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Mon, 4 Feb 08 - Episode # 4566

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Blood Tests – For Work ??? “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 4 Feb 08 - Episode # 4566]

BEACH HOUSE : Annie rally ants to go and see Reverend Hall, but Irene insist that she mustn’t. Geoff agrees to stay at tehhyouse and talking to Annie [as Irene is about to head off to the surf club]

NOAH'S : Leah & Rachel help Irene & Roman celebrate that Roman is no officially a partner in the diner.

At the bar, Mar comments to Cass about how she thinks that Roman & Rachel appear tobe getting on VERY well.

Martha gets a txt form Henk – insisting tat she meet with him, but NOT tell Cass. Martha bails.

HENK'S VAN : Henk tell Martha that he needs her help – as he has HIV!!!!

NOAH'S : Jack & Sam enter, but Rachel isn’t that keen on hearing what [bedroom] antics they got up to on honeymoon.

HENK'S VAN : Henk tells Martha that after he was “with” this one girl, he felt ill in the days after, so he had bloodtsets done, but since he seemed to be well again he never went back to find out the tests results. Henk wants Martha to help him by arranging for Cass to have a blood test – as there is no point alarms her if she hasn’t got tee disease. Martha really isn’t sure about all of this.

NOAH'S : When Leah tells Cass that she has a “million” tings to do before she joins Dan in the US, Cass insist that Sally, Ric, etc will easterly help.

Leah & Cass observe some more flitting tween Roman & Rachel.

Sam sees To – and she tells him of her concerns about Martha being back in town & single. Tony suggests that Sam doesn’t have anything to worry bout.

HOSPITAL : Reverend Hall begins to work his hands free of the bindings that Geoff loosened.

HOSPITAL : Rev hall, whose hands are totally free of binds, get out to the bed.

HENK'S VAN : Martha can’t believe it when Henk tells her to tell Cass that they need to get blood tests done form the surf club’s insurance policy. Martha is reluctant – but agrees to got with hank’s plan.

NOAH'S : As Roman & Rachel continue to enjoy each others company, Martha returns to the bar. She tells Cass to head on him early – which Cass likes as Henk had just txt her. Just as Cass is bailing, Martha tells her about the blood tests. Cass isn’t keen on the plan, but she says t5hat she will go with Martha morrow.

HENK'S VAN : Cass enters and is keen to kiss etc Henk, but he suggests that they shouldn’t, as he thinks that he is coming down with something. And desalt want Cass or bub to catch it etc.

HOSPITAL : The [unknown] male police officer who is guarding Rev Hall’s room, goes inside the room – afetrthe officer looks tyop be “dozed” for a bit. When he enters, Rev Hall hist him, over the head with a bedpan. Rev Hall exits the room – dressed in the officer’s police uniform.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel thanks roman for the grate night that they've had, and they kiss. That is interrupted when jack [on phone] enters the room. When off phone, jack tells Rachel & Roman that Rev Hall has escaped.

BEACH HOUSE : Jack [in uniform] informs Annie, Irene etc of what’s happened. Irene isn’t that keen on Roman staying the night at the beach house [for ther protection] though. Jack tells Irene that Tony is staying that night at Rachel’s place.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Tiny has no problem when Rachel & am tell hi that he will be sleep on the couch. When he bails form the main room, Sam comments to Rachel that she seriously tanks that Tony is interested in Rachel. Rachel thinks that ‘ships twen ppl not the same age isn’t a good ides [eg her & klimmy] but Sam thinks that Tony being older makes this better.

Both girls are laughing when Tony enters the room, but they tell him that that was talking bout work stuff.

HENK'S VAN : As Cass sleeps, a worried Henk is muchly still awake.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie suggest to Geoff that she thinks that Rev Hall has gone to is fave lookout, as he feels closest to God there. Geoff tells Annie that it’s his fault that the Rev escaped because of the loosened binds.

Annie charges out the back door, but Geoff hoes after her, and convinces her to let the police deal with this. Annie goes back inside with her bro.

BEACH HOUSE : Next day, Geoff tells Roman that Annie isn’t in the house. Geoff suggest that they go to the lookout that Annie was talk to him bout.

UNFAMILIAR LOOKOUT : Rev Hall is in his car – frenetically praying. He then becomes very focussed and says that he knows what he must do. Just as he is about to turn the key [in ignition]. Annie gets into the car. Annie suggests that that should pray together. Rev Hall smiles it her – and says something about Annie being sent to him for a purpose.



Who will Rachel choose – Roman or Tony?

Wil Annie be Reverend Hall’s next victim???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Annie: baby pink [with red lining] singlet top/white[red dots] long PJ pants

SILVER - Rachel: red low cut spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE - Sam: bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/blue [red floral?] long PJ pants


Annie: white low cut singlet top/dark long pants

Annie: hot pink [with tan lining] jacket/white top

Cass: stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Geoff: brown [white check button up shirt

Geoff: dark blue singlet/green & white check long PJ pants

Geoff: white singlet/black [white horizontal stripe on ach sleeves] jacket

Henk: white t

Henk: purple [white old style sailing ship] t/tan long pants

Irene: sky blue dressing gown/sky blue PJ shirt

Irene: aqua blouse/dark long pants

Jack: white signet/grey long PJ pants

Jack: apple green button up shirt

Jack: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Leah: black scoop top

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Reverend Hall: light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap

Roman: brown jacket/purple t/denim jeans

Sam: white [multi colour floral, with black trim] tube top/white long pants

Tony: light grey t

Tony: SB gym t shirt/dark long pants

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