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Mon, 3 Mar 08 - Episode # 4586

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And People Think That “Underbelly” Is Violent “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 3 Mar 08 - Episode # 4586]

HUNTER HOUSE : After kissing, Maddie tells ric that she thinks that they can get through anything now, as long as the don’t keep secrets form each other. Both are keen to REALLY celebrate their reunion – but hen Maddie asked ric if he has protection, he tells her that he will go and get some. She also comments that they should bot5h get blood tests done [in light of what happened to Cass].

Johnny [annexe] is awoken by Ric slamming that front door as he quickly bailed form the house. Johnny grabs his mobile.

HOSPITAL : Rachel tells Sam abolout Dan’s memorial, and she notices that Sam is distracted. Sam comments that she has a bit of a headache.

After Rachel walks away [she’s just arrived formn her shift btw[. Swam gets a txt msg forms Johnny – insisting that she has to bring Sally to the hunter place TODAY.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Miles & Cass enters, and Cass sees [on floor] some of sally’s blood that mustn’t have been cleaned up yet. After Miles & Cass talk a little bout what happened, Miles comets that although this bad thing happened to Sally, his life is otherwise in a good way right now. Miles makes a comment about this place feeling like home, but then corrects himself, but Cass insists that that this IS miles’ home, as he is family.

HOSPITAL : Rachel & Sally talk as they walk back to sally’s room [sally has one of the drip stand thingies]. Rachel tells sally bout the memorial.

Once they are back in sally’s room, Mr Bartlett arrives, so Rachel leaves them alone. Bartlett comments about the sand throwing incident and thinks that its sally’s “soft” stand on the students that lead to it happening.

NOAH’S : Jazz is WAAAAAY drunk and she ramble to Alf about how she hates it when either she lets a guy walk all mover her, or a guy lets her do that to him. Alf “suggest” that Jazz has to leave, as he’s about to open up Noah’s – in its juice bar form.

HOSPITAL : Sally tells Bartlett that she disagrees with his “hardline” solutions to the sand throwing incenidemt, but Bartlett tells sally that he is now the Acting principal [whilst she in hospital] and that he was just apprising her of the situation. Bartlett bails, as sally is clearly NOT impressed by what’s occurred.

HUNTER HOUSE : Maddie answers the door – its jack, who tells her, and ric [who arrives moments later, back form the shops] that although the patrols for Johnny have been scaled back, jack believes that ric should still be vigilant, as Johnny hasn’t finished what he came to do [kill sally].

In the annexe, Johnny listens in to what is occauing in main house.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass tells miles that, though all of this bad stuff, at bleat Maddie & ric are back together. Miles wonders about Cass’s love life – and she tells him about how hank walked out on her.

HOSPITAL : Sally [in bad] tells Rachel about Bartlett’s’ plan. Sally is worried that somehow, Bartlett will come out of this in a good light with the department. Rachel is more concerned about ho much this is stressing Sally.

GYM : Jazz enters, and Tony tells her [after he opens an envelope] that he has been invited to a school reunion. Jazz suggest that she will go with him, but Tony makes it clear that IF he goes, it will be with Rachel.

HOSPITAL : Rachel notices that Sam still isn’t feeling the best. Jack approaches Sam – with a bunch of lowers. He also tells her that ric is at bteh hunter house.

HOSPITAL : Sam tells Rachel that he headache has become too mush as that she is bailing.

HUNTER HOUSE : Ric tells maddie [who looks as though she’s just been in shower] that he will now have a shower. After ric heads for bathroom, Johnny is about to enter the main house when Sam tried to stop him, but he pushes her aside and enetrs, Maddie is in the kitchen when Johnny grabs her. Jazz then enters, and moments after Johnny sees her, we cut to Sam in the annexe. Sam hears a thud, and then we see Jazz is tied to the stove.

Johnny garbs a knife and enters the main room, paling the knife beside him. Ric snetrs the main room, and sees Johnny, who tells his that Maddie is tied up in the bedroom. We see her on the bed trying t9o get free.

Back in the lounge, Johnny throws something – a vase? – at jazz, before her & ric began to scuffle. Both lands decent punches to the other, beefier Johnny games the ascendency. Ric is winded and on the ground and just as Johnny as about to stab Ric, Sam knocks Johnny out with a large object.

OUTSIDE HUNTER HOUSE : As the ambulance officer wheel Johnny to their vehicle, Sam tells Tony & jack that she hit Johnny with Sam’s cricket bat., she says that she not mean to hit him that hard, but it sooooo looked like he was going to kill ric.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony enters, and speak to ric ^ Maddie, who feels helpless that she could heart what was going on [whilst tied up][ but she couldn’t do anything.

Tony goes over to jazz [dining room table] and helps her place a bag of frozen vegies on her bruised face.

HOSPITAL : Johnny is wheeled in – with a police escort. Jack enters Sally’s room, where she is talking to pippa. He tells her that john y has been caught – but the he is here at the hospital. Jack tells sally that there’ll be at last 2 guards on Johnny’s room. Sally still naturally seems concerned.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass is mopping the kitchen floor when there is a knock on the door near laundry. When the person doesn't enter, cass goes to the door – it’s HENK!!!!



Why is Henk back?

Will Johnny wake and tell everyone that Sam has been helping him?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: silver satin bathrobe

SILVER - Rachel: royal blue wide collar top/dark grey skirt

BRONZE - Jazz: black strapless mid thigh length dress/black fishnet stockings


Alf: white shirt/dark tie

Cass: red [black tropical] top/olive green hoodie/denim jeans

Cass: red [yellow leaves?] thin strap dress

Henk: white t/dark jacket

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Johnny: grey hoodie/black [white silhouette of bikini clad girl] t/denim jeans

Matilda: red [with native floral motifs on the bust & white bands at the bottom] spaghetti strap dress

Matilda: SBH uniform

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/off-white t/olive green long pants

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow squares] tie

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Pippa: mauve top/olive green cardigan

Ric: way light yellow button up shirt

Sam: apple green polo shirt/denim jeans

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark long pants

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