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2008 20th Anniversary Calendar

Guest JosieTash

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Cooooooooooooooool !!!!

I will say that, because i wanted to try to spread my fave charecters over the various months, and not have them clumped together [eg having, Maddie, Gypsy, Shannon "line astern month wise], I effectively drew names out of a hat. it was sooooooo ironic that i picked out Sally 1st, likewise that the likes of Maddie & Annie are right at the end !!!

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Brilliantly done, I love it. I can't even pick a favourite month they're all so great. You got the perfect balance of characters from today and yesterday. I love September, with all the villains, and January was so appropriately dedicated to Sally, and nice to see the recent guest characters get their own month in August since guests have become such an important part of the show. I suppose if I HAD to pick a favourite it would be a toss up between March and May - Gypsy, Dani, Shannon and Angel were four of the best young female characters Home and Away has ever had. Well done, great job, if the producers of Home and Away want to produce merchandise to celebrate the 20th anniversary they need look no further than you.

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