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Tues, 19 Feb 08 - Episode # 4577

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Johnny’s New Best Friend “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 19 Feb 08 - Episode # 4577]

Notes – its was back toy the usual recap, H&A logo, new action last night

HOSPITAL : With Pippa & miles by her bedside, Sally awakes. Pippa alerts the med staff and as Nurse Julie enters that room, sally tries to tell Pippa what Tom had said to her.

In corridor, Pippa talk to Miles. She insists that he shouldn’t blame himself – and that sally wouldn’t want him to. Pippa tells miles that she can’t believe that she is talking to Milco, who went EVERYWHERE with sally. Miles tells pip that his father tried his best to raise miles – after pip commented that it would have been cooool if Pip & tom had fostered Miles too.

In Colleen’s room, Julie tells Colleen that she is free to be discharged. Colleen is wored that she is still a bit ill. But Julie assures colleen that she is fine. Roman can see that colleen is keen not to be alone.

When they exit the room, colleen is ken to see sally, but Julie says that she is resting. Roman insists to keeping watch. Sally [oxygen mask on} is asleep when colleen enters, She says sorry for what she perceived that she did, before touching sally; s forearm.

LEAH’S : Leah tells Lil Pip that Sally is much better now, but they will wait a bit before let Lil Pip see her [as Lil Pip has a bit of a cold]. Colleen gladly accepts Lil Pip’s invite to a tea party with her dolls & teddy bears. When Colleen etc are out of the kitchen [where Leah & roman are]. Roman suggest to Leah that she should invite colleen to stay here – as Colleen sound like she not want to be alone after what happen at the van park.

BUSH : McGrath talk to Jack about their search for Johnny. There are lots of others officers around, and McGrath says that they’ve set up roadblocks etc in attempt to catch Johnny.

LEAH’S : Colleen anmetrs the kitchen and Leah suggests, with Leah being pretty busy, that it might be best for colleen [to help out with taking car of Lil Pip] for colleen to move into Lah’s place for a while. Colleen eagerly accepts.

SBH : Aden is talking to his mates about how “tragic” this news about sally’s stabbing is. Annie overhears, and charges up to Aden, but she only gets to partially slap him, as Geoff stops her. He “suggest” to away to walk away – and she [not exatkly keenly] does.

BUSH : Jack spots Johnny ruining. Jack upholsters his pistol and fires – Johnny is hit by the bullet, but keeps running.

BUSH : Jack & McGrath find a trail of blood on the ground near where Jack hit Johnny. Both are keen that they will find him soon.

CITY : Cass almost can’t believe it when the counsellor tells her that he has, on his “books”, ppl who’ve been HIV positive for over 20 years, and are still going strong. Cass is given further optimism when he tells her that there’s every change that her bub is HIV negative.

DINER : Annie is annoyed that whilst good ppl like sally get injured, the likes od Johnny is still on the loose. Geoff & roman try to reassure her, but Annie says that she just can’t have faith – as something else going bad will REALLY tip her over the edge. She bails.

HOSPITAL : Sally awakes, and is rather surprised to see Alf by her bedside. He tells her that he came back as soon as he heard form Martha what happened. Alf tells Sally about how amazed he is about “Milco” arrival.

Sally then tells Alf that she has something to that she wants to talk to hemi about, as he wall believes her – as he has been thaer himself.

BUSH : Johnny rips his jacket, revealing a bullet wound to his upper left arm. He grabs his mobile, and makes a call. He tells that person that is not joke that its john coper on phone, and that if the person he is talking to doesn’t help him, then he will expose there dirty little secret to everyone.

HOSPITAL : Alf tells sally that she should be cautious who she tells about her near death experience with tom, esp. after the way that oppl reacted after Alf has his. Sally thinks that she can prove t9o Alf and all] that what she experienced is true. Sally comments about Cass being preggers, and that if Cass is, it will prove Sal’s story. She also comments about someone else dying in her place – Alf suggest that it’s probably some old person who is waiting to die [so to speak].

NEAR SURF CLUB : Annie sees a Ute parked right next to the club. It appears to have the latest alcohol delivery for Noah’s. When the delivery dude is way form the vehicle, Annie approaches – and “borrows” what looks like a bottle of rum. Aden & a mate see this – Aden looks way pleased that Annie is acting this way [like a “normal” teen].

CITY : Ric is on the phone outside that hospital that Cass is at. He aggresses [with person at other end of line that it’s best For Cass & Ric to stay in city for a bit [with Johnny on the loose].

Cass approaches Ric – and tells him how positive her outlook is now. He is VERY pleased. Ric then suggest that they should “hang” in the city for a while [i.e. no use just coming here for the med appointment, with all those shops etc here]. Cass agrees.

HOSPITAL : Alf tells Miles, Pip & sally that he won’t be returning to the road trip with his old mate – as one country town looks just like that last one after weeks on the road.

Nustr Julie enters, and says that vesting hours are over. Sally insists on speak to Pip alone. Alf urges caution, but sally insist that she know what she is doing.

With just sally & pip in the room, Sal tells Pippa that Tom has an msg for Pip!!!

NEAR BEACH : Annie opens the bottle and takes a swig. Looks like she hates the taste, but drinks some more. As she does, she waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay looks forlorn.

HOSPITAL : Pip insists to Sal that she KNOWS Tom loves here, and she is VERY pleased that Sally told her what Tom said.

BUSH : Although we don’t see who it is, Johnny tells his just arrived “new best friend” things like “if you dob on me, I will destroy you” and “if only ppl could see you right now”



Leah is distraught after getting a phone call – someone is dead!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Leah: bright yellow wide strap [maybe crossover at the back] top/white long pants

SILVER - Little Pippa: aqua [hot pink unknown writing] long sleeve top/dark long pants

BRONZE - Pippa: red blouse/dark top/red & white mosaic long skirt


Aden: SBH uniform

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Cass: grey mostly unzipped jacket [red singlet top beneath]

Cassie’s counsellor: powder blue button up shirt

Colleen: cream [pink & green floral] blouse/dark green top

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue cap/dark blue long pants

Johnny: brown jacket/dark t/denim jeans

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/denim jeans

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Ric: black [grey unknown motif] t\dark brown Long pants

Roman: black singlet/olive green long pants

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