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Mon, 28 Jan 08 - Episode # 4561

Guest JosieTash

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To quote a famous golden bodied droid, "Here we go again"

My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Winking And Grinning "

[screened in Australia on Mon, 28 Jan 08 - Episode # 4561]

Note – 1ST ep back for the year, and "shock’ no opening credits

CITY : 1988 FLASHBACK – a boy & his father pull up in their car in front of a house. The father exist the car, and is told by a young woman that the Fletcher's, who the man is looking for, moved the idyllic summer bay recently. The unknown woman says that tom & Pippa are angels on Earth. You get the feeling the the boy in Miles.

SB MAIN BEACH : Still in black & white flashback mode – the boy is playing in the sand when his dad approaches. The dad says that sally & her family look settled/happy, so he’s not going to interfere with that. He tells the boy that he [boy] won’t be meeting/seeing sally.

SB MAIN BEACH : Back to present day – and confirmation that it’s Miles’ who was having that flashback.

Nearby, sally & little Pippa start to bail form the beach, but then Sally sees that word MILCO written the sand. She looks around – there’s no one in sight, but Miles is watching her from tyeh bushes that are tween the beach & the grass area where the surf club etc are.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel is bound & gagged, and Reverend Hall frenetically prays.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass is on the back patio when Sally [with little Pippa] approach. Sally wonders if Cass told anyone bout Milco – as she saw his name just then in the sand. Cass doesn’t believe her – so Sally insists that Cass should come with her & see.

DINER : As Colleen insist on showing Roman te sights of the Bay, Irene takes offence to Roman winking & grinning at her.

When Roman & Colleen have bailed, Irene goes into the kitchen, and tells Leah that she doesn’t like that way that Roman winks etc at her, but Irene does admit that Colleen was right bout the whole "he's not Leah" idea.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rev Hall removes gag form Rache's mouth, and her psych training well and truly kicks in. she tells Rev Hall things like that she used to waaaaaaaaaay love Sunday school etc.


NOAH'S : Coleen suggest to roman tat he should move his van into the van park if he's goijg to staying in the bay a while.

sally, cass & Lil pip enter - and Sally insist to Cass that she DID see MILCO written in th sand. Coleen intro's Roman to sally, Cass & Lil pip,. but because sally is more concerned about the milco mystery, she isn;t exactly greeting Roman with open arms.

STREET : as Roman & Coleen walk on the footpath, colleen tells Roman that she can be trusted with all secrets etc. they are inf front of the church when Roman takes partic interest in the sermon topic that in listed outside the church [to be given by Rev Hall - "you are talking like a foolish woman. shall we accept good for God and not be troubled"

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel continue sto try to get Rev Hall to release her - by quote her fave bots of the Bible, but that plan goes array when he quotes of bits and she doesn't get the answers write as to which bit of Bible they come form. Rachel is able to convince rev hall to untie her - and when he is doing so, Rachel kicks him yto ground and is just able to phone Tony. she then tends to Rev Hall, as he starts tio convulse on the floor.

HOSPITAL : Rev Hall is wheeled in. Rachel,tells nurse Julie & a male Doctor9r that she thinks that Rev Hall is suffering form a brain tumour,m given his behaviour. Nusrs Julie naturally doesn't want to be involved in treating hiom [she was 1st to be attacked] so the male doc does, whilst tony praises Rachel for being so brave & compassionate.


VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass & Ric are seeting up for Ric's bday party and Cass thinks that sally is having a bot of a meltdown - esp. with all this talk of Milco. she thinks taht they should both not stress her as much, and Ric agrees.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Miles is kinda aimlessly walking when he ventures onto the road and is almost hit by Morag [in her car]. she gets out of the car and apologises for almost hit him. she insets thatr he take some money [several notes] taht she gives him. ,miles accepts, and when morag drives off, he open his wallet, and tenderly runs a finger over whatb looks like a photo of his [immediate] family.

DINER : Coleen is, weel, raving on to Martha bout various things, when morag enters. colleen wants a lift with motrag to the party but morag insist that she & Martha will be a while. when colleen is gone, morag talk to Martha about her string of bad 'ships, and roman [in kitchen] seems to be kinda paying attention to Martha. Irene then enters kitchen, and she & roman kinda "bury the hatchet", although its funny when, after Irene says that she hates him winking & grinning at her, roman winks at her.

HOSPITAL : Nurse Julie tels Rachel that the doctors are treating rev hall. Rachel asks nurse Julie to come into the room [he;s just outside] an when tony enters, Rachel muchly uses him as a shoulder to cry on.


VAN PARK HOUSE : many ppl are gathered for Ric's party. before he blows out the candles, we see the using "Ric - 20 good years" nice touch given H&A's age]. Ric then thanks everyone who is there - morag, Cass, Collen, Martha and esp. Sally - whilst miles peers in on theopartry through the back patio door. he is about to bail when Irene arrives, wondering what he is doing here. sally comes onto the back patio, wonduing what's going on - but she does so in a friendly manner.



Dom wakes after his surgery, and he rems what Belle said [that she loves him], but loks like belle could be in more trouble - as pics she took ion Dom could be in the newspaper that she now works for !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Martha: royal blue wide strap mid thigh length dress

SILVER - Sally: off white [dark floral motif, and brown lining] low cut spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE - Rachel: aqua & brown beaded necklace/black v neck t


Cass: red strapless dress

Cass: white [with blue dots] halter bikini top/yellow halter top/grey shorts

Colleen: hot pink top/gold [native floral] blouse

Colleen: maroon [white floral] blouse/apricot top

Irene: black dress

Irene: brown [atumny] long sleeve top

Leah: orange low cut halter top

Little Pippa: hot pink [white floral] hat & matching t

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Morag: black top/mottled lime green jacket

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Ric: black [white old coin?] t

Ric: yellow [red dost on left chest & sleeve] button up shirt

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t

Sally: black [white floral] mid thigh dress

Tony: olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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