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Fri, 1 Feb 08 - Episode # 4565

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Miles’ Nightmare, Sally’s Dream “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 1 Feb 08 - Episode # 4565]

NOAH’S : Cass tells Ric her news [preg, propsed to] and she looks positi8vbelky beaming about it all. Cass asks Ric to be happy for her – and he insists that he will “keep the peace” etc.

Maddie enters, just as Ric is bailing. After Ric is gone, Cass suggest that Maddie should tell Ric how she is feeling – or at the very least just talk to him about anything, just so they can be talking. Maddie jibes Cass about how she isn’t the font of all ‘ship knowledge just because she’s waaaaaaaaay together with Henk.

HENK’S VAN : Speaking of whom, Henk writes a note, and then writes Cassia’s name on an envelope. He puts that envelope in a place that she will easily see it, before he picks up what looks like a rather well packed bag, and exits the van.

VPH : Maddie enters, and although Ric insist the the whole Vivc pregnancy ting won’t affect them. Maddie says that she believes otherwise both admit that they still love they other, but Maddie insists that that just isn’t enough. She tells Ric that they are over, before she bails.

NOAH’S : Martha enters and sees that Cass still isn’t looking the best, but she is distracted when she hears/sees jack. he is on the p0hone to Colleen [bout Miles maybe?].

When off the phone, Martha wonders about jack’s honeymoon., he says that he,m Sam & Rory had a good time, and that Sam & Rory are still in the city 0- visiting Sam’s sister. Sam & Rory will be back in the coming days.

Talk teunms to Martha – and jack is kinda suppressed when Martha tells him that she & Michael have split out. Jack bails.

VPH : Sally hears a knock at the door – its Miles, who tells her that he will take up her offer of clean clothes, use of the shower block. Sally suggest that Miles can gone her for dinner tonight – and he is initially reluctant bout agrees. Sally says that he can stay in one of the vans – but she won’t hear of him paying for it. She is however appreciative when he says that he’ll do odd jobs round that place as payment. After sally goes out of the main room - to get some clothes form Miles, he admires the many framed family photos that are on the mantelpiece.

VAN PARK : As they approach the van that Miles will be saying in, sally hands him some clothes, whilst Colleen takes a keen interest on what’s happening. When miles is in his van, and sally has begun t9o walk buy to the house, colleen approaches Sally, and wonders if this is such a good idea. Sally insists stat they should be more helpful to pppl like Miles who are less fortunate than themselves.

VPH : Colleen is talking to sal -0 she still unsure about miles. They hear a knock ion the door, and when colleen answers it, she tells the man that the van park is all gull up at the monet, because sally instantly recognizes that its miles [who’s in now clean shaven etc]. Colleen is rather surprised how well Miles has “stubbed up”.

NOAH’S : Martha’s not having the best of days – she accidentally tips some fruit of the counter of the bar. Maddie & Luc [who were in the pool room] and a guy named greg helps Martha pick up the fruit.

When Maddie & luc go back into the pool room, she tells Luic that Maddie/Ric are officially over.

MILES’ VAN : Sally & miles enter his van, and he suggests to her that he can totally make him own bed etc after she suggests doing so]. Miles thanks sally of all the kindness that she has showed him.

After sally bails, miles sits on his bed – and looks at the pic in his wallet that he looks at a few days ago [when Morag all but hit him].

NOAH’S : Maddie& luc are keeping on eye on Martha, as Greg [although he sounds nice] looks keen to get Martha drunk.

VAN PARK : In his van, Miles is asleep when he begins to have what turns out to be a nightmare. He is under water., he is being pushed about by what look like fierce ocean seas, and he looses grip on ppl who look moth have the same clothing on as those in THAT wallet pic of his.

Miles wakes on shock – and he is waaaaaaaaaaay sweating...

Out in the van park itself, Cass & Ric are walking towards Henk’s van. Ric tells Cass that he is happy for her. Cass is surprised that there are no lights on in henks; van. She and Ric enter, and she finds the note form Henk. Its ays that he had to urgently go to the city. Cass tells Ric that the note not say when he will be back, but Cass insists on saying that night in this van, in case Henk returns during the night. Ric bails – Cass looks concerned.

VPH : Sally is asleep on the couch, when she dreams of something that happened in the movie length debut of the show – when Sally, carly, Lynn & Milco are voted for Booby not to become part of the family. Carrly esp. insisted that tom & pippa just can’t call milco part of the family when they want him to be. [Note – another awesome flashback to 1988, soooooooooo beautiful].

Ric enters, and wakes sally, who tells him of the dream that she was having, altho7ugh sally tell Ric that the vote in question was one to decide in the family should stay in the bay [not one relating to bobby].

As sally head upstairs, she looks very content.

NOAH’S : Martha is well & truly drunk when reg tries to force himself on her, but Luc & Maddie come to Martha’s rescue. when Greg is gone, Luc comments on how much Martha is affected by Jack’s return.

VAN PARK : Next day, Colleen comments very favourable about miles to Sally – after she encounters miles when he is taking out the bins. Colleen comments on how quick the town was to judge him, but sally makes it VERY clear that she never pre-judges him like everyone [esp. colleen &* Irene] else.

NOAH’S : Martha talks to Cass about what happen lat night with Greg, She also admits that she [based on something Cass said] that

CITY : Henk walls along the street, before entering a medical centre.

NOAH’S : Cass is still beaming about the whole Henk situation, and Martha suggest that perhaps Henk bail to buy Cass a real [diamond etc] engagement ring.

CITY : Henk is concerned when Dr Moore tells him that he found something unusaul in the blood work that Henk had done with them a while back. Dr Moore tells Henk that Henk is HIV Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Looks like Cass finds out that she too is HIV positive – and is hit by a car when she runs out into the street following the news

Sound like Miles is going to tell Sally EVERYTHING!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: scarlet [think current opening credits] cami top /tan jacket/lightish pink shorts

SILVER - Sally: brown (native Australian artwork) long skirt/black low cut singlet top

BRONZE - Cass: yellow [dark tropical floral motif] halter top


Cass: green & white diagonal stripes tube top

Colleen: blue tropical motifs blouse/red long pants

Colleen: hot pink [yellow tropical floral] dress/dark long pants

Dr Moore: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Greg [guy interested in Martha]: dark blue button up shirt

Henk: purple [white crest] t/tan long pants

Henk: olive green [black sun motif] t/faded denim jeans

Jack: cream [green floral?] v neck t

Luc: white [with dark vertical stripe near each shoulder, and black swirl pattern on the back] button up shirt

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t

Martha: white [black “Titan” and horse motif] singlet top/dark blue shorts

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Miles: black polo shirt/denim jeans

Miles: olive green t/grey button up shirt

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Ric: cream [green horiz stripes] polo shirt/olive green shorts

Ric: light grey singlet

Sally: black [aqua floral] low cut v neck top [withy black top neath]/dark long pants

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