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Tues, 29 Jan 08 - Episode # 4562

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Morag The Angel and Belle The Vulture “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 29 Jan 08 - Episode # 4562]

VAN PARK HOUSE : Whilst the likes of Martha, Ric, Cass & colleen are inside the house listening to what’s happening, Irene [back patio] accuses Miles of being here at Sally’s place so can “borrow” some tings, but when Miles asks Sally for some food, she [aided by Cass & Ric] eagerly give him some of the abundant party food. Miles bails.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel & Tony enter. There are still chairs etc strewn about form when Reverend Hall had Rachel captive. Tony offers to stay the night, but Rachel insists that she is all but asleep in her feet, and will be asleep as soon as head hits pillow.

Tony then tells Rachel that he is going to personally go over to the beach house and tell Annie what’s occurred – so she doesn’t hear it form someone less sympathic.

HOSPITAL : Belle enters Dom’s room – he is still unconscious. She says that he looks terrible.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie eagerly starts to show Tony show of the pics that she took at Jack/Sally wedding, when he tells her that he has some bad news.

HOSPITAL : Belle tells Dom that he just has o come back [to the land of the wake]. She even holds his hand/forearm, before she is startled when she hears [corridor] Reverend Hall shouting frenetically. She goes into the room when he is being treated. One of the nurses [not Nurse Julie] that he attacks bails form the room, insist that she just can’t treat him, but there is other med staff there. Reverend Hall looks way angry etc and Belle, after she hearts that he is the hospital attacker, can’t help herself. She takes serval pics of the angry etc Reverend Hall. Btw, Lara is in the room as well.


VAN PARK HOUSE : The likes of Morag, Cass, Sally are astonished when Belle tells them that Reverend Hall is the attacker, and that she knows as a colleague form the paper passed the info onto her.

Belle & Cass go onto the back patio – and Belle shows Cass the pics that she took of Reverend Hall. Belle is thinking of telling the paper that she works f other she has the pics, but she is worried that if she does, Drew will winder why she was at the hospital.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie is talking on the phone with Geoff. Hen off she tells Tony that Geoff is going to head back to the bay [form football in city] immediately. Annie then [emotionally] tells Tony that Reverend Hall meant even more to Geoff, Annie & the grandfather that even Tony presumes. We then see a pic of TH that Annie took at wedding [that is on the table in the langue room.

DINER : Martha & Mo enters, and momes later, Leah tells them that Reverend Hall has a brain tumour.

HOSPITAL : Morag enters Reverend Hall’s room. He is still being guarded by Lara, who insists that Morag must be brief. Morag tell Reverend Hall that because of his med condition, he is not responsible for his actions – and that she will defend him in court. Reverend Hall tells Morag that she is a gift form god, prompting Morag to say that she’s never been called an angel before. Lara insists that Morag has to bail.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle looks at her Reverend Hall digital pics once more, before phoning the paper tat she work for, wondering if she can still submit something for tomorrow’s issue.


VAN PARK : Next day, Miles is lying under a van when he is awoken when Colleen is ewating form plants by the side of the van./ when Miles emerges form under the van, colleen suggest that he should bail – or she will call the police.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel enters the main rooms of the house, and thank sally for both stying the night and esp[. for having already made breakfast for Rachel.

Sal talks to Rachel about both what Rev Hall has done [because of his illness] and how sally saw the word MILCO in the sand. Rachel suggests that sally should perhaps get some counselling.

Leah enters and she shows that the front page of the paper – which has a rather crazed pic of Rev Hall and the headline “face of evil”!!!

OUTSIDE THE CHURCH : Miles see the ppl have “plastered” the lower part of the church exterior with many copies of the front paper of the paper, and banner saying “shame”

BEACH HOUSE : Irene enters the kitchen abd is surprised that belle hasn’t gone to work. Bell says that her boss said could have the day off.

Annie enters the house [font house] clutching the paper. She canl;t believe that someone could have done n this [the front page story] esp. considering Rev Hall’s brain tumour. Belle looks way shocks/worried.

NOAH'S : Belle talks to Cass about the front page scoop. Belle wishes she had gotten her facts right. She is also pleased that she asked not to be credited in the paper [bi-line etc] for the photos.

BEACH : Sally approaches miles and wonders if they can talk. Miles aggress


SURF CLUB : After sally buys them some drinks, miles wants to bail form the club, nut sally initis that miles has the right to be here. Hew wonders why sally isn’t like colleen & Irene, in her treatment of him, and sally insist she just isn’t.

Sally wonders how miles how her name – he says that he heard someone call her that at party last night.

DINER : Morag is pleased when Martha says that she stopped herself form halting the jack/Sam wedding.

Belle & drew enter – Morag verbally plays into belle because of the photos in the paper, and drew wonders what belle was doing at hospital in the 1st place.



Cass tell maddie that she thinks she’s preggers – and that’s just the 1st of several shocks in store for Cass in the next week

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Rachel: red cami top, beneath ultra low cut brown v neck top/brown long pants

SILVER - Belle: dark green [with black bust] cami top

BRONZE - Annie: hot pink [lacy trimmed] cami top


Annie: white “old school” cami top/faded denim jeans

Belle: denim mid thigh skirt/white [with black horizontal stripes] t

Belle: red [black check] strapless dress [with black t beneath]

Cass: orange [occasional white floral] mid thigh dress

Cass: red strapless dress

Colleen: off white [white floral] blouse/red top/white long pants

Colleen: hot pink top/gold [native floral] blouse

Drew: black [grey monkey?? motifs] t/olive green long pants

Irene: red top/black [red floral] blouse

Irene: black dress

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah: purple shimmery spaghetti strap top/green shorts

Leah: orange low cut halter top

Martha: blue [white horizontal stripes across bust] singlet top

Martha: royal blue wide strap mid thigh length dress

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Morag: grey [mottled?] top

Morag: black top/mottled lime green jacket

Rachel: black v neck t/dark long pants

Ric: yellow [red dost on left chest & sleeve] button up shirt

Sally: blue [with several big white buttons vertically on the bust] wide strap top/brown knee length pants

Sally: light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

Sally: black [white floral] mid thigh dress

Tony: olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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