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Wed, 13 Feb 08 - Episode # 4573

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Rachel Wants To Be Woo’ed “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 13 Feb 08 - Episode # 4573]

DINER : Jack task to Irene & Roman about reports tat Johnny is heading to a place that isn’t the bay. Irene & Jack are impressed when Roman suggests that that could be just a diversionary tactic – and that Johnny is actually heading bayside. Roman then eagerly tells jack that he will part of the roster of ppl that are staying with Sally.

Irene bails – but as she does, Roman asks her to display a “: help wanted” sign outside the diner.

Luc enters and he starts talks to Jack when Jack phone rings.

BUSH : Jack & several; other police search the BMW that we the audience know that Johnny was driving; they find a suit in one of the front door compartment.

DINER : Luc tells To that maybe this isn’t the beast time for his farewell drinks – with the Johnny tig, Cass & ric away, but Tony insist that those kind os things are all the more Rason to have the celebration.

Luc asks Tony to read what he’s written so far of his novel – and tiny says, “that he will do so tonight when is his shift at Sal’s place.

Dom enters, with the help wanted sigh, he approach Roman in kitchen soating that although he’s been into car business, he now wants to go with hospitability. When Roman asks for a reference, Dom says that Belle will provide one.

NOAH'S : Drew can’t believe that Belle gave a reference for Dom – but she insist tat everyone needs a 2nd chance. Luc & Matilda arrive for luc’s farewell – and Belle tries to convince Matilda that this new job should be good for Dom, as Belle thinks that Dom has be obscener over her as her has nothing else in his life. Matilda isn’t so sure bout all of this.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Jack tells Tony that it looks like Johnny is in the bay, and that the suit etc that he wore made mad slip under the radar. Tommy say that he’s have no trouble keeping watch on Sally & little Pippa dn he’ll have Luc’s novel to read – Tony comments tat its not oft that luc asks Tony to do so.

NOAH'S : AS Maddie & co chat to Luc, Martha [at the bar] asks Rachel what is happening tween her & tiony [since Martha is nosey and has no life of her own – Martha’s own words btw]. Rachel says that dinner in the city rstaurauint went great, but she desalt want o be pro active this time – she wants that guy to do the asking out.

VAN PARK : Johnny enters the outskirts of the park.

DINER : Irene enters the kitchen and can’t believe that Roman has hired Dom. Irene especially is worried about Belle – but Roman tells her that it was Belle who gave Dom a reference.

NOAH'S : Belle gives a heartfelt speech at luc;s farewell, before luc himself speaks. He comments that he knows the speech won’t be that good – since he’s better writing things down that saying them. When he says that they are all moving fwd with their lives, Matilda [joking or otheries] comments that she’s not exactly doing that [since she is repeating].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Johnny [near back patio] can see that someone in in the kitchen, because of the shadow on tyeh frosted glass on the back patio door.

NOAH'S : When asks what he thinks the others will be up to in 5 years, Luc [joking] comets that Drew will be repeating yr 12 for the 6th time, and that Belle/Drew was have just got back tofther for the 27th time. He says that henk & Cass will be very happy – with 3 kids. Luic notices tat long faces of the likes of Matilda & Martha, and they comet that they are like that as they wish Cass were here right now.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Tony hears noise outside, he calls out near back patio door, before he begins to unlock it, and But Johnny is scared away when a police car patrols the area.

Tiny hears knock at font door – it’s; jack, so he opens door. Tony comment about haring noises outside, and about how Sal & lil pip are fast asleep.

VAN PARK : Johnny walks bout to the outskirts of the park. He looks way fired up.

SURF CLUB : Tony & Luc are keen to go for a surf on this last day that Luc is bayside. Tony tells Luc that he recognise that dad character in luc’s story. Tony sat that he thinks it’s awesome that luc can put into words what Tony is thinking/feeling way better than tiny ever could. Luc tells Tony that it Tony that’s the amazing one.

DINER : Irene continues to be suspicious of Dom, esp. after he comes iontothe kitchen and says that Madge walikins had high praised for her meal [something that she never does].

I the main area, Dom makes drew fro still being at school – and Irene is pleased that this clash bought out Dom’s true colours.

SURF CLUB : Jack wonders if luc will incl a chatter based on his I a novel, and luic says that the character will be one who canl;t surf.

As Tony, Luc & jack are bailing form the pool room [heading for the beach], ravjhel entrs. She and Tony waaaaaay smile at each other.

DINER : Roman tells dom that if he is interested in a job in hospitality, then he could apply for a job that in today’s; paper for a place in the city. Although dom give a fair few reasons why it might no be the best idea, roman seems to have an answer for all things that dom is worry about.

SURF CLUB : Tony enters, and there’s a fair few ppl waiting to get into the gym [after that 1 last surf with Luc]. After he unlocks the gym and lets ppl in, he talks to Martha in Noah’s. Martha suggests that Tony should be old fashioned about Tony/Rachel [and REALLY woo her].

DINER : Dom thanks belle for covering his shift at diner whilst he goes to city for job interview. Dom is sadden that if he gets job, he won’t be able tio be around belle.

In kitchen, Irene thanks Roman for going along with her plan. Irene looks worried etc as she sees Dom & Belle talking behind the counter.



Belle verbally attacks Dom

Is this the beginning of the end of Sally?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Belle: red spaghetti strap dress [white rope “belt” at the waist]

SILVER - Matilda: green [with black horizontal stripe just under the bust] spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE - Luc: white [sky blue “Colombian Cold” and butterfly like motif] t/mauve board shorts


Belle: purple & black horizontal stripes [Emily the strange logo] dress

Dom: blue button up shirt [with grey top neath]

Dom: bone button up shirt/darkly long pants

Drew: black [white unknown logo on left chest] polo shirt

Drew: SBH uniform

Irene: black v neck top [with green top neath]/dark long pants

Irene: sky blue [with gold & black swirls etc] top

Jack: blue [white nautical themed crest] t

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Johnny: brown jacket/dark t

Luc: way light orange [orange check] button up shirt/faded denim jeans

Martha: red [with white leaf like motifs] singlet top

Martha: stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Rachel: light brown [with white triangles on a light brown background just under bust] low cut v neck dress

Roman: dark brown singlet

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t

Tony: off white [brown diag stripes] boardies/way light blue t

Tony: red & black horizontal striped polo shirt

Tony: white [sB gym] t shirt

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