miles in the corridor about the meeting about to take place about sally’s farewell. Belle is on hand for the paper.

Annie suggests to Geoff that he should talk to Melody – and when he does, he discovers that she’s a catholic. They do that whole “same belief, but different teams” thing.


Rachel admits defeat =- and tells Sam & jack that she inlet going to the reunion.


Tony tells Alf the news, and Jazz volunteers tor be his date. Colleen thinks that it’s a generous offer – to step in at short notice.


In the classroom, miles puts a vote to all the assembled students etc, i.e. should they have a boat cruise [nice touch] or a concert? Everyone but Axl [polyed by Trent Dalzell, Cory in S2 of Blue Water High] thinks that the concert is the way to go. Axl comets about Miles being a “dero” until recently, but miles uses this to RALLY talk about the subject. He gives an impassioned talk about how fine a line it ions between being”normal” and being on the streets. It’s clear that Cass is muchly affected by the show of bravery form Miles.


Tony approaches Jazz, and she shows him the Saab convetible that she has hired for the night. Tony seems V pleased and they both get in [Tony driving].


Maddie & Ric enters, with boxes in Maddie’s thing sin their hands. Ric gets a phone call – and when off phone, he tells sally, Maddie, Miles & Cass []who is playing with lil pip] that his van has been found, but that its been totally torched.

Cass tells Miles that she is keen to talk to him bout something.


In what looks like an underground car park, 2 men are involved in a no holds bared fight, with many others cheering them on. Noel & his henchman are eager for the flyer they’ve produced – with Ric as top billing for a fight – to become a reality. Noel insists that it soon will.


On back patio, Cass tells Miles that she was inspired by his speak – and that she wants to do a similar talk to the class, about her HIV. Miles is cautious, but he thinks the idea could be a V good one.


Jack decides to open that letter that he thinks belongs to Luc, to see how important it is, i.e. send it straight away, or can it wait?”

As jack rads, he hear a voice over form Johnny – saying that if someone is reading this, it means that Sam has “shafted” john, and that this is Johnny’s “insurance” !!!!!



Jack confronts Sam

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jazz: elec blue [with yellow & silver on the bust] spaghetti strap top


Annie: green wide strap top


Melody: baby pink t


Alf: yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Axl: yellow [black bridge?] t

Belle: black [white dot lined] crop jacket/black “the Emily’s” top

Cass: red singlet top/denim shorts

Cassie: yellow (tropical motifs) halter dress

Colleen: cream (pink floral motifs) blouse

Colleen: dark blue (with white & yellow small squares) blouse

Geoff: white [black “fortitude” and lion like motif] t

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jack: faded back t/faded jeans

Jazz: black [with partly red backed] sports top/black long pants

Jazz: black low cut v neck [with silver lining around “collar”] dress

Jazz: red [with white “collar”] halter dress

Little Pippa: white [dark floral motifs with pink lining] t

Little Pippa: pink (with yellow straps) thin strapped top/pink shorts

Matilda: apple green [black floral] scoop t

Matilda: apricot wide strap dress

Miles: dark button up shirt/grey t

Miles: apple green button up shirt/light blue [multicolour cityscape? motif on white background] t

Noel: dark button up shirt

Noel: dark blue button up shirt/dark suit

Noel’s henchman: dark suit

Noel’s henchman: grey singlet/dark button up shirt

Rachel: orange [black “viva [something]” singlet top/white jacket

Rachel: royal blue wides strap dress

Ric: white singlet/grey boardies

Ric: white [black kinda smiley face near right shoulder] polo shirt/denim jeans

Sally: black [white floral] mid thigh dress

Sally: royal blue t

Sam: dark green scoop t/grey long pants

Sam: grey scoop t/red long pants

Tony: dark suit/dark tie/ light blue button up shirt

Tony: white [sB gym] t shirt/dark track pants

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