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Fri, 21 Mar 08 - Episode # 4600

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If We Listen To Others, Maybe They’ll Listen To Us “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 21 Mar 08 - Episode # 4600]

Note – I KNOW this isn’t the time & esp. the place, but how AMAZING was yesterday’s season 2 finale of "H20-Just Add Water"


Drew tells Belle that he is keen to say a proper farewell to her & the bay, but Belle so isn’t in mood to listen, and storms off towards her room.


When Rach ask, Miles says that he seem to have survived his 1st few days as a teacher at SBH = esp. Thanks to his idea bout a farewell for Sally. This prompts sally to show Rachel that airplane tickets – she’s set to head off on APRIL 6!!!

The phone rings and miles answers. He tells Rachel that jack wants to speak to her.


As Drew tries to talk to Belle [both in her bedroom], belle takes offence at drew calling her “Taylor” [since they are over. Drew way admits to her that the way he left the bay was way selfish, and belle certainly doesn’t disagree with that comment.


Rachel tends to Sam who is on her bed. Sam tells jack that she doesn’t want to go to the police station. She does say that a man came to the door and forces her inside before she realised what was going on. Sam says that the guy appeared to want to salience her into NOT speaking about what he did with THAT syringe.


Belle & Drew come to an understanding, and has one final [total goodbye] kiss, before drew bails. After he’s gone, belle appears to be holding back tears.


Sam vehemently says that she doesn’t want to go to hospital, so Rachel says that she will look after Sam here at the house.


Annie & Geoff enters, and Geoff comments about how good Annie was when she did one of the reading at the Good Friday mass they’ve just attended.

They see belle crying on the couch, and when they asked, she tells them that she’s DEF not crying about Jesus’ sacrifice – she adds that drew came round here & they sorted things out.

Geoff then teks offence when belle goes and gets some Easter eggs that she insists that she needs right now. He esp. Isn’t keen that Annie has accepted a choc egg from belle.


In the main room, jack talks to Lara about Sam’s attack, and any possible leads they might have to her attacker. In the bedroom, Rory & Sam hug.


Belle sits beside Geoff and goes online and shows him that choc eggs have nothing rally to do with Easter, and that were around [as part of a pagan festival] long before they 1st Easter. Belle suggest that Geoff should broaden his horizons in terms of the world, but he fires back by suggesting that she should do the same – by coming to church with he &* Annie. Belle surprised Geoff & Annie when she ACCEPTS the offer.

Maddie & Ric enters, and wonder what belle’s text about Drew [that belle sent to Maddie] is all about.


Jazz almost can’t believe it when drew tells her that she was right in the things that she’s been saying to him recently. He adds that he pams to9 go back to school and complete his HSC – in the city though. Jazz tells drew that she is V proud of him.


In belle’s room, She tells Maddie & Ric that she & drew actually talked rationally this time [i.e. they didn’t shout abuse at each other which they did before drew left town last week.]

Belle tells Maddie & Ric that she’s been roped into going to church, and Maddie & Ric comment about belle finding a good Christian boy to go out with.


Jack ells Rory [kitchen] that they have to be storing for Sam, before suggesting toy Rory that he should put on his PJs and then they'll catch some TV.

After Rory leaves the room, Rachel enters the main part of house [form tending to Sam]. Rachel tells jack that she is V worried bout Sam.

Jazz arrives and insists that she has to speak to Sam – and she's not taking no for an answer.

Jazz enters Sam’s bedroom and Sam TOTALLY goes with Jazz’s suggestion that these injuries are courtesy of the mystery guy that Jazz saw Sam sneaking around with. Jazz tells Sam that she won’t say anything to jack etc. Jazz adds that she WILL need Sam’s help soon.


Ric & Maddie enters, and after Maddie comets about the whole Belle/church thing, Ric commets about how he’s got nothing to celebrate right now – no job etc. Miles tells him about how he didn’t even know it was Easter last year, and now there’s lots of ppl starting off with new beginning – with miles and his job, Sally & co’s holiday, belle going ntio church. Maddie then suggest that maybe belle has the right idea.


Annie & Geoff are ion the back patio, and Annie suggest that Geoff shouldn’t be so blinkered in his faith. She thinks that if others can see that they can listen to others, other will listen to them. Annie then goes inside for a second – she grabs an Easter egg and walks over and hands it to Geoff 0- suggesting that he should each it now.

The phone rings, and after Annie answers it, Geoff hears that Annie sound rather surprised at what she is hearing. The call ends and Annie goes back onto the back patio. She [kind of in shock] tells Geoff that belle won’t be the only one going with them to church – so to will Maddie, Ric, Sally & Miles. Geoff sees that as enough of a sign – and starts eating the Easter egg.


With a soulful tune playing, belle looks at pic of her & drew in her bedroom. She’s holding back tears.

Drew gets in his car [near the seaplane wharf]. He drives off.

Maddie, Sally, Ric & Miles are looking through holiday brochures.

Jack tucks Sam into bed, and kisses her cheek.


Jack & Rory accidentally drop that box of things that tony gathered up in luc’s old room. Rory picks up THAT piece of paper of Johnny’s, but jack suggest that it must be private and that they should send it off to Luc.

Cut to Sam, in bed fast asleep.



Jack confronts Sam about THAT letter? that Johnny wrote

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Sally: red low cut v neck [with orange ribbon at the waist] knee length dress


Matilda: mauve thin strap top/dark long pants


Belle: black & grey horiz striped singlet top/red log pants/dark blue converse like shoes


Annie: grey [white floral lining] knew length dress

Drew: dark t/dark long pants

Geoff: dark button up shirt

Jack: green [white lining] polo shirt/old blue jeans

Jazz: black, yellow, white & blue [black on bust, and yellow & blue separated by wide white vertical stripes] low cut v neck dress

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Miles: olive green button up shirt/dark t

Rachel: white [red floral, black trim] wide strap top/dark knee length skirt

Ric: maroon (gold crest) t/denim jeans

Rory: black [various coloured animals etc motifs] PJs

Rory: orange [black “ride it like you [something] it”] t/jungle “camo” shirts

Sam: white [hot pink “festival” logo with wave like motif] singlet top/denim jeans

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