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Fri, 29 Feb 08 - Episode # 4585

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Perhaps You Should Cover Up, Jazz. This ISN’T A Singles Bar “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 29 Feb 08 - Episode # 4585]

SURF CLUB : There are framed pics of Dan & his family all the walls of the main [pool room usually] are of the surf club. Martha & Alf are talking about dan, Leah etc, when Rach & Tony enter. They are keen to help somehow, so Alf asks them to place a program for the service on each of the chairs.

SBH : In a classroom, Mr Bartlett tells the students tat they are permitted to go to the memorial service, but they must be back at school by 1pm. Bartlett, Maddie & Drew all aren’t impressed by Aden’s back chatting.

LEAH’S : Amanda enters Leah’s bedroom and sits beside Leah on the bed. Amanda tells Leah that now everything in the past [all their “scapes”] are totally in the past. Amanda says that being with peter has made her appreciate etc ppl more. Both amanda & Leah are in tears when Leah thanks Amanda for everything that she just said.

SBH : Annie isn’t that keen on going to the memorial, but she decides to the get Geoff off her back. Aden then has a go at Annie for her lies, and when Geoff defends Annie, Aden tells him that, despite their Christian beliefs, that Annie & Geoff only look after themselves.

SURF CLUB : The likes of Leah, VJ, and Amanda enter and take their seats amongst that many ppl here to pay their respects to Dan. Before amanda sits down, she sees jazz, and comments on her less than appropriate attire [see ep title].

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : When Belle & Gavin [her boss at the paper] arrives, Drew comments to Maddie & Ric that drew talks all the times about Gavin.

Mar Bartlett reminds that students to be back at SBH by 1pm.

SURF CLUB : After Miles enters, he talks to Alf – and tells him that sally won’t be attending, because she doesn’t want to make this day to be about her. Alf comments on how thoughtful sally is.

Miles then introduces himself to Mr Bartlett.

Aden “suggest” to Iran that she should give up her seat for an invalid [Aden on crutches] but that leads to a clash tween Irene & Morag. Alf suggest that Aden should bails, and that Irene & Morag should know better.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Aden tells the other students that there are no seats left inside and that they should hold there own memorial to Dan. As Aden & co head for the beach, Gavin instructs Belle to join him covering the student’s memorial. Drew “suggest” to bell that she should join him inside the club at the “real” memorial, but belle insists that she has to go where her boss tells her.

SURF CLUB : As the likes of Cass, Maddie & Ric take their seats, Jazz moves from one seat to right next to Drew. She insists to the annoyed Amanda that she [jazz] should sit with her son [Amanda & jazz are now either side of Drew].

Alf then begins the memorial service – and Annie picks this moment to bail.

BEACH : The students are sitting in a circle and Rory [standing in the ctr of circle] comments about how great a guy Dan was. As Belle takes several pics, Annie joins the circle.

SURF CLUB : Amanda and the Ryan give emotional speeches – as as they do, we see not only shots of the crowd in general, but close ups of the likes of roman, Rachel, Pippa & Alf.

BEACH : Aden stands in the centre of the circle – and tells the assembles students that they should truly live up to Dan’s motto is ALWAYS being truthful. You can sooooooo tell that ALL of this is annie, who bails as soon as Aden finishes his speech.

Gavin is impressed, and despite Bell calling Aden a “low life”, Gavin insists that Aden is innocent until proven guilty.

SURF CLUB : Leah stands at the front of the gathering. She way emotionally tells the ppl to cherish those they love, and tell them every day that you love them, as you don’t really realise how precious that is until they are gone. Leah’s speech seems to partic affect Maddie & Ric, who, whilst sitting side by side, looks at each several times.

BEACH : Drew approaches belle and isn’t that pleased when she says that she now has to go to the office and finish up the story, rather that attend the post memorial “do” at Leah’s place.

SBH : Rory is approached by Mr Bartlett. The latter wonders where all the students are – and it look like the sheepish Roy is about to tell him.

SURF CLUB : In the room where memorial was held, Maddie tells Cass & Ric that she has spoken to Tony and he agreed to her plan that Cass & Ric can move into the hunter place for the Tim being. Cass says that she will sty at the VPh [with Miles etc] but Ric likes that idea of not being in the firing line.

Ric asks Maddie to come with him into the gym, and after they entry the gym, Ric tells Maddie that Leah is right. Ric tells Maddie that he loves her and that he KNOWS that she loves him too, and Maddie concurs that she does.

BEACH : After Gavin comments to Belle about the way draw’s been acting, belle tells gavin that she knows that her job is important.

Mr Bartlett approaches the students and insists that they get back to school. Aden leads the rebellious students, who eventually start throwing sand [gently] at Bartlett. He isn’t impressed, but decides to bail. As he walks away, the Aden led students are still trowing sand at him.

HUNTER HOUSE : After Ric & Maddie enter, Maddie tells Ric that she is sure that Sam will let Ric sleep in the annexe. The young lovers kiss, and then the camera pans over to the font door – reminding us that Johnny is in the annexe.



Martha is keen on Roman

Johnny “targets” Ric & Maddie, but will Sam be able to stop him?

Someone won’t make it through the week

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Martha: royal blue wide strap mid thigh length dress

SILVER - Matilda: SBH uniform

BRONZE - VJ: apple green button up shirt/dark suit


Aden : SBH uniform

Alf: suit/white shirt/dark tie

Amanda: light grey blouse/white long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black [short sleeves] dress

Cass: red [yellow leaves?] thin strap top

Colleen: sky blue & green rainforest pattern blouse/black top

Drew: SBH uniform

Gavin: purple button up shirt/dark suit

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: dark green long sleeve top

Jazz: black strapless mid thigh length dress/black fishnet stockings/black fascinator

Leah: white [light green trees motifs, grey lining & grey elbow length sleeves] dress

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow squares] tie

Morag: black coat/beige top

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Pippa: mauve top/olive green cardigan

Rachel: black low cut v neck dress

Ric: way light yellow button up shirt

Roman: dark button up shirt

Rory: SBH uniform

Ryan: black suit/white shirt/maroon [white criss crosses] tie

Tony: dark suit/white button up shirt/light brown & yellow diag striped tie


EMILYs [iADL] category leaders – after the 1st 5 weeks of eps for 2008

Best Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter

Best Dressed Male – Lucas Holden

Best Dressed Guest – [Little] Pippa Saunders

Best Dressed New Talent – Cassie’s [Female] Doctor

Most Consistently Well Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Geoff Campbell

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – [Little] Pippa Saunders

Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent – Cassie’s [Female] Doctor

Most Silver Medals – Matilda Hunter

Most Bronze Medals – Lucas Holden

Most Honorable Mentions – Irene Roberts

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