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Mon, 10 Mar 08 - Episode # 4591

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And Today’s “Wonderful” Headline Is …. “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 10 Mar 08 - Episode # 4591]

VPH : Sally tells Alf that she never imagined that she’d be stuck in desk job, or that this is what Tom meant.

Belle enters, and she rather timidly tells Sally that she had been asked to interview Sally for the paper. As Mr Bartlett leaked that story that Sally has backed sacked from SBH.

LEAH’S : Leah almost can't believe that she’s in tears because she realised that she bought Dan’s fave breakfast cereal in her latest food shopping. Drew tries his best to help her del with it, sand Leah wonders what’s happening in dew’s life. Drew tells her that he is thinking of break up with Belle.

BEACH : As Roman runs along, he sees Geoff doing push ups, and makes the previously oblivious Geoff aware that several bikini clad teen girls are watching him exercise.

VPH : Belle tells sally that she wasn’t keen on doing this interview, but doesn't want to loose her cadetship either. Alf suggest that sally should use the article to “blast” Mr Bartlett & the education dept, but sally has a better idea.

LEAH’S : Dre3w tells Leah that he’s not sure of his ‘ship with belle is with all this effort, esp. when he’s not sure he respects her at the moment [beacause of her job].

DINER : Roman talks to Irene about Geoff and those girls, and Irene “suggest” that Geoff isn’t the only on whose a tad blind to girls at the moment. She tells Roman that Martha is worth the risk.

VPH : Alf listens in as Sally really pushes that positives of her time at the SB High, i.e. seeing students that weren't going that well prove everyone wrong by “braking through” and getting good marks. It’s clear that Belle likes the angle that Sally has gone with.

DINER FLAT : As Martha & Morag prepare for Roman’s arrival [for dinner], Martha insist to Morag that there must be no match matching form her.

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BEACH : Its night time, and Roman walks towards the diner flat.

DINER FLAT : Martha tries to insist to Morag that this is only a casual dinner tween her & Roman, but Morag comments that Martha has changed outfit a number of time before settling on her current attire.

Roman arrives, and whilst Morag comments on Roman’s great taste in wine [with the bottle that he bring with him], Martha comments that they’ve got to do a bit of work on the flat as a few crack are starting to appear on the walls.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle is in her bedroom, typing up her article [with the recording of the interview playing]. Geoff comes to her door, looking for advice on women, but Belle says that she is way too busty with the article at the moment.

VPH : Sally talks to Leah about Mr Bartlett, who Sally thinks is a god since teacher, but is a teacher who doesn’t get involved in any extracurricular activates at the school. Sally tanks that principal might be too much for Mr Bartlett.

The phone rings, and when Sally is off the phone, she tells Leah that it was Jack – and that Johnny is DEAD!!!!!

LEAH’S : Belle enters and Drew is way annoyed at her for doing the interview with Sally – but Belle suggest that Drew should read her article on Sally and see for himself what she’s done.

DINER FLAT : Martha’s had enough of Morag not rally allowing Martha & Roman to talk to each other, so she says that they are out of coffee [hides it behind something else ion cupboard].

After Morag goes downstairs [diner] to get some, Martha & Roman really get the chance to talk to each other. Both agree that this is the weirdest 1st date ever. If you can call tis a date.

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LEAH’S : Drew tells Belle, now that he’s read her article that he loves it – and Be tells Drew that Sally is an inspiration to him.

Leah enters and comments that sally told herb the Johnny is dead, and belle comments that Gavin had told her that a bit earlier. Drew makes it clear that he’s not a fan of Gavin’

Before he asks bell for help[with his school assignment. Bell’s is a good mood and she agrees to help.

DINER : Morag tells Irene that she doesn’t hold up munch hope for Martha/Roman, as she did all the talking whilst upstairs.

DINER FLAT : When then hear Irene & Morag in voiceover form, talking about how they don't think that Roman & Martha will get together. All the while we are SEEING Roman & Martha MUCHLY kissing!!!!

DINER : Morag tells Irene that she will wait a bit longer before she goes back upstairs.

DINER FLAT : Soon after, Morag enters, and goes to the kitchen. When she moves some of the plates, Martha comes out of her room. Martha can see what Morag is thinking – so she tells Morag that roman has already gone, as the thought of being intimate with Roman with Morag in the flat isnb;t exactly one that she wanted to think about. Morag IS pleased that Roman & Martha seem to really like each other.

BEACH : Roman walks along, with a grin form ear to ear on her face.

BEACH : Its daytime now, and Geoff lies on the beach, but the look of the scene suggest a dream sequence, and when at least 4 bikini clad babes start applying sunscreen to Geoff’s body, he just KNOW that we QAER in dreamland.

BEACH HOUSE Geoff awakes [in his bed] - the look on his face suggest that he weal *& truly rems the hot & sweaty dream.

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BEACH HOUSE : Irene is in the kitchen when belle enters. belle wonders about this morning’s paper, so Irene suggest that belle grabs their copy.

Before she can, Drew stiorms ytimnto the house. He tells belle that he can’t believe that she let this happen – the this is this morn’s front page story “sacked principal leaves school in crisis”



looks like Drew is leaving the bay

will sam get away with the perfect murder

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Belle: dark green [with black bust] cami top

SILVER - Morag: black [gold vertical swirls down each side near the middle] jacket/tan top

BRONZE - Drew: black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t/dark shorts


Alf: yellow [black check] button up shirt

Belle: black [white eagle?] top/white unbuttoned vest/denim jeans

Drew: SBH uniform

Geoff: dark [white check] shorts

Geoff: white boardies

Geoff: white singlet

Irene: red [white native artwork] v neck elbow length sleeves top [with black top neath/white long pants

Irene: sky blue PJ top/sky blue dressing gown

Leah: white [raised white squares at the top] mid thigh dress/black leg ins

Martha: blue [white horiz lines – in the shape of bottom half of a circle]/light pink shorts

Martha: black satin (gold crest on the back) robe

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t

Morag: white blouse/tan suit

Roman: black cap [with keel like shape inside golden teardrop]/black singlet/dark shirts

Roman: black leather jacket/white button up shirt/dark long pants

Sally: red [elbow length sleeves] top/dark short shorts

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