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Fri, 15 Feb 08 - Episode # 4575

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!! Lynn Gets A Mention “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 15 Feb 08 - Episode # 4575]

Note – that last line of yestrday’s ep guide should have read ….. but he is shocked that Aden is NOW “out cold”.

SBH : Sally talks to Geoff [in principal’s office] about why happened. Geoff insists that he is weak for letting Aden get to him like that. Geoff seems somewhat miffed, maybe even annoyed, that Sally doesn’t punish him [detention etc] for what he did. Geoff complies when Sally tell him to go back to class.

DINER : Leahy & roman are in the kitchen, and they are talking about what Dom was up to. Roman admits that he pulled more than a few silly stunts to try to impress girls in the past.

Sally enters, and Roman is partic concerned that she walked here alone. Sally doesn’t exactly appreciate that, but when sally goes into the main area. Leah suggests to roman that he should approach sally and suggest to her that lil pip should stay with Leah tonight.

SBH : Geoff is in calls, but he looks distracted. He gets up & walks out of the classroom. The unknown teacher doesn’t look that impressed, but dealt go after him.

Sally [corridor] thanks roman for walking her back to school. He brings up Leah’s suggestion. And sally doesn’t like it at 1st, but roman is able to convince her that the Leah [lil pip] plan is a good one.

When roman walks away, sally sees Geoff sitr8uing in the corridor. He is worried that Annie is rejection him & her faith. Sally tells Geoff about how her foster sister Lynn had a similar crisis of faith, buy sally tells Geoff that although sally tried herself to help Lynn, and it was Tom & Pippa who got through to Lynn. Sally insists that Annie still loves Geoff, but that he should “step back” a little form her.

Cut to sally in her office, with Aden. Aden can’t believe it when Sally is having a go at HIM for the Geoff punch incident. Btw,m Aden has an abrasion near right eye. Sally wonders if Aden bullying Geoff is a portent of the future – “if THIUS the man you want to be?” she harshly asks.

Aden hoes back to class. He sees that Geoff has jis leg out in the isle tween desks. Aden decides not to attack, and he steps over Geoff’s leg instead.

VPH : Colleen & miles are in the kitchen, and Colleen is telling Miles abbot how ppl like Madge Wilkins [but not cc9olleen] waaaaaaaaay judged Miles when he q1st came to town.

Sally & Roman arrive home. Sally thanks Roman for staying her at the vph tonight.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Its night time, Aden is sitting in one of the tables when Geoff approaches. Geoff apologises for the punch today, and hopes they van be friends. Aden takes his time before he shakes Geoff’s hand. When Geoff is walking away, Aden can’t help himself. He tells Geoff that he actually respected Geoff for a bit there [the punch] but that apology sounded more like Geoff was about to PROPOSE to Aden. Geoff can’t believe it when Aden mockingly laughs at him.

VPH : Sally is in the kitchen, and roman 7 milkes are iomn the longuue. Miles suggest that sally might be more OKL with Roman being here if she knew his background.

When sally approached the, miles tells sally that he & roman has met before – as roman was part of the military clean up crew in Phuket. Sally jokes about how bossy Roman is, and how the other soldiers must have loved romans above average cooking. Miles thills sally that Roman is SAS!!! and that it was his meeting up with roman that convinced miles to tell sally his history [all these flashback on Monday]. Sally insists stat Romans’ secret is safe with her.

VPH : Later, Sally is about to go to bed, and she comments onb how uncomfortable roman will be sitting on a chair outside her bedroom door. Sally rtahks him once more, before shutting her bed prom floor.

VPH : Later, Miles, sally & Roman are startled by colleen screaming. Before roman gets donatarius, Miles has let Colleen AND Johnny [who is holding coolen at knifepoint] in the house!!!!

VPH : Johnny yells out for sally to come downstairs, or ppl will get hurt. When sally is downstairs, Johnny is pleased that she rem’;s that its approaching a year since Rocco’s death. Despite john’s anger & hatred, Sally tries to reason with him./ she insists that Rocco always talked aboard Johnny, and how much he idolised Johnny – to the point where he stabbed sally juts to please his big bother. [note – sally, like Rachel with Rev Hall in the 2008 rtn, was awesome here]

Johnny is annoyed by Roman, and to a lesser extent miles trying to creep up in him. Miles has had enough. He charges towards Johnny, but that leads to Johnny charging over to where sally is – and STABBING her!!!!!!! Sally falls to the ground, as Johnny rushes outside.

VAN PARK : Johnny is running when Jack [in patrol car] spots him. Jack emits the car, and fires several shots at Johnny is he is fleeing initio the bush. Jack radios for assistance. Roman approaches jack – tells him that sally has been stabbed. Roman 7 jack rush towards the house.

HOSPITAL : A team of surgeons operate on Sally. Theres’ been; lots of blood loss – so much so, that they have to use the defibrillator. After at least 2 “goes” with the paddles, Sally is still FLAT LINING!!!!!



The surgeons battle to save Sally!!!

Leah is distraught – someone is dead!!!

Johnny uses someone’s “dirty little secret” [his words] in order to get them to help him!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Leah: silver [black lining, and black double triangle motifs] spaghetti strap top

SILVER - Sally: black wide strap dress

BRONZE - Geoff: light blue [yellow unknown Chinese style writing logo] t


Aden: dark t

Aden: SBH uniform

Colleen: multi colour floral blouse

Colleen: white ]pink & blue floral] nightgown

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Johnny: brown jacket/dark t

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t

Roman: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t

Sally: light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

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