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Thurs, 28 Feb 08 - Episode # 4584

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ In Amongst These Stormy Seas Of Tension, You Just HAVE To LOVE The Fun Island Of Man Hungriness That Is Jazz “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 28 Feb 08 - Episode # 4584]

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz is as brazen as ever as she implies that since Rach & Tony have only been out a few times, it don’t rally mean anything, but Tony makes it clear that he REALLY likes Rachel.

After jazz comments about Tony perhaps renting out the spare room [annexe], Tony yells her tat same is using it as an art studio.

In the annexe, Sam tells Johnny that there’s been extra security assigned to Sally [“slightly” a lie] so he insist that they are going to the hospital tonight, and she IS going to help him. Johnny of course gets physically forceful.

HOSPITAL : Sam drives into the car park near the front entrance, when she stoops that car, the crouched down Johnny sits upright in the passenger seat. Johnny tells Sam to get a wheelchair and get him into the hospital that way. The scared Sam complies.

She goes into te hospital where she encounters Rach. Sam tells Rachel that she thinks she left he mobile in her locker. Sam then goes into sally’s room, where she is startled by Miles, who is by Sal’s bedside – keeping watch on his twin sister.

Sam gets into her car, and tells Johnny that sally has already been discharged, he wants her to get the address where sally is staying in cry, but Sam insists that it will REALLY look sus if she enters that hospital again tonight. She insists o getting the info morrow when she has her next shift.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz is intrigued when she sees Sam [rather late at night] sneaking into the annexe - with a guy [Johnny].

HOSPITAL : Next day, Sal wakes Miles and suggests that he should go home and get some REAL sleep before the memorial etc. when Miles tries to convince Sal to attend, she says that the SBH students will be way interested on how she is, and that will take away form it being Dan’s day.

BEACH / NEAR SURF CLUB : Tony exits the surf [surf board under arm]. Jazz approaches and comments about how Tony is out & about early, she wonders if it’s because of her. Tony insists that its not.

Rach [near surf club] sees them chatting. Rach looks concerned.

HUNTER HOUSE : After Tony & jazz enter, Tony says that he is going to have a shower. Jazz is keen to9 join him, but be insists that wasn’t an offer. Jazz tells Tony that she will make will breakfast.

RACHEL’S : Jazz talks to Sam about what she saw lat night. Sam “goes with” Jazz’s suggestions that the guy is just a model that she is using for a painting.

Rachel enters the room, and Jazz tells her that Tony is right now making breakfast for her. When jazz is gone, Rachel tries to convince herself that she is not worried by what Jazz has said.

Rach then comments to Sam, who just picked up her mobile, that Sam must have found it. Sam says that it was in locker.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam enters the annexe and tells Johnny that jazz saw them. She “suggest” that Johnny should leave, but he forcefully [physically] tells her that she is going to help him.

Rory calls out to Sam, who goes out of the annexe sand speaks to her son. Johnny is VERY pleased to hear it when Rory comments tat he wants to visit Sally ait the hospital before the memorial.

RACHEL’S : Tony enters, and Rachel comets about what jazz had says. Tony tells her that Jazz have been trying to “throw herself” at him, but he likes their [Tony/Rachel] slow & steady pace.

HUNTER HOUSE : Rachel arrives at the door, and “suggests” that Jazz shouldn’t be making comments tat she & Tony are together. Jazz openly comment that she thinks Rachel is threatened, but Rachel laughs that off.

HOSPITAL : Miles enters Sally’s room, and she comments about how “scrubbed up” [in suit][ he looks.

After Miles comment about the high school being short staffed, Sally suggest that Miles should speak too Mr Bartlett aboutlanidng a job at the school.

HUNTER HOUSE : Johnny grabs Sam as soon as she enters the annexe. He tells her that he knows that Sally has not been moved. He says that Sam is going to get Sally here [to the hunter house. Johnny is once more physically forceful with Sam.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & Jazz are chatting when Rach arrives at the door. Rachel suggests that if Jazz is going to the memorial with Tony & Rachel, she will have to sit in the back seat. Jazz insist that she will find own way there. Rachel & Tony bail.

RACHEL’S : Jazz enters, and tells Sam that she HAS to help Jazz “land” Tony, or her art project secret will become common knowledge.



It’s time for Dan’s memorial etc, which leads to Ric & maddie getting back together, but it looks like Johnny is going to cause trouble for them

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Rachel: royal blue v neck top/dark long pants

SILVER - Jazz: aqua [floral lining at the top] mid thigh length dress

BRONZE - Jazz: black thin strap mid thigh length nightdress


Jazz: black halter neck mid thigh length dress

Jazz: black strapless mid thigh length dress/black fishnet stockings

Johnny: grey hoodie/black [white silhouette of bikini clad girl] t

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/blue [multicolour cityscape like motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow squares] tie

Rachel: black low cut v neck dress

Rachel: red singlet top/dark long pants

Rory: SBH uniform

Sam: apple green polo shirt/denim jeans

Sam: mauve polo shirt/denim jeans

Tony: dark boardies/light blue t

Tony: dark green (with a lighter green horizontal strip across the chest) polo shirt

Tony: dark suit/white button up shirt/light brown & yellow diag striped tie

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark long pants

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