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Wed, 05 Mar 08 - Episode # 4588

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Aden’s Intriguing Family History “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 05 Mar 08 - Episode # 4588]

DINER : Annie is talking o Geoff, Belle & Irene. She tells them her chat with Sally has changed her recent [non believing] attitude. Morag overhears this and “suggest” to Annie that they should talk. A guilty looking Annie admits tat she was angry at God, which is way she lied bout Aden and the alcohol.

NEAR BEACH : Aden gets a txt msg form Morag – “suggestion” that the meet at the diner.

DINER : Morag tells Aden that Annie has told her the truth, and that Morag thinks that Aden should “drop” all of this. Aden isn’t so keen on the idea – he wants Annie & Irene to “pay” for what they’ve done to him.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In corridor, Geoff wonders just what Sally said to Annie, but Annie insist that she ill tell him, but6 not today. Aden approach – and Annie apologises for what’s happened.

In a classroom, Matilda comments to Drew about how great it is to be at school – especially/ after the whole “Johnny has me tried up” thing.

Mr Bartlett tells the students that, because of the sand throwing incident recently, ALL the students are on a SATURDAY detention. Aden way back chats Bartlett, and things get more heated when, after the bell goes and the students leave to room, Gavin & Belle are keen to speak to Aden. Bartlett wants Aden to go to his office, but Aden refuses and goes with Gavin & Belle.

SURF CLUB : Belle listens on in quiet anger as Aden really uses that fact that Gavin is listening to what he has to say to his advantage. Belle, like the rest of us, can’t believe it when Aden says that he respects women [bite – so what was that getting tam drink and groping her thing then Aden?] Gavin instructs Belle to get some more pics of Aden – with the crutches.

When Aden has bailed, Gavin wonder where the background info on Aden he asked for is, but when Belle says that she hadn’t done it [thought Gavin was dropping the story], he vehemently insist that the info will be on his desk this afternoon.

MAIN BEACH : After Roman runs out foteh surf, he suggests to Morag that maybe the odd ocean swim might do her some good. She declines. And ashen also declines resperectent8ing the diner in is case against Aden. She does shave a suggesting though.

DINER : Irene can’t believe it when Roman tells her teeth Morag suggest tat she should personally apologise to Aden. Roman suggests that if she doesn’t, they could loose the diner.

SBH : Mr Bartlett encounters Aden in the corridor. Bartleet tells Den that he is suspended until further notice, but Aden “suggests” that that’s a bad move, given the upcoming newspaper piece> Bartlett stands his ground.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF [i THINK] : Its night time, and Annie & Geoff are lying on the back staring up and the star. They reminisce about wishing in the 1st star, and then Annie says a prayer – about being glad to be back [believing] and about how she will tell Geoff on day about that chat with Sally.

NOAH’S : Drew & Belle enters, and they argue about Drew not supporting Belle’s career. Drew takes partic exception to Belle not being at Dan’s official memorial.

OUTSIDE ADEN’S HOUSE : Next day, the local paper is delivered. Headline says “War hero’s grandson continues legacy”

DINER : Irene can’t belief it when she sees the morning paper, and is worried about how this will tip ppl’s views in Aden’s favour. Roman well & truly suggests that Irene needs to apologise – and Belle, Annie & Geoff seem to be in agreement.

OUTSIDE ADEN’S HOUSE : Irene picks up the paper and after Aden answers the front door, Irene [through gritted teeth] apologises, but even then, Aden “plays” with her – suggesting that me doesn’t wantt9 be on the end of another of her more emotional moments. Aden accepts her apology and says that he won’t sue the diner.

Irene hands him the paper, and says that is looking like a great day for him, but after Irene has walked away, Admen looks at the front page. He hurries back inside – he does NOT look impressed wit the paper piece.

DINER : Roman thanks Morag for her great legal advice -= and she says that he fee is for him to pay for the coffee that she’s just order to order.

Colleen [looking at the newspaper pieces][ comments that although she’s seen Aden’s grandfather at ANZAC day ceremonies, he’s never taken part in ANZAC Day marches.

STREET : Belle is sititng in his car when Aden approaches. He’s all fired up. He “angrily “suggests” that the paper should NEVER have delved into his families past. Aden bangs his fist against tyeh car roof before walking away.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Aden is sitting, when his back leaning against the club wall. He sets alight THAT front page story about his grandfather.



Will Johnny be able to tell about Sam helping him??

Sally gets a phone call which could convince her to leave the bay!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Irene: red [white native artwork] v neck elbow length sleeves top [with black top neath/white long pants

SILVER - Belle: black [white dot lined] crop jacket/ white (black sunglass wearing dude motif) t/black [gold specked] skirt

BRONZE - Gavin: electric blue button up shirt/dark suit


Aden: SBH uniform

Annie: hot pink [with tan lining] jacket/white & peach horizontal stripes [black tree? motif] t

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black [white eagle?] top/white sleeveless jacket

Colleen: black [red floral] blouse

Drew: black & grey horizontal stripes [with yellow horse head? motifs near each shoulder] t

Drew: SBH uniform

Geoff: dark blue [green diag check] button up shirt

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: white [light brown floral] long sleeve top

Matilda: SBH uniform

Morag: sky blue, black & grey horizontal stripes top/brown long pants

Morag: white blouse/tan jacket

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white shirt/olive green [yellow triangles] tie

Roman: dark [white ocean motifs] board shorts/white singlet

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo] t

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