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Thurs, 6 Mar 08 - Episode # 4589

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Phone Call From HELL ….Maybe “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 6 Mar 08 - Episode # 4589]

Note – it’s intriguing when seemingly innocuous comments REALLY affect things when you think you should be focussing on everything else, i.e. in amongst everything that occurred in the Sally NDE ep [# 4576] I missed it when Tom said, to Sally, “I know one day you’re going to go further out into the world, and make me even prouder”

MAIN BEACH : After sitting for a bit, Miles stands and walk towa5rds the water. He gets close toe water’s edge – but THAT day in Pukhet still prevents him form going in.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Pippa & Sally try to convince Miles to speak to Mr Bartlett about a teaching job, but Miles is concerned about school students recently referring to him as a “dero”.

Annie enters – and gives Sally a hand made card – a combo of get well soon and a thank you. When Sally invites Annie upstairs to see the rest of the cards & flowers she received, Annie is reluctant to go up the stairs – as she remembers what it meant for Sally during her NDE. Annie makes an excuse about being late for school – and she bails.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Mr Bartlett announce to a class of students [incl Annie & Aden] that the punishment for the sand throwing incident has increased to FIVE Saturday detentions.

When class ends, Mr Bartlett & Aden clash in the corridor, and when they are done, Mr Bartlett already begins to see that Aden’s supporter base is shrinking.

VAN PARK HOUSE : After Pip & Sally comment about how little Pippa had her teddy all bandaged up, Pip comments about how Annie bailed so fast earlier. Sally responds by telling her that he time with Tom recently is something tat she believes in with all her heart. Sally adds that only one thing that tom said would happen hasn’t as yet – that Sally would go out into the world. Pip comments that SB without Sally just doesn’t seem right, but Sally reminds Pippa that the bay with pippa seemed equally as strange, but the bay has survived. Pippa is worried that Sally is doing things in a whim, but Sally doe not agree.

Sally then tell Pip that she is going for a walk – as Rachel has encouraged her to do so.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : With more & more nameless students mocking Aden, Rory comments that Aden just wanted to be a hero like his grandad. Aden goes to attack Rory, but Geoff is again to stop him. Aden has a go at Aden & Annie for their “turn the other cheek” Christian beliefs.

MAIN BEACH : Sally approach Miles, and Miles tells her that THAT day still ay haunts him. Sally takes his hand, and they slowly walk done to the waters edge. Miles tentatively alone puts his foot in the water. With Sally there for him, Miles eagerly dives into the water – his fear seems to be no more.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Pip, Sally & Miles are chatting when Leah arrives. After Pip & Miles goes upstairs to tend to little Pippa, Sally asks Leah about Dan’s funeral [in city I’m guessing]. Leah says that it was as good as a funeral can be, before Sally & Leah waaaaaay hug.

MAIN BEACH : Aden exits the surf, and Roman thanks him for not seeing the diner. Aden wonders why Roman hasn’t “attacked” him for what happened at school, but Roman insists that it’s none of his business.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Pippa enters the main room just as Leah is bailing. Before Pip goes back home, she “suggest” to Sally that she shouldn’t just leave the bay because of what Tom said.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Martha watches on as Roman & Aden walk off the beach towards that surf club.

Cut to be able to hear what Aden & Roman are talking about. Aden is worried about the success rate of a plan that Roman has suggested.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden encounters Mr Bartlett in the corridor. Bartlett is keen to crush Aden, but Aden suggests that they should talk.

NOAH’S : Miles tells Alf & Martha about his plans to perhaps teach again. Ald [looking at THAT newspaper piece] comments tat maybe Morag sees something in Aden that the rest of them can’t. Martha comments that it looks as though Roman has that kind of insight as well – avig seen Roman chat to Aden earlier.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In a classroom, Aden tells Mr Bartlett that his plan [the one that Roman suggested] is a win wing situation. Mr Bartlett comments that Aden does seem to have some of his grandfather’s spirit in him.

Soon after, Mr Bartlett tell a full class of students that everyone is no logger on detention – as Aden has agreed to do the detention alone.

After class, many of the students thank Aden, bout Geoff is worried about all [attentions] this going to Aden’s head.

DINER : After Geoff comments about what’s happened at school, Martha tells Roman that she saw him talking to Aden earlier. When Martha asks Roman of his opinion of Aden, Roman suggests that Aden is “a ticking time bomb”.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Miles enters and sees Sally lying on the couch. She tells him that she’s not exactly feeling the best. As she heads upstairs that phone rings. Miles answers and the dept of education – so Sally get Mile to hand her the phone. She wonders what is happening.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is off the phone, and she tells Miles that the department has offered her promotion – to a desk job in the city. She tells Miles that the dept has installed Mr Bartlett permanently as principal of SB High, and that they think that she is too familiar with the area, students etc to even TEACH at SB High!!!!



Looks like Sam tries to silence Johnny once and for all

Belle encourages Martha to go after Roman

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Roman: brown [yellow tropical motifs] board shorts/black singlet

SILVER - Miles: brown [black African tribal? Motifs] t/grey knee length shorts

BRONZE - Annie: SBH uniform


Aden: SBH uniform

Aden: white [unknown black motifs on left leg] board shorts

Alf: yellow [black check] button up shirt

Geoff: SBH uniform

Leah: white [raised white squares at the top] mid thigh dress/black leg insist

Martha: blue [white horiz lines – in the shape of bottom half of a circle]/light pink shorts

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/olive green long pants/ olive green button up shirt

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white shirt/blue [with white intercrossing lines] tie

Pippa: red blouse/mauve top/brown & white mosaic long skirt

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t

Rory: SBH uniform

Sally: red [elbow length sleeves] top/dark short shorts

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