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Thurs, 7 Feb 08 - Episode # 4569

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ If You Tell ANYONE, I Will NEVER Forgive You !!!!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 7 Feb 08 - Episode # 4568]

HENK'S VAN : Henk suggest to Cass hat he will drive her to the doctor’s appointment – as they can also “pick up” some tings for the baby. Cass likes that Henk is so into the baby.

COUNSELLING ROOMS : Sally tells a female counsellor that she feels somehow VERY connected to Miles. She also tells the counsellor that she knows that she is not romantically attracted to the newbie to the Bay. Sally also tells the woman that she thinks that she must sound like a weirdo to the counsellor, but the counsellor tells her that Sallly just sounds like a person who is confused about her feelings.

UNKNOWN MEDICAL CENTRE : Cass & Henk are flicking through some of the magazines in the waiting room, when a female doctor calls them into her office.

COUNSELLING ROOMS : Sally tells the counsellor that she is worried that all these recent events [incl seeing MILCO written in the sand] might bring on her OCD again. Indeed, we see Sally kinda fidgeting with her hands as she is talking.

The counsellor suggest to Sally that she try to look at the situation as though she is watching someone else going through what is happening to Sally.

UNKNOWN MEDICAL CENTRE : Cass suggests to the doctor that she has called her in because her iron levels are too low, but the doctor says that that isn’t the issue. The female doctor tells Cass [with Henk by her side btw] that she is HIV Positive!!!

Cass finally looks at Henk – who has a stressed, worried look on his face – and he tells her tat only found out few days ago that he is HIV Positive.

Cass rushes out of the room and out o the building. She gets hit by a car!!!

HOSPITAL : Martha is by Cass’s beside when she wakes. Cass has an abrasion on her chin & part of her cheek. Martha tells Cass that the bub is totally OK, but Cass is LIOVID when Martha tells her that Martha knows about the HIV results, as Henk came to here, when he found out that he has the disease.

At the nurse’s station, Sam shows Nurse Julie some of her wedding pics. Sam sees Martha – asn wonders if she wants to see the wed pics [“since you “weren’t” there” – a nice catty moment]. Sam then sees Cass‘s name on the hospital patient’s board.

In another room, Sam talks to Dom about his physio program. He tells her about a girl that he is keen on [doesn’t say it’s Belle] so Sam, given her own experiences, urges him to do all he can to win the girl.

Henk asks Martha to ask Cass if she will her him.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Miles enters and hands Sally the toaster that he has fixed. Sally seems distracted as she talks to miles, and she tells him that he has just reminded her tat there is something that she has to do.

DINER : Sam is on the phone – talking about Cass. Matilda hears this, and eagerly gets a bit more detail when Sam is off the phone. When Sam tells her about the MVA, Matilda tells the nearby Ric, Belle & Drew that Cass is in hospital. They all bail.

HOSPITAL : Cass tells Martha that she wants to speak to Henk.

HOSPITAL : A very emotional Cass talk to Henk about all the live that she – and the baby – now WON'T have. Indeed, Cass angrily tells Henk that she might be dead by time that she is 20.

Matilda, Belle etc approach Martha in the corridor. Martha tells them that bub is totally, and that Cass is too. Matilda knows that she is lying, but Martha insist that it’s not her place to tell Matilda & co what’s going on.

Cass [still way emotions] asks Henk how this happened, but then she changes her mind – and says that she doesn’t want to know how he got infected.

MILES’ VAN : Sally enters, and wonders if Miles fells a connection tween the two of them, but he doesn't tell her anything. You can see that he is holding something back though, form loo on face.

HOSPITAL : In the corridor, Drew takes offence at Belle suggesting that she is going to visit Dom whilst she is here.

In Cass’s room, she angrily, emotionally, sarcastically tells Henk that she has all the time in the world to decide haht to do with the rest of her life. She doesn’t exactly respond with any sympathy when he says that she’s not the only one with the disease – [paraphase] “the difference is that YOU gave it to ME”.

Cass yells at Henk to GET OUT of the room, and another comment form Henk as he is leaving the room, prompts Cass to shout out

“I never meant to be 18, pregnant and HIV Positive, but it’s happened”

– and this is heard [door open because of Henk bailing] by the shocked Matilda, Belle, Ric & Drew !!!!!

HOSPITAL : Cass is slightly mocking when Maddie says that everything will be ok. Maddie then starts to cry – and she tells Cass that she said that “ok” line as it was all she could say, because she loves Cass.

Cass then in insists tat NO ONE else [not even Sally] must know – as this [which ppl know that she has HIV] is the only thing that she CAN control.

Indeed, Cass insists that if even 1 other person is told, then Cass will never forgive the perron who blabs – Maddie looks way distressed as Cass emotionally, strongly said that line!!!



Miles says to sally nthat he will tell her EVERYTHING about why he is in the bay

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Cassie’s Doctor: pink blouse

SILVER - Martha: white [red floral] shirt-dress/dark long pants

BRONZE - Belle: black [red unknown writing] t/black ¾ pants


Cass: white [2 red horizontal stripes and blue “A” logo] singlet top/dark long pants

Dom: black t/ black long pants

Drew: brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Henk: dark brown [lighter brown “Brand [something]”] t shirt

Matilda: white [brown check] low cut spaghetti strap top/denim jeans

Miles: dark button up shirt/light blue [dark beachy motif on white background]/dark long pants

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse/black long pants

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo] t

Sally: red top/black long pants

Sally’s therapist: dark jacket

Sam: mauve polo shirt/denim jeans

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