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Thurs, 31 Jan 08 - Episode # 4564

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Pleasure Before The Pain “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 31 Jan 08 - Episode # 4564]

SURF CLUB : Martha [Noah’s] is talking to Rachel about what happened [reverend hall[ when Tony is surprised that Rachel plans to go and see/speak to Rev Hall today.

Roman enters the room and Rachel thanks him for the flowers that he sent her. When Rachel bails, Tiny suggest Roman that he shouldn't “try” anything with Rachel, who [yony says] is just putting up a brave front.

Roman & tony enters the gum, and monets after they do, Geoff enters and ask Tony when Jack is rtning to town, as he hopes to get jack to sway ppl into letting Geoff see Rev Hall [whom is under police guard at the hosp]. Tiny says tat jack will be a few days ]way] yet, but suggest that maybe Geoff should speak to Rachel.

Cass & Henk are in the pool room. They kiss, before Cass comets to Henk that she isn’t exactly feeling the best. Cass alone enters Noah’s and when Martha sees that Cass isn’t in the best of health, Martha suggest to Cass that she could be pregnant. Cass dismisses the suggestion.

HOSPITAL : An unknown male uniformed cop lets Rachel into Rev Hall’s room. She tells Rev Hall that she forgives him for what he did, but he laughs and suggests that it’s Rachel who needs help. Rachel then gets way emotional as she rally insist that Rev Hell is right and they should talk about Rachel, sand what Rev Hall did to her. Rachel insist that she knows that it wasn’t rally Rev Hall who attacked her – as it was the tumour that made him do it.

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NOAH’S : Matilda is talking yo Cass [bout the Ric situation] when Cass says that she just has to tell Matilda something. They go into the store room – where Cass tells Maddie that she thinks she is preggers. Cass insists that she & Henk were mostly always safe, but one time, there were safety issues.

DINER : Geoff enters the kitchen and although Irene isn’t that keen on Geoff going to see Rev Hall, Roman encourages him too, to sys that Irene is further unimpressed wit Roman is understatement.

RACHEL’S : Geoff enters, and Rachel sugetsthat it’s not a good idea for him to see Rev Hall at the moment. Geoff says that, just like Rachel, he needs to speak to Rev Hall to get some closure on all if this. Rachel reluctantly agrees.

VAN PARK : Its night time and Cass & Maddie are walking and talking – mostly about how Cass is preggers. She insists that she doesn’t want Sally to know – at least not yet. Cass asks Maddie to wait just outside henk’s van whilst she goes inside to tell him. After cases goes inside, Maddie looks way concerned for her friend.

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VAN PARK : Cass almost can’t believe it when Henk is overjoyed that she is preggers – he says that it makes things even much better tween them.

DINER : Irene is rather tersely putting the chairs up on the tables at the end of the day, and roman wonders why hat Irene is so tense. She insists that he shouldn’t have suggested to Geoff that he should go see Rev Hall, as parenting Annie & Geoff is Irene’s “job”. Roman agrees not to step on Irene’s toes [in that department] again, and after he initially started to walk away, roman quickly approaches Irene, and kisses her on both cheeks. He insists that he likes that she keeps him on his toes.

GYM : Next day, Tony is talking to Rachel as she does some sit ups. Roman enters, and Tony looks annoyed when Rachel rpnds to roman’s questions by saying that she IS totally Ok, and isn’t putting on a brave face - like Tony told roman that Rachel was.

HOSPITAL : Rachel breifly speak to Geoff before he enters Rev Hall’s room. Rev Hall seems much less agressive etc in Geoff’s company than he was when Rachel was in the room earlier.

When Geoff suggetsbthatb they should pray together, Rev Hall asked Geoff to untie his hands, which are tied [one either side][ to the side of the bed. Rev Hall insist that he wants to pray properly [hands together]. Geoff begins to untie his hands.

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VAN PARK : Henk enters his van. Cass is already in there, and she is shocked [yet VERY pleased] when he gets down on one knee and proposes to her – and puts a plastic ring [that looks like its come form a gumball machine] but Cass doesn’t care bout the ring.

HOSPITAL : Rev Hall & Geoff finish their prayers, and Rev Hall thanks Geoff for praying with him. He insists tho Geoff that untying him will be their [and God’s] little secret. When Geoff goes to tie Hall’s hands, the Rev suggest that she shouldn’t do them as tight. Geoff looks concerned but agrees.

VAN PARK : Hanek [in his van] is keen for Cass to stay today with him, rather than go to work, but she says that she has to. Cass goes outside – to get one of her tops of the clothes line, and when she is out there, henk’s phone rings. Henk seem rather stressed as he talks on the phone – he says to whomever that this rally isn’t a good time. After the call ends, Cass renters the van, she looks at henk and is worried that he is having 2nd thoughts about them. He insists that he is not, but as he hugs Cass, he has a worried look on his face.



Cassie’s happiness is replaced by distress – as it looks like Henk has walked out on her [leaves her a note]. Thing look even worse when, having rec'd further bad news, she runs out into the street – sound like a car is about to hit her.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Cassie: hot pink way low cut halter dress/ white [blue dots] bikini top

SILVER - Matilda: aqua scoop neck t/pinky-brown shorts

BRONZE - Rachel: red polo shirt/dark long pants


Cassie: white [black skyscraper] t

Geoff: blue-grey button up shirt

Geoff: choc brown button up shirt/dark long pants

Geoff: grey singlet/dark long pants

Henk: brown [yellow haze-like motif] t

Hank: olive green [black sun motif] t

Irene: red scoop top/dark long pants

Martha: faded black [white check] dress

Rachel: black wide strap kinda low cut dress

Rachel: black scoop-like top/dark long pants

Rachel: blue low cut spaghetti strap top/dark long pants

Roman: black singlet/dark long pants

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t

Tony: white [sB gym] t shirt/dark long pants

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