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Mon, 25 Feb 08 - Episode # 4581

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sublime Sally & Sheepish Sam “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 25 Feb 08 - Episode # 4581]

RACHEL’S : Sam & jack are talking when Jack answers the phone. It’s Madge Wilkins, and jack tells Sam [when off phone] that Madge thinks she saw Johnny in her backyard. Sam suggests that jack should personally check it out – as Madge lives nearby. Jack eventually complies.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam can't believe it hen she see Johnny watching the sleeping Matilda, she “suggest” that they should go into the annexe, and when they do, the two muchly verbally clash.

Sam goes into the main part of the hunter place. She wakes Matilda – and Sam is shocked when Matilda tells her about Dan’s death. Matilda agrees to go over to Sam’s place when Sam tells her about the reported sighting of Johnny.

HOSPITAL : Sally insists to pippa that she has to be at Leah’s side – to help her, just like Leah helped Sally cope when Flynn died. When Rachel enters the room, she, like Pip is against that idea of Sally leaving the hospital, but Sally is adamant.

At nurse’s station, both Sam & Nurse Julie are surprised to see Pip pushing Sally [who is in a wheelchair]. Rachel fills Sam & Julie in, and then wonders about some missing drugs. Sam looks sheepish.

HUNTER HOUSE : In the annexe, Johnny takes some of the pills that Sam “borrowed” form the hospital – the ones that Rachel commented about.

LEAH’S : Little Pippa is very pleased to see Sally when she comes into sight. After they gently hug, Pip pushes the wheelchair into Leah’s room, and leaves Leah & Sally in the room. Leah tells Sally that dam’s death is Leah’s fault.


LEAH’S : Sal initially “bites her tongue” [will I tell or won’t i] as Leah in tears tells Sally that god is punishing her form marrying Dan even though she knew that vinnie is still alive. Sally decides that enough is enough. She tells Leah that she hopes that Leah doesn’t hate her – as Dan’s death is sally’s fault.

In kitchen, pip & colleen talk about Dan’s death. Colleen hopes that Sal can get through to Leah.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam enters the annex, and grabs Johnny’s backpack. When he wonders why, Sam tells him that sally will soon [next few days] be discharge form the hospital – to address in the city.

LEAH’S : Sally tells Leah about her near death experience, and how she chose to live – which sealed Dan’s fate. Leah thanks sally for that elaborate story – as it’s made her realise that he can interpret things in different ways. Leah tells sally [who tries a few time to tell Leah that the “story” is real] that Dan would want Leah to live her life to the fullest.


HOSPITAL : Sally is back in abed, but Pip is worried about THAT chat with Tom. She insists to sally that she can't live her whole life [sally is worried about Cass & Annie] being concerned about what Tom showed Sally.

HUNTER HOUSE : Johnny insists to Sam that she IS going to help him get to sally before she is discharged form hospital. Johnny is physically forceful with Sam – pushing her hard against a wall.

LEAH’S : Colleen is V please when Leah exits the bedroom. Leah tells Colleen that she is keen to have a memorial for Dan here at this house, before the church service. Colleen thinks it’s a great idea.

RACHEL’S : Sam sneaks into the house, and is taken back when Jack enters the main room of the house. Sam says that she has just returned form the hospital, as she thought that it was her shift but it wasn’t.

Jack notes Sam’s evasive mood, and she doesn’t help things by telling him that she is having a shower.

AD : Ad

RACHEL’S : Sam goes into her bedroom, straight form the shower. She partially lifts up her top, to see the bad bruise that covers much of her stomach.

She enters the main room of the house, but when jack wonders if something is the matter, Sam insists that there is nothing wrong. Sam looks sheepish as jack [behind her] puts his arms loosely around her waist.



After Maddie goes to the city, will she & Ric get back together???

There are 2 surprise arrivals in the bay [one in hot pink high heel shoes]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Little pippa: sky blue [“I’m messy, bossy (something)] long sleeve top

SILVER - Leah: white [purple & green floral] long sleeve PJ top

BRONZE - Sam: black top/black [purple “BONT” logo] long sleeve jacket


Colleen: Yellow [gold floral] blouse

Jack: light pink polo shirt

Jack: twin tone green horizontal stripes [with yellow crest] t

Johnny: dark [brown eagle motif ion the back] sleeveless t/denim jeans

Leah: black spaghetti strap top/black long pants

Matilda: white [girl wearing a pink t motif] t/hot pink & white floral kini top/tan shorts

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Pippa: olive green top/brown long sleeve blouse/brown [autumn leaves] long skirt

Rachel: white [red & grey swirl pattern] blouse/black vest

Sally: black long sleeve top/black long pants

Sam: sky blue polo shirt/bone long pants

Sam: white [red “festival” logo with wave like motif] singlet top/denim jeans[/color


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