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Tues, 11 Mar 08 - Episode # 4592

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Is This The Best Phone Call Sally Ever Made? “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 11 Mar 08 - Episode # 4592]

VPH : Maddie, Sal, Ric & Miles are all kinda up in arms about the article, esp. Ric. Sally tries to calm things, saying that Belle told her that Gavin wasn’t aiming to slant things in her favour. Both Maddie & Sally are worried that Ric will be something silly, but he says that he won’t.

BEACH HOUSE : Drew is furious with Belle, and wants her to demand that Gavin apologises to Sally, in the midst of all that, Annie answers the phone. She tells Bell that it’s Sally, and when belle gets on the phone, she is waaaaaaaaaay apologetic. Belle is way worried when drew [angrily] bails.

YABBY CREEK : Drew quickly approaches Gavin, who in walking in front of some shops. Drew demands that Gavin should change things, and drew even grabs Gavin, but Belle arrives and able to push them apart. Belle then can’t believe it when drew tells Gavin that belle is quitting her job – and belle tells drew that that isn’t gouging to happen.

After drew storms off, belle tries to get Gavin to see that he’s “landed” her in the middle of all this mess.

VPH : With Sally still calling for a bit of calm, Maddie accepts Ric’s offer of a lift to school. Both sally & Maddie “suggest” to ric that the no violence thing applies to Bartlett as well.

COASTAL NEWS : Gavin bluntly tell bell that her piece on sally was one of the most biased pieces that he’s ever seen, and that if belle can’t tell him why in a 1/2 hour, that she’ll be out the door.

SBH : Ric’s van pulls up in front of the school, and after Maddie gets out and walks towards the gates, ric calls her back [for a kiss before they apart], but Maddie isn’t keen on this [because the bell has just gone,. They do kiss, but Bartlett, out front of the school [having just arrives himself it looks], just says to Maddie that he is expecting big things of her thins year – nothing about her being late.

However, when drew arrives moments later, he & Bartlett verbally clash, and drew says that he is quitting school. Maddie looks on in dismay as drew walks away for the school grounds.

LEAH’S : Leah can’t believe it when Drew tells her that he has quit school. She suggests it’s because of his emotions because of the loss of Dan, but Drew insist that Dan has nothing to do with his decision to quit school.


COASTAL NEWS : When Belle approaches Gavin, she is still annoyed about having to be ion the side [paper wise] of Mr Bartlett, but Gavin tell her that it’s all about reading public opinion, i.e. the department & parents are both with Mr Bartlett.

Gavin tell her tat the only way she’ll be able to truly voice her opinion is when she gets to write feature articles, and that a long way off. Belle is still worried that she doesn’t have a job anymore, but Gavin she that she can stay.

SBH : Annie can’t believe it when Matilda tells her that Drew has quit school – a decision aided by his clash with Mr Bartlett. When both Annie & Matilda aren’t exactly in high praise of Mr Bartlett, Aden suggest them that he thinks Mr Bartlett isn’t so bad after all.

LEAH’S : Drew has packed a bag – to go to city to hang out with a mate – when Jazz arrives. She REALLY suggests that he stop & think about this hasty move.

SEAPLANE WHARF : Sally tells Miles that this just isn’t the way she plans to leave the bay [t go to some boring desk job], but she tells him that she is going to phone the department. Sally is going to resign.


LEAH’S : Leah thanks jazz for talking some sense into Drew. Jazz is just pleased that she can be useful sometimes.

Drew answers the phone – and tells Leah that someone in the US who knew Dan is on the phone.

SEAPLANE WHARF : After Sally’s phone call ends, she tells Miles that she is glad that she’ll be leaving the dept [and the bay] on her own terms now. When Miles is worried about how he’s just fond Sally – and now she’s going – Sally insist that Mile can come with her – wherever she goes.

LEAH’S : Leah gets off the phone, and tell Drew that the US person just wanted to know if they can meet face to face, and that they have arranged to met [in bay – he’s flying over form the states] mid next week.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle enetrs – and Annie comments about Drew quitting school. Belle tells Annie that she didn’t know about this. Belle storms out of the house.

LEAH’S : Leah hears several; quick loud knocks ion her back door – its belle, and despite Leah’s “suggestion” not to talk that loudly [vj asleep], belle & drew launch into a MASSIVE verbal argument. Both of them REALLY them the other how they feel – pointing out the other’s failing [i.e. drew not sticking with anything, and Belle & the whole Dom thing]. As Leah once more “suggest” for them too not be so loud, belle slaps dfew’s chest several times – saying that she HATES him several times. Belle bails

BEACH HOUSE / DINER : Belle is in her room – and is in the mood for destruction. Annie rings Irene, and suggests that she must come home because of belle. Irene agrees to – and the way sees belle rips up all the pics of her & drew, before slumping onto her bed, totally in tears.


BEACH HOUSE : As Irene tries to comfort Belle, Belle insists that she TRULY meant that she HATES drew – and there’s absolutely now going back.

LEAH’S : Drew packs his bags again and tells Leah that he HAS to leave the bay – because of the way that he & belle tore each other to pieces. Both Leah & drew thank the other for helping each other through many tough times, before Drew Bails.

VPH : Ric seem rather surprised when Sal tells him about how she has left the dept on her own terms.

Bartlett arrives at the door, and Ric “suggest” that he should go, but sally tells Ric to let him in. she thinks that there’s no good that can come of him being here though, but Bartlett insists that Sally will find what he has to says VERY interesting..



Jack tells Sam that Johnny’s death was either a massive stuff yo oat the hospital – or murder!!!

We see Sam lift the mattress of the bed in her “art studio”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Annie: baby pink [with red lining] singlet top/white [red dots] long PJ pants

SILVER - Matilda: apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts

BRONZE - Sally: red [with white buttons down the ctr] singlet top/white short shorts


Aden: SBH uniform

Annie: royal blue elbow length [with lighter blue tween mid upper arm and elbow] scoop t/yellow shorts

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: dark green [with black bust] cami top

Belle: SBH like tartan sleeveless jacket/black [white mosaics] top/black knee length pants

Drew: black t/dark jeans

Drew: SBH uniform

Gavin: yellow button up shirt/black [with occasional white shimmers] jacket/dark long pants

Irene: sky blue blouse

Irene: sky blue PJ top/sky blue dressing gown

Jazz: red spaghetti strap top

Leah: white wide collar t/denim jeans

Matilda: SBH uniform/blue & white check [cloth] headband

Miles: faded white & blue horiz striped [black tropic motif] t/grey shorts

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/light blue button up shirt/blue [white swirls] tie

Ric: black [grey unknown motif] t/olive green shorts

Ric: red [white vertical stripes] shorts/black singlet

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