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Tues, 12 Feb 08 - Episode # 4572

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s SOOOOOO Last Season “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 12 Feb 08 - Episode # 4572]

Notes -

1. I missed 1st minute or two of this ep [rain, road traffic]

2. Aden is now listed as a MAIN cast member on the end credits

VAN PARK : Its night time and Jack [torch in hand] is searnig for any sign of Johnny when Colleen approaches him. She tells him all about how Miles is Sally’s twin etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Jack enters, and talks trio Sally. He is a little worried about Miles just showing up like this, but Sally assures jack that Miles is definitely not oart of Johnny’s plan – as there are things about Sally that only Miles COULD know etc.

Jack tells Sally that he contacted Brad, and Sally thanks Jack, as she was going to do that in morning.

Jack & Sally that talk bout Ric and how it “might” be best if he bails form town, because of how volatile Ric can be. Ric enters that room, and Jack & Sally tell his of their plans for him. Ric isn’t exactly keen to go, but agrees.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Next day, Sally & Ric give Miles a “heads up” about what happened [Rocco stabbing Sally etc]. Miles assures Sally & Ric that he will “be here” for Sally.

Btw, Sally is also looking fwd to the 1st dat of the new school year [today]

DINER : Belle tells Drew that wants to bail form diver so she can see Cass before she gets to work. Matilda enters [like Drew, in school uniform] and comment that the uniform is soooooo last year [that comment is sooooooooooo Maddie]. Matilda asks Drew if they can walk to school together, so neither has to cop the flack form, otters of repeating Yr 12.

Seconds after the teen trio bail, Leah is about to bail to take VJ to school when Colleen tells her about how Johnny has escaped form prison. Leah is way concerned for Sally.

VAN PARK HOUSE : There’s a knock on the door close to the laundry. Sally wonders who it is -= its; Leah, and Sally unlocks the door. Sally say sorry for the fort Knox approach, but Leah say that she would do same things. Sally intro’s Leah to miles and Leah & Miles hug. Sally then suggest that she must tell Cass bout all this, but Ric say that he will tell her.

ROAD : Johnny * another guy stop their car closed to the SB turn off sign. Johnny gets out of the cars, and then “suggests” that the other guy [another gang mbr I’m gathering] should too. johnny “suggest” for the other guy to walk back to tye previous town and wait there a little; while until he returns. Johnny says that he won’t be that long. When the other dude is out of the car, Johnny gets in, and starts driving close to the Bay.


SUMMER BAY HIGH : Maddie & drew are talking in the corridor about being back at school.

Nearby, Annie & Geoff wonder to sally if the rpts of miles bang her bro are true – sally says that they are. This uplifts Annie temporality, but then she sees jack and another officer. She wonders why, and a female student tells her about the whole Johnny & Rocco thing. Annie is dismayed once more – she tells Geoff that lusts of bad tings seem to be happening.

Teachers call everyone outside, where sally welcomes all the students to the school for the year. She introduces tem to the new deputy principle, Mr Barnett.

As sally talks tro the students, Aden is making offensive comments to Maddie [based loosely about things that Sally has just said] and several students the police [incl jack walking about the grounds.

HOSPITAL : Belle talks to Cass bout Luc’s farewell at the curf club in a few days. Cass says that she won’t be able to make it. Martha arrives, and Cass tells Martha & Belle how amazing te Rachel has been since she found out. Throughout the scene Martha looks worried about Cass asking about Henk.


SUMMER BAY HIGH GROUNDS : Aden makes a few more annoying comments towards Matilda, as Sally hands over to Jack to speak to the students. He insist that their will be a permeant police presence oatr the school until Johnny is caught. He tells the students to be lot too alarmed by all of this.

BUSH / ROAD : Johnny stashes his prison clothes under some leaves etc. we then see him monets later, dressed in a suit. He gets back in the car [a BMW[ and drives off.

HOSPITAL : Cass is worried that henk hasn’t been to see her. Ric shows her henk’s note – and Cass tells Ric that henk bailing is good ting, one less tig to worry about. Ric suggest that Cass should tell sally [esp. in light of Johnny thing], but Cass insist that Rachel said that she should speak to a counsellor before tell any1 else.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden “accidentally” bumps into Geoff – whose books fall to the floor of the corridor. Annie can’t believe it that Geoff is blaming himself for all of this. She even suggests, that Geoff prob thinks that it was HIS own fault if he had died when Aden & co put him in boot of Tony’s car last year.

HOSPITAL : Cass has signed her discharge papers, and is now very scared about going back into the real world. Ric insists that he will be with her all the ways. He even offers to go with her to city to see the counsellor. Ric tells Cass that [also] sally wants him out of town.


ROAD : Ric [with Cass in passenger seat] drives his van past the SB sign [out of town], and moments later, Johnny drives past the SB sign – INTO the bay!!!



Dom badly wants Belle to be “his”

Is this the beginning of the end for Sally ??? [we see Johnny being chased in the van park and the machine at the hospital showing someone flat lining]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: SBH uniform

SILVER - Belle: white unbuttoned vest/black [black “the Emilys” on white background] dress

BRONZE - Annie: SBH uniform


Aden: SBH uniform

Cass: red [balk palm tree] hoodie

Colleen: red & green floral blouse/dark coat

Colleen: sky blue & green rainforest pattern blouse

Dark haired student [who told Annie bout Sally being stabbed in 2006]: SBH uniform

Drew: SBH uniform

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Johnny: dark green (prison) sleeveless top

Johnny: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [gold double tri pattern] tie

Johnny’s mate: black leather jacket/black t

Leah: black thin strap singlet top/bone long pants

Martha: yellow, black & brown horizontal stripes [very bee like] wide strap dress

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey t

Mr Barnett: dark suit/white button up shirt/maroon [brown leaves?] tie

Ric: grey [with black collar & “YD” logo] polo shirt

Ric: dark singlet/red shorts

Sally: black top/black knee length at least skirt/black headband

Sally: light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

Teacher Paul: plum button up shirt

VJ: blue (primary school) button up shirt

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