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Fri, 14 Mar 08 - Episode # 4595

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Does This Mean We’ll See Maddie In A Hospital Gown Again??? “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 14 Mar 08 - Episode # 4595]


Rachel enters and sees that Sam is asleep on the couch. Rachel wakes Sam, and tells her that she KNOWS that sam just invented the guy that she supposedly saw at the hospital. Sam tells Rachel that she thought that jack would thanks that she was hiding something if she didn’t give them some kind of information.


Cass, Maddie & Ric are talking about the Drew & Belle break up and Colleen salos comments [about how fiery a couple they were]. Maddie tells that others the she has lefty several message on belle’s phone, but gets impression that she just wants to be left alone at present.

Ric’s phone beeps – Viv’s hubby Noel wants to meet up with him.


As Maddie & Ric walk down that stairs that are near the pool, both think that noel has contacted ric because of Viv’s pregnancy. Maddie insists that whatever way Ric decodes to go with this, she will support his decision.


Colleen comments to Cass that she is pleased that Cass seems to be gaining weight. Cass tells his that she is preggers – and that that is one of the reasons that henk left. Cass insists that it’s probably better that he is gone, and Cass is very pleased when both Colleen & Leah embrace the news that she is in the family way.


Rachel & Sam explain to jack what occurred, and although jack ions a little disapointed, but tells Sam that she doesn’t think that she’ll be charged with obstructing justice.


A Mercedes convertible pulls out near the pool, and Noel gets out. There’s another dude behinds that wheel of the car, who jeeps watch as Ric & noel talk.

Ric makes it’s clear that he thinks that this is about the pregnancy, but noel ini8stst that Ric was just the donor, nothing more. Noel says that he has an offer for Ric – that could make them both rich.


Noel wonders if Ric has herd of no holds barred bare knuckle fighting. Ric says that he has – and noel says that Ric is a great candidate for it, esp. because of his current fame – because of Johnny. Noel holds up a copy of a paper with the headline about Johnny’s capture.

Although Ric seems reluctant, he doesn’t say no. Noel’s offer of $5000 for 1 fight definitely gets Ric’s attention.


Cass tells Maddie that, given colleen & Leah’s reaction to her pregnancy that she can tell ppl about being HIV+. Maddie is urging caution though.

Ric enters and he & Maddie go out onto the back patio, where Ric tells Maddie that he has sonneting to tell her.


Rachel & Tiny way kiss, before Rachel thanks Tony for his help earlier – using hymn as a sounding board, before she confronted Sam.

Soon after, he sees Rachel & Tony in bed – it’s VERY clear that they’ve just slept together, and both waaaaaaaay do that “I love you” thing.


Jack enters and tells sam that McGrath understands about her situation and she won’t be charged.

After jack leaves the room, to goo and get Rory for dinner, Sam sees Johnny again. She tries to tell him that he’s dead, but Johnny insists that he’s not dead to Sam and that‘s the point. Sam yells out for him be quiet – and when jack renters the room, Sam says that she was chastising herself.


Colleen is trying to take Tony's order but he’s just to in love with Rachel to truly concentrate on anything else. After he agree to colleen's suggestion of the lasagne, and she walks away, Rachel commends that she was esp. distracting Tony because he pinched her [something that hasn’t happened to her since she was a teen] when she was ordering.

At the counter, colleen tells Alf that she knows that Rachel/Tony are waaaaaaay together now, just likes he just knew that Cass is preggers. Alf seems surprised that colleen knows when he doesn’t.


Alf congratulates Cass, and tells her that he looks at her off a kind of granddaughter. Cass, buoyed by this, tells Alf that he wants to tell her something else, but Ric enters the house and suggets to Cass that they should talk.

On back patio Ric urges Cass mot to tell Alf as he doesn’t think alf he be able to “handle” it. Cass insists that he counsellor said that she should wait til the right time, as Alf’s granddaughter line seems like a sign.

Cass goes back insides, and she tells alf that she is HIV positive. He is taken aback, and almost immediately says that he must go and get something that he left at eth diner. After Alf bails, Ric givens Cass a comforting hug.


Sam is in the bedroom when Johnny appears to her. She tells him that she knows a way to get him out of her life, but I’m not sure is that was just posturing or if sam actually has a plan.


Ric tells Maddie that he can’t find Alf anywhere, whilst Maddie tells Ric that sally is upstairs with Cass. Maddie tells Ric that she well & truly wants him to reject noel’s offer, and ric agrees with her.


Noel is sitting with the thing like dude who was driving the Merc earlier. Noel’s phone beeps – it’s a txt form Ric, rejecting the offer.

Noel tells the other dude that they has 4 weeks to make Ric completely and utterly broke, and if he still won’t fight, then they will need to use more persuasive means !!!!!



The diner crumbles to the ground

Martha is worried about what she doesn’t know about Roman

Rory is holding THAT piece of paper that was taped to bottom of bed.

Sally’s landmark departure is coming soon

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red low cut v neck [elbow length sleeves] top/red beaded necklace


Sam: bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/light blue & white vertical striped long PJ pants


Tony: light blue [white clouds] button up shirt


Alf: royal blue button up shirt/bine long pants

Cass: red [silver swirls] hooded mid thigh dress

Colleen: blue & green rainforest pattern blouse/blue top

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Johnny: black sleeveless t

Leah: red wide strap top

Matilda: white thin strap [with red hearts and a black vertical stripes down the ct] top/white halter bikini top/dark blue [white tropic motifs] shorts

Noel: black button up shirt

Rachel: red thin strap top/black long pants

Ric: black [white old coin?] t/yellow [back tropic of left leg] boardies

Sam: red t/grey track pants

Tony: black t/olive green shorts

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