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Wed, 6 Feb 08 - Episode # 4568

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Say You Love Her, Now Prove It “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 6 Feb 08 - Episode # 4568]

Note – the same partial FLOODING in Brisbane yesterday that meant that I couldn’t type up the last half of ep 4567 also meant that I didn’t get home until half way through 4568 but a family member filled me as best she could to what I missed.

Events pre myself arriving at home –

1. Morag say that she will be staying in t0own for a while – so she can defend Reverend Hall

2. Geoff asks Morag about his rugby contract –she doesn't think that getting out of it will be a problem

3. at the van park, Miles saw Henk & Martha hugging each other

4. Sally, Miles & little Pippa go to the beach – but Miles seemed afraid of the water.

After I arrived home –

At diner, Geoff tells Luc & Leah that the football club that he was with didn’t have a problem with him wanting to get out of his contact. They did get him the sign a disclosure – preventing him for playing for another pro football club.

Aden had at Geoff because of this – and insists that Geoff will “pay” for all this.

In the city, Tony is very nervous as he waits for Rachel to arrive – its doesn't help that she got a tad lost and was late to the restaurant.

When the waiter wonders what they’d like to drink, Tony asks Rachael what wine [red or white] she likes but she says tat she has to drive home so will just have mineral water. Tony suggests that he could get a hotel room – but when sees look on Rachel face, he clarifies by saying that he means a room just for her [or separate rooms].

As the meal continues, Tony comments that Rachel must do this kinda of tig all the time [being a doctor] but she insists that she hardly has – being formerly an impoverished intern.

As they go to bail form the restaurant, both admit that they’ve had a good time tonight. Rachel says that it’s been better than she thought it world be, whilst Tony comments about himself not feeling this comfortable on date since Beth passed away.

As sally & miles are about the bail form the beach, he sees Martha, and thills sally that he saw Martha & henk together.

Sally goes to Noah’s and confronts Martha, who insist that she is not going behind cassies’ back with henk. Martha insists tat she can’t tell sally why she & henk were like the way they were when miles saw them. Sally insists tat that answer isn’t good enough. They are interrupted when Cass arrives – Martha looks away form Cass [Martha has a worried, guilty look on her face].

That night, Cass & henks are in his van. She comments that them booing in bed at 9pm is like them being an old married couple. Cass is keen to kiss etc henk, but he’s not so keen.

Next day, Cass is on the phone. When calls end, she tells henk that her doctor wants to see her about the results of that blood test. Cass is worried, but henk tries to reassure her that things mightn’t be as bad as Cass thnink.

Henk enter the surf club. He ask Martha to go with Cass when she goes to her doctor today – but Martha insists toy henk that if he REALLY loves Cass like he says he does, then he should prove it – by going to the appointment and being there when [henk thinks] Cass gets the bad news.



Looks like Cass gets told [by a doctor] that she has HIV, and she runs out into the street – and looks link she might be hit by a car.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Cass: white [pinky red floral motif] low cut spaghetti strap top

SILVER - Sally: leopard print spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE - Cassie: sky blue (dark blue lining) spaghetti strap top & matching shorts


Aden: black [green vertical stripe down the centre] v neck t

Geoff: white [sky blue diag check] button up shirt

Henk: brown t shirt

Leah: choc brown singlet top

Little Pippa: white [red diag check] top/white hat/dark shorts

Luc: mauve [surfy motifs] t

Martha: blue [white horizontal stripes across bust] singlet top

Martha: white [red floral] shirt-dress/dark long pants

Miles: brown v neck t

Rachel: black halter neck [ribbon style] dress

Tony: dark suit/dark tie/white shirt

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