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Fri, 8 Feb 08 - Episode # 4570

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It Sounded As If The World Was Splitting Apart !!! “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 8 Feb 08 - Episode # 4570]

MILES’ VAN : Miles admits to Sally that, like her, he feels a connection tween them. He tells her that he will tell her more – but now is not the right time.

Miles does tell her that a tragedy took his family form him – and that, in the past, he was a teacher!!!

HOSPITAL : Maddie is freaking out, and is keen to tell Sally about what’s happened, but the others convince her otherwise. Maddie admits that she feels useless right now. Ric decides that thete is one thing he can do – Maddie and the other try to stop him form bailing [to see hank] but Ric gets by them.

HENK’S VAN : Ric enters. Henk is not there. Ric finds a note.

NOAH’S : Ric enters -0 and shows Maddie the note from Henk – seeing that he has bailed!!!!

Ric ^& Maddie then start fighting, about how Ric cheated on Maddie with Viv [started wrimng Henk instead of Viv] or Maddie cheating on Ric with roman.

VPH / BEACH : It night time, and Ric is looking in the Net about HIV when sally [with teddy bear in hand] that she is going to invite Cass & Henk over for dinner – as an olive branch. Ric says that Cass & Henk went out to dinner, but sally notes that ric is distracted, he tells her about how he & Maddie had another fight.

Indeed, when Ric is telling sally about what’s happening, we see Maddie – she looks annoyed etc when she sees an unknown couple embracing nearby.

DINER : Roman [kitchen] thanks Colleen for coming in at short notice.

Morag comes down the internal stairs – annoyed that Martha isnl;tb here to unlock the diner flat, as Morag is staying there for 2 months. Leah gives Morag the spare key – and when Morag has gone back up the stirs, Colleen comets to roman & Leah about how bad Morag can be.

Colleen goes out into the main area, where she see the just enters Miles. As she talks to him, roman [at counter] has a double take when he sees the clean shaven miles form the 1st time. Roman approaches miles – and wonders if they’ve met before, but miles says that he not remember meeting roman.

Roman goes back into kitchen, where Leah sees that he is districted. He comments to her that he knows that he’s seen Miles before.

BEACH HOUSE : Drew, Belle & Ric [kitchen] agree to not tell Cass tonight that Henk has bailed. They go onto back patio, where Ric shows them the info he got on the Net. He tells them that, although the treatment is tough going, Cass might be able to lead a good life still.

Irene comes out onto patio – and comments on how guilty they all look guilty – but none of them “spills” about Cass.

DINER : Roman approaches Miles and puts his meal on the table. Romans says that he knows that he has done this [give miles food] before – just over 3 years ago in Thailand. Roman tells Miles that he was part of the clean up operation – and roman concurs when miles says that roman was part of the SAS!!!! unit. Miles urges roman not to tell anyone bout this – and roman says that miles’ secret is safe. (Note – so Roman IS [ex?] military!!!!!!!!!)

VPH : Miles enters, and wonders [despite it being late] if he & sally can talk.

VPH : Miles tells sally that he wants he to hear what happened to his family before she hears it form anyone else.

Miles tells sally that he took his family [wife Louise & baby daughter Amber] on holiday to Phuket, late in 2004!!!! Sally realises that he is talking about the boxing day tsunami!!!

Miles [fidgeting with his hands] tells sally that Xmas day was perfect, as he, Louse & Amber played on the beach, and they went to beach early ion boxing day. Everything was looking prefect, and miles & all the other ppl on the beach didn’t initially realise that the tide was going out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far. Indeed, miles [way emotional throughout this tsunami tale] and the other pp on beach were like, in awe, of aht have happening. Then a “black wall” [tsunami wave] hit – and miles said “It sounded as if the World was splitting apart“

He & his family stared running for the hotel, but the wave slept them under water. Miles was imntauilly holding onto amber, but he couldnl;t hold onto her.

Mile tells sally tat when they found the body of his wife, she was STILL holding [the also dead] body of his child.

Miles tells sally that he came back to Oz with nothing, except his nightly “dreams” of THAT day. He sys that he triree dto continue on with his life, but just couldn’t. In the end, he just started wandering about – and sally [also emotional] tell miles that she is glad that he found his way here to the bay.

Miles says that sally is the 1st peon the he has ever that [tsunami tale[ too, and, when sally is ready, he has even more to tell her. He says that he wants sally to know EVERYTHING!!!

[note – this scene was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo brilliant, sooooooooooo powerful, sooooooooooooooo emotional.

BEACH NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Maddie is sitting on the sand when Ric approaches. He sits beside her. Maddie wishes that she would wake up and that this is all bad dreams.

Both admit that they shouldn’t be fighting 0 and be there for Cassie.

VPH : At kitchen table, sally tells miles that she is keen to hear more of what he has to say to her, but miles tell her that he needs some fresh air, sally insists that miles CAN trust her.

DINER : Next day, Drew & bell talk about how they will be there for cass – and how belle says that will tell Irene, if she finds HIV info, that it’s for an assignment for the paper.

Irene approaches the duo – and is pleased to see them hugging. When Irene walks away, both bell & drew both are pleased that they are “on song” again.

HOPSITAL : Dom packs the last of his things in a bag, before looks at a pic of Belle in his wallet. He exits the room.

MAIN BEACH : Miles is walking in the sand when he decides to bail.

VPH : Miles enters via the back patio door. He tells sally that his name is Miles Copeland, but he is surprised that that does not trigger anything. He tells sally that they knew each other when they were very young, and that the best that sally could “manage” [with his name] was MILCO. Sally then says inquisitively, “Milco???”



Sally is “rocked” by what Miles tells her – “this changes everything” she says.

But that’s the least of her worries –

Looks likes Johnny copper causes her to collapse in the langue room of the VPH – and someone [presume Sally] FLATLINES at the hospital!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Sally: black satin scoop top/dark long pants

SILVER - Matilda: white [brown check] low cut spaghetti strap top/denim jeans/red jacket

BRONZE - Drew: black & grey horizontal stripes [with yellow horse head? motifs near each shoulder] t


Be: black [red unknown motif] top

Belle: black [red unknown writing] t/black ¾ pants

Colleen: aqua [2 red shirted ppl] kinda Asian style blouse

Dom: red butting up shirt

Drew: brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Irene: sky blue blouse

Irene: white blouse/blue top

Leah: light brown cami top

Miles: dark button up shirt/light blue [dark cityscape? motif on white background]/dark long pants

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/brown long pants

Morag: sky blue, black & grey horizontal stripes top/dark long pants

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo & black top hatted skull motif] t

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t

Sally: red top/black long pants

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