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Wed, 27 Feb 08 - Episode # 4583

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Send In The Bitchy Clowns “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 27 Feb 08 - Episode # 4583]

CITY : Ric approaches Maddie, who says that she didn’t join in earlier as she thought the Ric had found himself a new g/f. ric tells her that Dana & Karl are ppl they met today.

Ric tells Maddie that she is glad that she did come to the city, and when Maddie asks, Ric says that he thinks that he is OK [with all that’s occurred]

DINER : Coleen enters the kitchen and tells Irene & roman that she saw Amanda drive by her earlier. Colleen then sees [in moan part6 of diner] Jazz. She “jumps” on the phone to tell Madge Wilkins.

Iren speck to Jazz – who say that she is here to offer her condolences because of Dan. When the chat ends, Irene isn’t impressed when R9oman & Jazz look at each other in an “I’m interested in you” kind of way.

LEAH’S : Leah seems very pleased to see Amanda & Ryan. Whilst the latter goes and [plays with VJ, Amanda tells Leah that Peter can’t make [work] but that things ore strong tween her & peter. Amanda gives Leah a way supportive hug.

DINER : Drew & Belle enters, and Drew tells Belle that he thinks that maybe the memorial isn’t the best of ideas.

Jazz approach and she tells Drew that she is way “her” for him, but when Jazz bails, Drew tells Belle that Jazz is using this Dan thing to get back into Drew’s life.

LEAH’S : After Leah tells Av, that she will rearrange bedrooms so Amanda can have her own whilst here, Amanda sys that she will just take the couch. Leah insist on Amanda having own room.

Leah goes intoteh bedrooms, and there’s a loud knock on back door. Amanda answers – its Jazz and Av tries to stop her form entering, but Jazz all but barges past her. The two then says catty comments to each there [lounge room] before Jazz slaps Amanda in the face.

We then hear the rest of the fight [lots of shouting and slapping] as Leah makes a bed.

When Leah comes back into the main room, she sees both Amanda & Jazz have red cheek, but they insist hat they were just “catching up.

CITY : Before Cass & Ric and Matilda & Martha head for the own vehicles, Cass & Ric way thank Matilda & Martha for coming to city.

Cass tells thaothers that she is going to speak to Sally before the memorial, and the others all tell Cass that she is handling all this amazingly. Every then hugs, except Ric & Matilda.

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HOPSITAL : Leah starts to cry as she tells Myles & Sally about Amanda & Jazz’s catfight, but she ends up laughing – and Miles & Sally join in.

DINER : At separate tables, Jazz makes bitchy comments about Amanda to Drew, whilst Amanda makes similar comments bout Jazz to Belle.

LEAH’S : After Leah & Miles enter, Pip tells them that she’s not seen little Pippa, VJ or Ryan since little Pippa suggested that the 3 of them play dolls.

After Leah goes to check things it, Pip and Miles talking. When she comments about how kind Roman is, miles tell her that he 1st met Roman after the tsunami.

Miles then tells Pip traht although it initially feel bad when he thinks of his wife * child, he loves it that moments after that initial dead, he Loves the memories he has of them.

HOSPITAL : In corroder, Ric offers to be in the room when Cass tells Sal, burt she insists need to do this alone. Ric tells her that he’ll be right outside.

Cass enters sally’s room, and she tells sally that she knows that Sal know that she is preggers. Cass tell Sally rt5hat there is something more – before revealing the she is HIV +. Sal tells Cass that she thinks that Cass is amazing, but she wishes that Cass had shared rtheis burden earlier [nice touch – with the whole burden speech being remarkably sim to what Tom showed Sally during her NDE.]

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SURF CLUB : Martha & Maddie are putting many pics of Dan. Maddie tells Martha how Dan was great after Beth passed way, and Martha tells Martha about how good Dan was when jack & Martha went to him for marriage counselling.

Martha wonders about Maddie/Ric. Maddie is worried that if the get back together, they might break up just as quickly again.

LEAH’S : Leah is in bed, with VJ and Ryna [also in bed] either side of her. She is showing them pics of the family, but ryan tells them that it doesn’t matter as he is no longer part of Leah’s family. Leah waaaaaaay insist tat he is – and she is able to get through to Ryan/

When Leah goes into the lounge, amanda comments about how colleen is way protective of Leah, which Amanda thinks is good thing. Leigh tells that others that she is going to burn a CD of dan's fave songs before she go to bed.

After Leah exit the room, drew comments to Belle & amanda about how it sounds like Jazz already has a guy “lined up”

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony hears a loud knock at door. He can’t believe it when Jazz kinda barges into his house.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz tells Tony about how she can’t stay at Leah’s [because of Amanda]. When she says that all other places are booked out, Tony offers her the spare room. Jazz wonders why, so tony tell her and his ‘ship with Rachel. Tony doesn't appreciate it when jazz all but calls him a cradle snatcher.



Jazz discovers that Sam is helping Johnny

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: red [lacy trim] halter top/blue [orange fish?] skirt/re think plastic headband

SILVER - Leah: purple [with silver block across bust] wide collar top/olive green long pants

BRONZE - Pippa: black long sleeve blouse/white top/light brown [floral] skirt


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Amanda: mustard top/grey belt/grey [knee length] skirt/hot pink high heel shoes

Belle: red [black Emily the strange motif] singlet top/dark blue shorts

Cass: red halter top/dark green “camo” shorts/dark green “camo” bikini top

Colleen: dark blue [white floral] coat/sky blue long pants

Drew : black v neck t/white [black splotches] boardies

Irene: red scoop neck t/dark long pants

Jazz: aqua [floral lining at the top] mid thigh length dress

Martha: white thin strapped low cut dress

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/blue [multicolour cityscape like motif] t/denim jeans

Ric: twin tone grey polo shirt/denim shorts

Roman: olive green singlet/dark long pants

Ryan: blue & grey horiz striped polo shirt

Ryan: olive green singlet

Tony : olive green [light green horiz strip across chest] polo

VJ: orange [black sleeves and light green dinosaur? on the front] t

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