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Story Title: Family

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Sally

BTTB rating: A

Genre: general

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Sally decides to go live with her family. But who is her family? Her blood relatives? or the ones who took care of her.

Family. Loyalty. Those are the two words he used. He said you have to be loyal to your family. And your family are your blood relatives. Acording to him. I've always believed your family is the people who love you no matter what. Being related by blood is not necesary.

But I never had blood relatives. My parents died when I was a kid. And then I got adopted by the most amazing people. Pippa is my mother, right? Milco was my imaginary friend. The person to help me trough the changes in my life. How was I supposed to know he was real?

I sit down on my bed. Milco. Miles Coperland. My big brother. How is it possible? I had no family. They were dead. But now he tells me that they are still alive. But they couldn't find me. How is that possible, I was in plain sight. Maybe they just didn't wanted to find me. Maybe they didn't look hard enough. Or maybe they really couldn't find me.

My mother, birthmother, still alive. A grandmother. An uncle. And a brother. Out of tin air. They just appeared. They didn't existed for 20 years. They had 20 years to come back. And yet they choose now to show up. Why? Miles said they just found me. But how difficult is it to find a girl that was put up for adoption. There are files everywhere, right?

They want me to come home. To live with them. They want to support me trough the hard times. Can you believe that? Now they want to be there. Where were they when I got cancer? When I heard I couldn't have kids? Where were they when Sophie lost her baby? When I got married? Where were they when Pippa was born? Where were they during my problems with Flyn? Where were they when my friends and familymemberes died? Where were they when Flyn died? Where were they on my wedding day? When the stalker attacked? When I left Brad? When I got stabbed? Where were they when Pippa was run down?

Nowhere. They weren't there. But now they want to be there. Impossible. They can't be. I know who was there during the hard and the good times. Pippa. She was there for me. Thoughts keep running trough my head. Maybe I should forgive them. Maybe they really couldn't find them. Maybe I should be there with them. Do I want to know them?

1 week later

I'm driving. Pippa is sitting next to me. Cassie is in the back seat. I'm driving out of summer bay. My stuff is in the trunk. I'm leaving. I never thought I would leave summer bay. But I know I will come back. I have to many ties to the place. But I'm going where I belong right now. To be with my family.

I said goodbye to those I love. I promised Pippa we would visit Brad. And I left. In this place I leave Flyn. He lived here, he died here. But as I keep driving I know, I will never leave Flyn behind. He will always be with me.

you are now leaving summer bay. Thank you for your visit. Have a nice day.

Miles is sitting on the porch of his house. His mother sits next to him. His grandmother sits in the shadow. His uncle is sitting next to him. This is the day they will finaly be together as a family. This is the day Sally will come home. To her family.

I can hear his voice in my head. Miles. Milco. No Miles, Milco was the kid who didn't existed. He was my friend. Miles is something else. You shouldn't be here. You should be with your family! I have made my choice I am going to my family. I am going home.

It's getting dark. But finally a car arrives. Miles, his mother, grandmother and uncle look up. Finally she's here. The car stops in front of the house.

Sally stops her car and sighs. Yeah, Miles she thinks I should be with my family. She looks trought the window and sees her mother. And her family. She opens the door of her car and walks to Pippa's side. She picks up her daughter.

Miles looks at the car. He can't believe it. It wasn't her. It was somebody else. But she would still come. After all she should be with her family. And they were here family. Her blood relatives.

'Pippa!' The kid screams and runs to her grandmother. Sally smiles. She walks to Pippa and hughs her. 'Sal, what are you doing here?' 'Somebody said something that got me thinking. I should be with my family. And your my family. Mom.' Pippa looked at her and smiled.

Sally looked around. Pippa was playing with teddy. Pippa, my mom, was watching TV. Cassie fell asleep on the couch. Ric, who delivered my message to Miles and the others, is sitting next to her. They'll return to summer bay tomorow. But today it is ok. Today we are together. The only one who's missing is Alf.

Miles was right. I should be with my family. With my parents. And my family is right here. And they are not necasarely related by blood. Not at all.


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