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Wed, 30 Jan 08 - Episode # 4563

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Wolf Creek Meets Puberty Blues “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 30 Jan 08 - Episode # 4563]

DINER : Morag continues her verbal attack on Belle, and Leah seems to be taking a partic interest in this, especially when Morag tell Belle that she will be legally representing Reverend Hall.

BEACH HOUSE : Geoff enters – and Annie is VERY pleased to see him. Annie wonders why ppl just donl;t understand why Reverend Hall did this [because of the tumour]. Annie also is concerned that God has given Reverend Hall this illness, especially since Reverend Hall is a good person. Geoff suggest that the should go to the church – but Annie doesn’t exactly look that keen on going.

NOAH'S : Belle tells Drew that she went to see Dom at the hospital to tell him that she loves Drew, but when Belle suggest that she will go and talking to Don again [to be sure that he knows the truth], Drew insist that he will go and see Dom.

CHURCH : Annie & Geoff approach the builsing and see all the graffiti on the outside walls. They then go inside – and pray especially for Rev Hall. As they do so, they hear/see a tomato crash into one of the windows. They rush oustsed, as a car speeds off.

Annie & Geoff decide to clean all this mess [graffiti] up, but as they do, Aden approaches. He way he a go at them for always holding the moral high ground. Geoff ignores Aden, and tries to gets Annie to do the same, but she throws a piece of fruit [to must have been thrown at the church earlier] at Aden. She misses, and he says, that Annie throws at bad as her brother.

After Aden walks away, Geoff insists to Annie that she mustn’t retaliate to Adel’s jibes, as that’s exactly what he wants.

HOSPITAL : Dom awakes.


DINER : Leah talks to Morag about how she is going to legally representing Reverend Hall, and suggest that Morag [in light of that decision] shouldn’t have been so hard on Belle.

Nearby, Drew approach Lucas – and winders if he can do Drew a favour.

Lucas then approach Morag and wonders if he can get a very legal perspective for part of a story that he is writing, which Lucas describes as “Wolf Creek meets Puberty Blues”.

HOSPITAL : Belle enters Dom’s room. He tells her that he heard/rems everything she said, but knows that she doesn’t love him. Dom says sorry to Be fo being so “full on” trying to win her over and he tell her the he is a new [changed] man now.

DINER : Luc goes into the kitchen snd speaks to the on duty Drew. Luc tells him that Morag says that the guy & the girl [in the supposed story] who ran the other guy over have no problems legally, as the guy who got run over took so long to go to hospital that he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Luc then tells drew that he just KNOWS that Drew is talking about what’s actually happened tween Dom, Drew & Belle.

HOSPITAL : Dom tells belle that he will soon start a physio regime at the hospital, and that he plans to move back in with his mum. Dom insists that he won’t give up on the idea of Belle/Dom, and that he will earn Bell’s love. She bails – and looks concerned when she does.


OUTSIDE THE CHURCH : Annie & Geoff have just finished cleaning up all the mess when Mr Standish approaches. He thanks them and says that the Reverend from yabby creek will be the minister her for the time being. Annie is distressed when Mr Standish tells her that its be decided that Rev Hall won’t return to lead this congregation. Annie thinks that Rev Hall should be forgiven, but Standish insists that it’s not that simple. He then removes Rev Hall’s name form a door right near the entrance to the church building.

BEACH HOUSE : Drew tells Belle that they are legally in the clear, whilst Belle tells drew that she went t see Dom [and that he is wake]. Belle insists that doom knows that she not love him, but drew insists that he is going to g and see dom.

HOSPITAL : Next day, drew enters Dom’s room. After drew “suggest” that bell doesn’t care bout Dom so Dom should leave her alone. Dom says that drew looks/sounds scared. Dom insists that drew should be that way – and he should be scared of losing belle to dom. Drew thinks about physically attacking Dom, but walks about of the room. Drew looks worried.


OUTSIDE THE CHURCH : Aden approaches Geoff, and tries to provoke Geoff into hitting him. At 1st it’s just verbal abuse, but then Aden hits Geoff, or tries to, several times – some of the times, eoff defends himself form the physical attacks but he doesn’t retaliate. Indeed, Aden finally walks away-= he is VERY annoyed that Geoff didn’t hit him, despite all that abuse.



Cass tell maddie that she thinks she’s preggers – and that’s just the 1st of several shocks in store for Cass in the next week

[Note – they either played the wrong preview after Tuesday ep, or they are forward seeling already this year.]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Leah: purple shimmery spaghetti strap top/green shorts

SILVER - Annie: hot pink [lacy trimmed] cami top/faded denim jeans

BRONZE - Lucas: sky blue [white cartoon of some description motif) t shirt


Aden: black [with “Sanjan” and an alien like face] t

Aden: blue singlet/dark shorts

Belle: denim mid thigh skirt/white [with black horizontal stripes] t

Drew: black [grey monkey?? motifs] t/olive green long pants

Drew: black [grey naughts & crosses] t

Geoff: dark blue singlet/dark long pants

Geoff: grey singlet/dark long pants

Geoff: red [blue, white check] button up shirt

Morag: grey [mottled?] top/dark long pants

Mr Standish: blue button up shirt/bone long pants

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