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Mon, 11 Feb 08 - Episode # 4571

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A VERY Memorable Birthday Party “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 11 Feb 08 - Episode # 4571]

note - the scene immedaitely below is, well, SUBLIME !!!!!!!!!!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : Miles tries to get sally to remember when they were in their [biological] parents house – and she [3 yo curly haired Sally Copeland] kept on calling him [miles] Milco. Sally doesn’t rem so, milks tell her more. he says that their father was an alcoholic, who oft hit their mum. Their mum tried to stop their dad form sever seeing Miles & sally again, so tier bryological dad took miles at they wend on the road. Miles tells sally tahty their dad thought “the road” was no place for a littlie girl. A few years later, their dad found an old newspaper article, with the report of miles & sallyp;s mum’s [and her new hubby’s] death. Mile s7 his dad went bt9o sae miles & sally’s gran, who eventually [dementia issues] was about to tell them bout sally being fostered. Miles & father went to the Fletcher youse in city then the bay. Miles exclaims to sally that their father loved sally very much and felt that she had a better life with the flethers. Their dad died of alcohol related illness, and miles says that he could finally live his life, but he had no idea wiher sally was [sB was just another town]. Miles got into teaching met his wife, they had their daughter, and then Phuket 2004 happened. Miles wondered aimlessly, until his rem’d the SB sign when he came acorrs in late last year. Sally almost can’t believe it when miles says that he was thee one to wrote Milco in the sand.

Miles urges Sally to remember some of her early days, with him & their bio parents. Sally then DOES remember her Bering encouraged to say miles name [as a 3yo] but her just staying “Milco, Milco, Milco”. Moments later, sally remembers something else – a birthdays party. She can see that it’s BOTH hers & miles bday. Sally can’t believe that she has not only rem’d this – but that Miles is her TWIN brother. Sally is overcome with emotion, but looks/sounds like happy tears to me.

[note – when Miles is telling Sally all these events form the past, when see flashbacks of virtually all of them, and also when sally rems both, with 3 yo Miles beacxise her, saying Milco AND the clincher – the bday party]

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HOSPITAL : Rachel enters Cass’s room – Cass is all but asleep. Rachel seems rather surprised when she looks at Cass’s med chert. Rachel goes to the nurse’s station and speak t one of the nurses [not Julie] about how she was surprised that Cass is HIV+ and preggers.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is, like Sally, amazed when sally tells him about Miles being her twin 0- miles comments that he & Sally are obviously not identical twins [note – is that a sly references to Jade & Kirsty]. Sally wants to tell Cass, but Ric says that he noticed that the lights were out in Cass’s van [she is asleep he say]. Sally then tells Ric & miles that she is going to phone [her foster mum Pippa.

HOSPITAL : Rachel enters Cass’s room – and insists that she’s not going to say I told thou so. Rachel insists that she is going to remain impartial – ian dive Cass the best med care that she can. Rachel tells Cass that being HIV+ isn’t a death sentence etc. [note – given that circumstances, especially Rachel’s past with Henk, she was wonderfully greatly supportive of Cass here].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is talking on phone with Pippa. She suggest that Miles shield speak to Pippa, but he not seem keen [miles looks over awed by all of this]. When Sally is off phone, she tells Miles that pippa will; be down on the weekend.

The phones rings again – its Leah, and Sally says, “that Colleen hasn’t got it wrong – Milco is REAL!!! As Sally talks to; Leah, miles goes onto back patio. When off phone, Sally; follows. Miles still look overawed – and Sally hugs him.

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HOSPITAL : Rachel insists to Cassie that she will need lots of spt from her friends a& family. this is after. Cass told her that they likes of maddie, ric, drew etc know when they overheard her. Rachel doesn’t mention Sal by neam, but you can just imagine Cass response if she did

VAN PARK HOUSE / MILES' VAN : Miles 7 sally are on the back p[aitio. Moils is worried that all of this has been too much for sally, but she tell him that it’s great that she now has [biological] family – as does Little pipa. They wayyyyyyy hug.

We then see sally [looking content] in bed, before cutting to miles van – he takes a pic [hot sure if his parents, or if it’s him own family [wife, child].

Cut back to sally who looks asleep – but she is woken by the phone ringing AFTER11pm!! She gets out of bed and exits bedroom.

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VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is on phone, when Ric enters the mina room pof the house. When off the phone, she tell ric that that was Jack who told her that Johnny copper had escaped form prison – and when he was inside, he t6old ppl that he would get revenge on Sally !!!!



Johnny Cooper [in suit & tie] arrives in the bay, but is it just Sally who is in danger??

[note – we saw jack speaking to the students atSBH]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Sally: black satin scoop top/dark long pants

SILVER - Sally’s biological mother: dark [light floral pattern] dress

BRONZE - Sally [when young]: light colour party dress dress/tiara


Colleen: red [native floral collar?] blouse

Miles [when young]: dark [mosaic] shirt

Miles [when young]: green polo shirt/dark [light mosiac pattern] shorts

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/brown long pants

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Rachel: black top/dark brown long pants

Ric: dark singlet/red shorts

Ric: white (black silhouette of a girl’s face) t/denim jeans

Sally [when young]: green top/denim coveralls

Sally: light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

Sally’s biological father: dark check button up shirt

Sally’s biological father: light [1 vertical dark stripe] button up shirt

Sally’s biological father: light [dark mosaics] button up shirt

Sally’s biological father: light colour button up shirt/light colour [with darker diag stirpes] tie

Sally’s biological father: light colour polo shirt

Sally’s biological father: light polo [with dark thin horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Sally’s biological mother: dark [light dots pattern] dress

Sally’s biological mother: light coloured [dark horiz stripes, very wintery looking] jumper

Sally’s grandmother: light [dark floral] top

Sally’s neighbour in city: dark top/light jacket & long pants

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