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Thurs, 21 Feb 08 - Episode # 4579

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Weren’t There. She KNEW “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 21 Feb 08 - Episode # 4579]

BUSH : Johnny is annoyed that Sam didn’t bring him to alcohol he wanted. She “suggest” that a combo of alco & pills might get hit caught [if he is bewildered after taking both close to each other]. Sam tells Johnny that she and idea of where to hide him.

LEAH’S : It’s busy as everyone gets ready ff the day. Pippa is sating with Leah & co as the vph doesn’t feel like to best place o be right now. Drew suggests to Belle that they should go camping this weekend. She doenl; t think it’s the best of idea [since he has just started back at school. Leah “suggests” that Drew shouldn’t have yelled out to VJ, as Colleen is still asleep. Belle bails – after telling Drew that she can’t wait for him any longer [since she can’t afford to be late to work].

BUSH : Johnny can’t believe it when Sam suggest that humter house [well, the annexe to it – Luc’s old room]/ she tell; him that art studio story and insist that Johnny & Sam will be the only ones with keys to the room. Johnny threatens Sam that he will expose her secret if she tells any1 where he is – but Sam counters by saying that as soon as Johnny is healthy; he has to leave the bay.

HOSPITAL : Sally is please when Pippa, little Pippa & Leah enter. Little Pippa is Please to see her mum. As Sally talks to Leah, you can see that she is very concerned about THAT near death experience [and the info about Leah].

SBH : Drew [corridor] asks Matilda if she would like to come along camping with Drew & Belle. Matilda isn’t theta keen – lots of homework etc, but she says that she will think bout it.

Drew & Matilda see Aden, and Drew verbally clashes with him, but Mr Barnett “suggests” that that should desist.

HOSPITAL : After Leah & little Pippa leave the room, Pippa comments about how worried Sally is about Leah. Sally tells her about what Tom showed her [Leah balling her eyes out], but Pip warns Sally not to take the near death vision as “gospel”. Sally wonders if Pip will believes if she has proof of what tom told her. Sally says that although she can’t contact Cass [to prove if preggers], Sally does know of someone who can tell her.

HOSPITAL : Martha enters Sally’s room with some bright yellow flowers. Sally straight out asks her if Cass is pregnant. Martha lacks of answer “tells“ Sally that its true, Martha can’t believe it further when Sally says that she knows there's something even bigger happening is Cass’s life, but not know want. Martha insists that she can’t tell Sally about what else is going on.

SBH : Matilda & Drew comet about having even more schoolwork to do as they bail form Mr Barnett’s class. Lara arrives on the classroom door. She tells Aden that he is to come done to the station at 4pm tio give an official statement. He doesn’t exactly like that idea – especially since he’s innocent [oaf the whole Annie thing]. Lara “suggests” that he should prove it – by acting responsibly and giving an official statement at 4pm today.

In corridor, Martha approach Matilda & Drew. She tells them that Sally knows bout Cass – both deny that they told her. When Maddie suggest that Sally might have just guessed, Martha replies, "You weren’t there. She KNOWS”. After Matilda insist that neither Rachel pr Belle would have blabbed, Martha bails. Matilda than tells Drew that she Does now want to go camping this weekend.

LEAH’S : Although it tackles some convincing, Leah finally allows Drew to go camping [and use HER car] this weekend.

DINER : Aden approaches counter where Irene is. When he tries to order something, IT tells him to remove himself form the premises. Things get heated tween Irene & Aden, until Morag approach. She “suggests” that they should stop, especially since she wants to speak to Aden. Both Ire & Aden are erther surprised.

HUNTER HOUSE Matilda & Sam are in the room that way long time ago was Flynn’s surgery’s wafting room. Matilda tells Sam that she is going camping with Drew etc.

When Matilda bails, Sam phones Jack – and tells him that they’ve got the place to themselves tonight, but it’s clear that jack is working late tonight. When off phone, Sam looks at times pleased [that she can easily hide Johnny] and worried [what if ppl find out?}

DINER : With Irene looking on with ineptest form the kitchen, Morag tells Aden that she is keen by his Leal representative if these Annie things goes to court. She tells him that he reminds her of someone [she doesn’t actually tell him that it’s Ric that she is referring to]. Aden accepts her help – and even, Eventually, says “please”

NEAR SURF CLUB : Matilda, Belle & Drew are walking s they talking. Belle insists that she didn’t tell Sally bout Cass. Although Belle is initially sceptical, both Matilda & Drew convince her that they WILL be soidn some of their schoolwork whilst doing that camping thing.

HUNTER HOUSE : Johnny & Sam Enters Luc’s old bedroom. She tells him the she has drawn up is list of the various ppl’s at the hunter house [Tony, Matilda] schedules.

Sam bail’s – but not before Johnny “reminds” her about what will happens if she “rats” on him.

HOSPITAL : Sally tells Pippa that Martha confirmed that Cass is preggers – and that Sally is now V worried about Leah. Pippa receives a txt msg form Leah – she can’t come in tonight, as Drew has her car. Sally is warred that Drew will have a car accident, but Pippa tries to be the voice of reason and calm Sally down.

DINER : In kitchen, Ire has a go at Morag for agree to define Aden.

The phone rings and the nearby Leah answers its. As Morag & Irene counties tier verbal war, they asr shocked when they hear a plate smash on the ground.

They both see Leah slumps on the floor. She tells them that DAN IS DEAD!!!!!!!!



Is the age gap too big an issue for Ra/Tony???

Is the sleeping on the hunter house couch Maddie in danger – with Johnny watching her!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: white [girl wearing a pink t motif] t/hot pink & white floral kini top/tan shorts

SILVER - Martha: royal blue scoop neck mid thigh length dress

BRONZE - Little Pippa: baby pink t/red coveralls


Aden: SBH uniform

Belle: red [blue squares etc] scoop neck t/black knee length shorts

Belle: sleeveless sheepskin crop jacket/black scoop neck [white & black mosaic on top half] top/dark long pants

Drew: light grey singlet/ black knee length shorts

Drew: SBH uniform

Irene: green leafy long sleeve blouse

Johnny: dark [brown eagle etc motif on the back] sleeveless t/denim jeans

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah: black spaghetti strap top/black long pants

Matilda: SBH uniform

Morag: black suit/orange top

Mr Barnett: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [white intervening lines] tie

Pippa: sky blue top/white [black leafy] blouse/pink floral print skirt

Rory: blue [school] button up shirt

Sam: white [hot pink “festival” logo with wave like motif] singlet top/denim jeans

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