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Mon, 17 Mar 08 - Episode # 4596

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Comdemned “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 17 Mar 08 - Episode # 4596]

Note – we had the opening credits for the 1st time in awhile. They now include Miles & Aden.


As Irene & Roman lock up for the night, Irene is pleased that things are going so well tween Roman & Martha. Irene & Roman’s chat is interrupted when part pf the ceiling crashes to the floor.


Next day, Coleen approach and Irene tell her that the diner is closed today. There is a sign beside Irene telling everyone that the diner is closed btw. Irene explains to Colleen what’s happened.

Morag & Martha descend that external stairs with a few items – as the diner flat is having similar issues. Moments after Morag &^ Martha get o where Irene & Colleen are standing, more of the building crumbles, incl part of the railing for the external stairs. All are very worried


Cass approaches Alf, who is fishing. He tells her that he just didn’t want to say the wrong thing when she told him about her HIV. Cass insists that things aren’t so bad, as with the right treatment, the baby won’t have HIV. Cass also tells Alf that she thks all of this has made her a more compassionate person.


Alf & Cass approach Colleen, who tells them what’s happening, and that a builder is inside the diner with Roman and Irene.


At the bottom of the internal stirs, the builder tells Roman & Irene that there’s been some serious subsistence in the area. As they talking, another part of the ceiling fall, and this starts a small fire. As they exit, Irene & Roman comment about having to turn of the gas & water main to the business.


After the builder informs them that an inspector will have to fully assess the damage, colleen is VERY worried about her livelihood. Alf kind of goes off at her, but Cass clams colleen down.

With the diner flat also out of action, Martha & Morag are after a place t9o stay. Morag is NOT keen on the idea of staying in a caravan, and jumps” at Roman’s offer [to Martha] to stay at his place.


Matilda & Ric are on the back patio, talking about Cass telling Alf about her HIV. Some one Ric’s age, form the garage, approach – and tells Ric that the boss of garage sent him over here to tell Ric that he is being let go [as business isn’t so great right now]


[it appear to the same place that Brad was living in late last year]

Roman, Martha & Morag enters, and Martha & Morag thank Roman for letting them stay. With Morag elsewhere in the house, Martha j9okes about how ungallant it would be if Roman threw her out into the street.

The phone rings – its Irene, and form sound of Roman’s voice, its not good news.


Ric tells Matilda & Sally that he never realised business was THIS slow at the garage. Ric also suggest that he was given the chop because he told the police that Dom was involved in selling stolen car parts.


The guy who told ric that he is now longer employed at the garage approaches Noël, and tell him that not only has Ric get the chop., but they’ve rung around the local area telling other garages that Ric is a lousy worker. The garage dude wonders why Noel is doing this – and suggests it because ric had an affair with Noels’ wife. Noel says that it’s not what Ric has done [to Noel], but what he’s GOING to do [for Noel] that’s important.


Roman is trying to remove the cappuccino machine form the bench [he doesn't want t lose it if the ceiling caves in]. Cass offers to help carry something, but Colleen & Alf express concerns about her helping. Cass insists that it will be fine, and Irene suggest that they will be back in business in no time.


Martha is looking at a photo of Roman [in uniform] with other soldiers. Morag wonders if Martha is way curious about all the things she doesn’t know about Roman, but Martha insist that she kind of likes the mystery.


As Cass heads towards the exit [carrying something’s in a box], a bit of the ceiling collapses on hit Cass on the head. Irene, Roman ^& Colleen all want to help the bleeding form a headwound Cass, but she insists for them to say away for her blood. Cass is quite frantic about is – before she bails quickly. Roman tells Irene & colleen that he will go after her, and form them to wear gloves if they clean up Cass’s blood.


The distraught Cass is sitting down when Roman approaches. She wants him to go way but he insist that the IS going to take a look oat her wound. He assures her that he HAS gloves on.

As he tends to her wound, Roman assure Cass that he‘s seen plenty of thins sort of things with the aid work he’s done in Africa. Roman assures Cass that her reaction definitley means that colleen & Irene know something is going on, and he “suggests” that they will want answers.


Ric tells Maddie that none of the local garages have any work for him – and that he might have to go to city to complete apprenticeship.


The thick set dude who was driving the Merc when Noel 1st approached Ric about the fighting idea approaches Noel, and whispers something to him. Form noel’s reaction, it’s sure to have been the good news about Ric’s job misfortune.


As they approach Colleen etc, Cass is worried that the news of her condition will be all over town by tonight, but Roman suggest that she should have a little more faith in ppl.


Morag makes it clear to Martha that Roman was no ordinary solider – that he was part of an SAS unit, but Martha’s attention is elsewhere. After prompting form Morag, Martha picks up a framed photo, of roman & a blonde haired woman. Martha wonders just how she is.


After Cass [off screen] told them about her HUIV, Irene is very supporuve, but Colleen isn’t keen on Cass touching her, but colleen DOES insists that Cass’s secret is safe with her.

The builder & a building inspector approach, and give Irene & co the bad news that the diner is now too unsafe, is condemned and is set for demolition!!!!!



What secrets is Roman hiding???

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Sally: royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top/bone shorts


Matilda: white (sky blue diagonal check pattern) spaghetti strap dress


Martha: white [black horse & “Titan” logo] singlet top/denim shorts


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt

Builder: blue button up shirt/orange safety vest

Building Inspector: dark blue button up shirt

Cass: tan spaghetti strap top/black leggings

Colleen: yellow [darker yellow floral motifs] blouse/blue long pants

Irene: green (leafy) long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Irene: red scoop t/dark long pants

Matilda: apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts

Morag: brown long sleeve top/dark long pants

Noel: dark button up shirt

Noel’s associate: dark suit

Ric: plum [yellow “Ed Hardy” logo & black top hatted skull motif] t

Garage dude: olive green sleeveless button up shirt

Garage dude: sky blue overalls

Roman: brown t/dark long pants

Roman: olive green t/denim jeans

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