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Tues, 4 Mar 08 - Episode # 4587

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 4 Mar 08 - Episode # 4587]

VPH : Henk wonders how Cass is going and she tells him that she is going OK. Henk ask Cass if they can rally talk, and they both bail.

MAIN BEACH : Cass tells Henk that she isn’t on any drugs for the HIV as yet, as the counsellor suggested just having the counselling for now. Henk wonders if they can get back together. Cass tells him that she is glad that they are talking, buy beyond that, she doesn’t rally know what could happen.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam is gathering some of her [and maybe Johnny’s too] stuff out of the annexe when she encounters Maddie & Ric. They tell her that Maddie is going to go and stay at ric’s for the time bong. Sam tells them that she is moving her things bout to Rachel’s place – as she, like Maddie & Ric, are a little scared of being at this place at the moment.

HOSPITAL : Whilst they are sitting in a corridor, Pippa suggest to Sally that it looks as though she is ok to be discharged, but Sally tells pip that she will go when the doctors say it is Ok. Sally also admits that she is waiting for Annie to visit her – as that’s the only thing during her “chat” with tom that hasn't occurred yet.

MAIN BEACH : We see Annie standing – she looks deep in thought.

HUNTER HOUSE : As jazz helps tony clean up after the mess created by the scuffle tweeny Johnny & Ric, jazz comments about the self defence classes she did being useless – but Tony reminds her that she a tad drunk when she enters the house.

Jazz is all teary when she tells Tony that she rally shouldnl;t have tried to throw herself at tony, esp. after seeing that way that Tony & Rachel are with each other. Tiny tells jazz that he wished that she’d been more honest [like she just had been] when she was in the bay last year.

MAIN BEACH : As they walk, Henk tells Cass that she can take all the time she needs to decide which way she wants to go9 next [i.e. back into a ‘ship with him or not etc]. Henk says that he is staying at the sands resorts, and they waaaaaaay hug.

HUNTER HOUSE / HOSPITAL : Sam starts pacing up the totally blank canvasses that she had in the annexre, when jack phones her. When Sam asks, jack tells her that Johnny is still alive, but unconscious. Sam looks very worried, but all jack is telling her is that she is a hero for what she died. When the call ends, Sam is totally teary.

STREET : Annie is walking alone when a [sim aged] female friend calls out to her form behind, the friend tells her that Johnny was been caught.

HOSPITAL : Ric, Maddie, Pippa Little Pippa are all in sally’s room. Lil Pip is lying on the bed beside Sally. Ric wonders if Maddie can move in and Sally insists that if Maddie & Ric thinks that they are ready for this, she can.

Annie enters the room, and Pip suggest for the others to bail – and when Pip, Maddie, Ric & Lytle Pip are in the cordior, pip tells that that Sally has some way important things that she wants to tell Annie.

Cut back to sally’s room, and she tells Annie about her “chat” with Tom, esp. her choice to goo back and live or to be with loved ones long gone form this earth. Annie looks more & more encouraged when sally tells her that she thinks that the Johnny’s of the w world are sent to remind us of all of all the things that we should be grateful for – family, friends etc], when Annie ask, Sally is sure that Bruce is in the blissful place that sally could have gone to if she chose to die. By the end of the scene, Annie previously frown face had well and truly been replaced by a BIG smile.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz thanks Tony for being so understanding of her actions, and Tony jokes that jazz couldn't help herself [as Tony is such a “catch”]. Jazz tells Tony that she is going to bed, and she exits the main room of the house.

DINER : Jack notices Sam is worried about something, but he assured her that there is no way that Johnny is going to escape and come to get her.

HOSPITAL : Johnny begins to wake.

VPH : Whilst they are all siting at the dining table, Pip notices that Cass is very districted. After Cass comments that she is tired, Ric & pip see that Lil pip is aslope, so Maddie ^& Ric take Lil Pip up to her room.

Cass then asks Pip if she thinks that love is enough to survive anything. Pip reminds Cass t6hat that initial”blinding” love of someone comes form the heart [and can led to rouble], but the rest of a ‘ship is lived with your head.

Cass tells reds a txt msg that she’d just received. It’s Henk – asking? Form them to meet at same place as today tomorrow morn.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF [i THINK] : Its night time, Rachel sees Henk in the car park. She tells him that she knows about his condition [HIV +], and that although she knows that Henk wants to be there for Cass, she also knows Henk like the back of her hand. Rachel insists that the BEST thing that Henk can do for Cass is to walk away.

NEAR BEACH : Next day, Henk approaches Cass, who tells him that she just doesn’t believe in the fairytale vision of love any more. She insists that if they get back together, she’ll be VERY scared that omne morning she’ll wake up and Henk won't be there for her. Henk tells Cass that he IS going to leave the bay. Cass insists that he can see et the baby whenever he likes, and Henk is still the father. They have one last kiss – and Cass tells Henk that she DOES still love him. Henk then walks away.



Martha is keen on Roman

Will Belle choose her career over Drew???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Rachel: royal blue wide collar top/dark grey skirt/dark beaded necklace

SILVER - Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/purple cardigan

BRONZE - Pippa: mauve top/olive green cardigan/cream [pink foral] long skirt


Annie: grey [yellow lightning bolts] scoop top/denim short shorts

Annie’s Friend [played by Holly Robinson]: tan scoop top/grey shorts/yellow thongs

Cass: red [black tropical] hoddie/olive green jacket/denim jeans

Cass: red singlet top/white [multi colour stripes] bikini top

Hank: grey t/dark blue jacket

Henk: brown t/grey boardies

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jazz: black thin strap singlet top/dark long pants

Little Pippa: baby pink t/light blue [white clouds?] shorts

Ric: black [white crest] t

Ric: white button up shirt

Sam: apple green polo shirt/denim jeans

Sam: grey [black horizon stripes] jacket

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark long pants

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