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Mon, 18 Feb 08 - Episode # 4576

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ With Or Without You “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 18 Feb 08 - Episode # 4576]

Notes –

1. Where I’ve got “VPH” below, it’s a place that looks like the VPH, but is, for want of a better word, purgatory.

2. Instead of having the recap, then the H&A logo & the latest ep action, this ep had the logo then recap, then new stuff.

HOSPITAL : With Sally still flat lining, the surgeons/med reams fade away, and its just Sally in the operation room. She opens her eyes, and sees the BRIGHT operating theatre light above her.

““VPH”” : Sally enters her own home [kinda]. The place is bathed in a dreamy yellow lighting. She hears a familiar voice – before seeing TOM FLETCHER. He says that they weren’t expecting her so soon. Sally initially doesn’t “get” where she is, but then she realises that she is dead. Tom tells her that she [real Sally] is suspended tweeny heartbeats.

Tom begins to tell Sally that she has a choice to make.

HOSPITAL : Cut to Colleen [with Rachel], and then Miles [with Roman] who are blinking themselves for Sally being stabbed.

“VPH” : Sal tells tom that they shouldnl;t be blaming themselves – but he tell het that they not see it that way. Tom says that others are affected – and sally loks over her shoulder when she hears lil pip [voice over] calling out to her.

LEAH’S : Cut to Lil pip running to Leah who is at the back door. Leah tells lil pip that it’s not Sal at door. Lil pip leaves the room – and Leah talk to Jack [who is the one at floor]. She asks to be kept informed of what is happening. When jack is gone, Leah slumps to flor and starts balling her eyes out.

“VPH” : Sally tells tom that she was elated that Leah gave birth to lil pip for her. Sally wonders about Flynn – but tom says that there are other tigs to deal with.

HOSPITAL : Cut to an actual flashback – of Annie telling Geoff, archel & marg [when given Rev Hall’s bible] that she doesn’t believe in god anymore.

“VPH” : Sally comets that she was that one who got Annie to come to SBH etc. tom says there are yet more ppl whose lives are affected.

CITY : We see [with camera diagonally placed] a building, and Ric & Cass “beam” in the the shot.

“VPH” : Sally wonders why Cass is looking so worried and is outside a hospital. Tom says that he canl;t tell her that, but he can tell her that this [sally being here] wasn’t the plan.

VPH : Cut to when Sally was trying to reason with Johnny. Miles charges towards him, but THIS time, its MILES that Johnny stabs!!!

“VPH” : Tom & Sal are now at the foot of the stairs – and tom tells sally that her death is NOT set in stone. He can choose to live or to die, but 1st tom will show her pieces of what will happen depending on the decision sally makes.


“VPH” : Sally tells tom that she wants to go back [an live] but he insists that he has to show her both sides of the coin, and its not like sally has to reach decision [time is on hold tom tells her]

HOSPITAL : Sally is being operated on. The docirs aren’t having much luck finding where she is bleeding internally. Rachel; enters the op theatre, and when she foes back into corridor, she is V paled that Miles is that same rare blood tyre as Sally.

With the addition blood from Miles, the surgeons are able to keep sally alive and they find and seal where the blood is leaking internally.

In colleen’s room, she, miles & Roman are REALLY pleased that sally is REALLY fighting and should come through this op.

“VPH” : Tin tells Sally that it will be miles‘& colleen’s “salvation” if she lives, but there’s more pll who will positively gain.

HOSPITAL : Cut to Sally [post op in bed I ‘m guess] talking to Annie. Sally says that she has something to tell Annie ]although that’s all in the scene, I gather that Sally will tell Annie theta there is an afterlife.

LEAH’S : Cut to Lil Pip eagfkerly running to and hug the totally well Sally [with Leah &* colleen nearby]

“VPH” : Tom tells Sal that Cass is affected too.

HOSP : Cut to Sally in bed, insists that Cass should have come to her and shared her burden.

“VPH” : Sally winders what all this Cass business is about. She wonders if Martha/Henk are together, but tom says that although Martha knows more that sally does, Martha isn’t with henk.

