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Tues, 18 Mar 08 - Episode # 4597

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Surprises For Everyone “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 18 Mar 08 - Episode # 4597]


Miles asks Sally for advice on what look he should go for on his 1st day back at school – the casual approach or a shirt that suggest that he’s a real authority figure.

They also talking about how the students [especially Aden] could be a problem, but Miles tells Sally that Roman seem to have fixed that problem.


Aden mouths off to Geoff about how the diner is closed down. Alf “suggest” that Aden should try to do his grandad proud. Aden says that he will [you get the felling that that comment isn’t straight fwd through].


Colleen drops around to pay her rent, and when Cass enters the room, with little Pippa holding her hand, Colleen “suggests” that Sally would like a hug form little Pippa, and colleen jakes the child over to Sally. Cass is not impressed, and neither is Sally – she tells colleen that she’ll drop [over a recept later.

Sally goes onto the back patio, and tries to get Cass to see Coleen’s point of view, and suggest that Cass didn’t know that much about HIV before she actually get the disease.


Roman tells Martha that the diner looks to be a total loss – thanks to a process that began with the earth quake that hit the bay in 1996. He tells Martha that he used most of his savings to buy into the business.

Martha is keen t have some romantic fin, but Roman insist that he’s too tired.


When Sally & Cass re enter, little Pippa runs up to Cass, and Sally makes a comment about Cass still being VERY loved. Miles continues to wonder what shirt he should wear morrow, and Cass jokes about this Miles situation being a lot more serious than what she is going through


Leah enters and the dude form the US, Steve introduces himself. He tells her that although he always wanted to visit Australia he never imagined that it would be under these circumstances.

Steve then proceeds to tell Leah that FULL story about how Dan died. Steve’s son Lincoln was in danger of falling whist they were abseiling, and Dan lost his life saving Lincoln!!!!

Leah waaay thnaks Steve for telling her this.


Sally & Cass are sitting on the back patio, and both are annoyed their fate seem to be in the hands of others right now. Sally then has an idea – which Cass loves. Sally suggests that Sally, Cass & little Pippa should go on a holiday [to get their fate back into their OWN hands].


Leah wall’s along for a bit before she stops. She has several flashbacks of happy times with Dan, especially their weeding. Leah is way in tears when the flashbacks stop.


Roman tells Martha about the ppl in that army photo that Morag & Martha saw yesterday. He can tell that Martha is curious about THAT blonde in the other pic – and tells her that she is his DAUGHTER!!!!!

Roman adds that he will tell Martha the full story – just not yet.


Next morning, after Roman & Martha finish running, they encounter Alf. when they see Aden at the edge of the surf, Alf comments on his little chat with Aden last night.

when Alf has walked away, Martha is keen to find out about Roman's daughter, but he insist that he has to go and talk to someone.


Sal & Miles talk about Sal & Cassies' holiday plans -0 and Sally insists that Miles can DEF sat her at the vpoh whilst she is away. Sally tells miles that she & Cass has no idea where they'll go, what they'll do etc.

Roman arrives - and asks Miles if they can talk,. both bail.


Roman tells Miles about how Aden might misbehave today - because of what Alf said.


Miles nervously enters, and stands at doorway of one of the classrooms. Bartlett approaches and comments of how early that miles has arrived. Bartlet also com,ments of Miles' casual style of clothing.

Miles is nervous - but Bartlet insists that if he shows that fear to students, they'll each him alive.


Leah approaches Irene and the two of them chat briefly about the stae of diner - which is surrounded by temporary fencing.


after Leah & Irene enter, Leah comments that now looks like a bomb has gone off inside here. Leah also comments how weird & wonderful the woprld can be - as the dud form the US has offered her some moneyt to create a legacy for Dan. when Irene asks, Lea tells her that she has been given $100,000 !!!!! and that she needs Irene & Roman's help with her plans for the money !!!!!



Does Jack want to be back with Martha???

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Cass: yellow [purple floral motifs near collar] fluffy nightgown


Leah: white [wide collar at front, and wide spangley straps at the back] top/dark long pants


Little Pippa: pink (with yellow straps) thin strapped top/pink shots


Aden: dark shirts/grey singlet

Aden: white [sky blue horizontal stipes & unknown black motifs on left leg] board shorts

Alf: bone (Noah's) button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Cass: red [occasional silver tropical motif] top/bone long pants

Cassie: yellow thin strap singlet top/denim skirt

Colleen: yellow [darker yellow floral motifs] blouse/blue long pants

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet

Irene: orange long sleeve blouse/brown top

Leah: black spaghetti strap top/brown knee length skirt

Martha: red [with several black elongated triangles] singlet top/dark ¾ pants

Martha: white [black horse & “Titan” logo] singlet top/denim shorts

Miles: cool grey button up shirt/blue [multicolour cityscape like motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/dark button up shirt

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white button up shirt/blue [white swirls] tie

Roman: black cap [with keel like shape inside golden teardrop]/ brown [yellow tropical motifs] board shorts/black singlet

Roman: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t

Sally: black wide strap top

Sally: light brown (with red vertical stripes) PJ top

Sally: royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top/bone shorts

Steve Bradford: blue button up shirt/dark suit

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