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For anyone who watches and/or records Doctors, and/or knows where i might be able to download any? My favourite characters are Ronnie and George Woodson, the episodes i am looking for are:

'Sour Flowers' (aired 26 April 2005) - George feigns confidence and decides to tell Ronnie she is pregnant over a romantic dinner but Ronnie insists on knowing 'what she's done' the minute he walks in the door.

'The Anatomy of Marriage' (aired 27 April 2005) - George is devastated when Ronnie's reaction to the news that she is pregnant, is to suggest a termination. An argument escalates and Ronnie threatens to walk out. George is hurt and yells at him to get out - she and the baby don't need him. Ronnie walks out leaving George and the baby.

I thought this episode was brilliantly acted by Sean Gleeson and Stirling Gallacher.

'What Price Love' - (aired 16 December 2005) - George has a traumatic day.

'Positively Blooming' (aired 3 January 2006) - A new doctor arrives.

'The First Cut - Part 1' (aired 4 January 2006) - Ronnie registers the baby's name without George knowing.

'Snakes and Property Ladders' (aired 9 January 2006) - Tensions are still running high between Ronnie and George.

'Guilty Conscience' (aired 12 January 2006) - Faith suspects George is bordering towards post-natal depression.

'Foresaking All Others' (aired 13 January 2006) - George blames Ronnie for her PND.

'A Very Important Date' (aired 27 January 2006) - George seems a lot happier when she takes Bracken out shopping, but Ronnie panics when he wakes up to find them both gone.

'Loyalty' (aired 30 January 2006) - George shocks everyone by deciding to go back to work.

'Checkmate' (aired 31 January 2006) - George returns to work, but baby Bracken is taken to hospital while she is there.

'No Smoke Without Fire' (aired 7 March 2007) - George lives every mother's worst nightmare when she goes out to the garden to find Bracken's play house on fire - having left her playing inside.

'A Family Inheritance' (aired 8 March 2007) - Ronnie tells all to George.

'Once Bitten' (aired 8 March 2007) - Ronnie discovers someone unexpected maybe connected to Squires.

If anyone could help i'd be very, very grateful.

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