Tom ads that yet more ppl are affected.

LEAH’S : Cut to Leah – TOTALLY ballinhg her eyes out lying on her bed. Sally is siting on the bed. Sally wonders to Leah if she should go, but Leah insists that she stay.

“VPH” : Sally asks tom if she cause Leah pain. Tom says that he can’t answer that, and when sally sys that she wants to go back, tom insists that she must see the other side of the coin [if she choose to die]


“VPH” : Tom wonders if Sal is ready – she nods.

VAN PARK : Miles looks like scruffy way he did when he entered the bay. Theres’ a fierce winds sleeping thru the park [i wonder if that mean the van park is now a “ghost town”?]

DINER : Leah & roman urge Colleen to stay – but she tells them [bags parked ^& all] that she has accepted an invite to live with her son Lance.

SURF CLUB : A VERY “come & get me, boys" [completed with dishevelled hair] looking Annie [think of Maddie when she was dress to impress boys in 2006] is hanging out with some low life boy. Alf enters and wonders what has happened to Annie – and she tells him [read enbeyone] to “get stuffed”

LEAH’S : Lil Pip cries out constantly that she wants her mum. Ric wonders to Cass if they should try to raise Lil Pip themselves, but Cass doesn’t think that is good idea. Cass then doubles over in pain.

“VPH” : Sally wonders if Cass is preggers, and tom comets that he just knew that sally is pretty clueing. Tom comments that Cass is in a dark place right now.

HOSPITAL : Cut to Cass – she says that she can’t go on.

“VPH” : Sally wants to know what’s going on, but tom says that he hadn’t finished. She sess a photo of Flynn on the wall. Then monet she touches it with see her face bathed in and even brighter golden light. Sally stops toughing the photo. She tells tom that she was in utter bliss with Flynn, but she knows that she has ppl who love here on earth. Tom responds by saying that it not only Flynn her – there’s Michael, Alias, bobby.

Tom insists that sally must choose – if she goes up the satires, she can have that bliss forever with Flynn, but if she exits this house, she returns to earth.


“VPH” : In main room, sally tells tom that she has decides ti go back [i.e. to LIVE}. She desalt feel as though her life is over. Tim says that he is proud of her – but her ads that “to balance the books” a life must he takes in place of hers!!!

Sally can’t believe sthais, and think that it should have been told top her previous, but tom says that that wasn’t part of that info that she was to receive pre her choice.

Tom tells Sally that this will all feel like a dream, and to tell Pippa that he loves here and is waiting here for her. Sally exist the house [door near laundry[

HOSPITAL : The surgeons give Sally another jolt with the defibrillator – this kick-starts her heart. The doxcurs etc are please that she has sinus rhythm again!!!!



Johnny uses someone’s “dirty little scecret” against them !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Leah: mauve-pink satin like night gown/white [soft toned multicolour pattern] PJ top & long pants

SILVER - Annie: black “corset” [with red low cut spaghetti strap [top neath]/red [silver studded] choker/red knee high boots

BRONZE - Little Pippa: white [red dots pattern] singlet to/red ¾ pants


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Annie: green jacket/white [black unknown motif] top

Cass: blue [2 white horiz stripes on bust] sleeveless jacket

Cass: dark wide strap top/ dark knee length shorts

Cass: white [green horizontal stripe near shoulder] polo shirt

Colleen: dark top/white [blue floral] blouse

Colleen: white [blue floral] top/dark blue blouse

Colleen: white [pink & blue floral] nightgown

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Johnny: brown jacket/dark t

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t

Roman: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t

Leah: dark jacket/white top/dark long pants

Leah: grey jacket/dark long pants

Leah: white scoop like top/dark long pants

Little Pippa: pink [with yellow lining & straps] singlet top

Little Pippa: white singlet top/dark long pants

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Rachel: dark blue low cut v neck top [with black top neath]

Ric: brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t

Ric: dark green t

Roman: dark t/dark long pants

Sally: red v neck top/dark long pants

Sally: dark [wide strap] billowy top/dark long pants

Tom Fletcher: white [green check]\ button up shirt

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