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Fri, 30 Nov 07 - Episode # 4560

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The “All Saints” Invasion “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 30 Nov 07 - Episode # 4560]

Note – I’ve used that ep title as, in this season finale ep, there are 3 actors who used to be in the Oz medical drama. The characters they play in H&A are Roman, Reverend Hall and the stranger that arrives in town in this ep.

DINER : Irene approaches the table with Sal, colleen & lil Pip, who insist that the extra spoon [for ice cream] if for brad. When colleen suggest that it’s not good for this to go on, sally insist that she hasn’t been badly scarred by having Milco around for so long on her life.

In kitchen Rachel tends to Roman’ cut finger, and when Irene checks up [on things, roman insists that his finger has been well seen to, and that he can continue [esp. in light of Irene about to bail etc].

RACHEL’S : Rach enters, but It looks like she is being watched [for outside]

DINER : Roman bails – after bell assures him that she will finish up her [do dishes, tables etc]. Bell thinks that roman has returned moments later but it’s DOM, who looks like he is in a bad way.

RACHEL’S : Rach hears noises outside -she is clearly scared. Knock on door – its roman, who gives her a bottle of wine [for the car after finger injury]. Roman admits that he trip skateboard as he approaches door. He agrees to check around the yard to see if anyone is around. Roman exits the house.

DINER : Dom insist that he lay low after drew hit him with car, and not go to hospital as not want to get belle in trouble, just like belle not want to get Dom in trouble with police [not report kidnapping]

RACHEL’S : Roman enters; tell Rach that she has a big possum on back fence. As roman about to bail, rach’s pager beeps – she has to go to hospital [she is on call].

HOSPITAL : Belle is talking to Dom [on bed] when Rach enters. Belle bails, whilst dom tells Rach that he got injuries a few days ago when he slipped on racks when fishing. Rach orders lots of test to get to the vaiuse of what’s happening.

LEAH’S : Belle ells drew about Dom, and she is EVRY worried about Dom telling the truth bout what happened, but drew is a “tad” more blasé bout it.

HOSP : Next day, belle enters Dom’s room and he insists that, if push comes to shove, it’s his word against her about kidnap, whereas he has to injuries to prove what drew did. Belle admits that she cares for Dom, but not the way that she wants him to [i.e., Dom/Belle].

Rach enters and says that he has a kidney pressing against6 an artery, and that it’s clear that the injuries aren’t just a few days old. Dom admits that it was form a hit & r5un but he not see etc number plates, and not hunk injuries were this bad. Rach tells Dom that he will have toi have surgery – and could loose a kidney.

NEAR DINER : A scruffy looking man is scrounging through the bins for food, so Roman says that he will given the man some food [after point out that he work at diner].

DINER : Irene enters and is NOT please that the kitchen in partic is a mess [dishes not done etc], and when roman enters he tells her that he hates messy kitchen too, and that belle said that she would take car of it last night.

Irene is also not pleased when roman says that he is going to give the scruffy looking dude [listed on end credits as “miles Copeland”] some food – that they are about to throw out anyway.

HOSP : Dom enters, and he way has a go at Dom, who insists that belle DOES care fop him. Drew [of course] grabs the in bed Dom, seating off various alarms.

Belle, rach & nurse enter. Rachel says that they’ll have to rush Dom to surgery. As thate wheel him out of room, Dom calls out to belle – to tell Dom that she loves him, and belle DOES SO. Drew is NOT impressed.

LEAH’S : Just after they enter via front door, belle tells drew that she told Dom that she loves him so he has something positive in his life, given that he’s about t go into surgery.

Belle insists that she is VERY worried about they could now be in lots of trouble about the hit & run.

DINER : Irene tell roman & colleen that she isn’t impressed that the stranger is now “camped” at their bins, so roman says that he’ll take care of things.

When he bails, colleen tells Irene that she thinks roman is a kind etc man, and that Irene’s problem with roman is simply that he isn’t Leah.

NEAR DINER : Roman approaches Miles and insists that he has to move on. Miles tell roman that he is kinder that most ppl, esp. when roman agrees to get him another meal [meet art surf club later].

As roman is walk away, Miules woinders if he knows a girl, woman named sally. Roman wants to pass on an msg, but miles insist that it won’t mean anything. Ramon says that sally lives in the van park house.

DINER : Its night time now, and as Irene gives ally [with lil [pip] her order, sal comments that Cass is out with hank tonight, and that sally has no idea of casse’s plans for the future.

3after sal & lil pip bail, Irene approaches bell [who has just entered with drew]. She has a go at belle because of that state the kitchen was left in]. Belle apologises, but adds that dom arrived as she was closing up – and they she took him to hospital.

After Irene walks away, belle’s phon rings. Drew wants he not to answer, but it’s that hospital so she does. Things don't look god form belle [and esp. Dom] by look on belle’s face,

HOSP : Rachel puts down the phone – she also has a bad look on face, she tells a nurse that she has contact belle but hasnblt been able to contact next of kin yet. nurse sayest that she will do that, since racvh is about to bail. Rach saysthyat she has got a lift [since roman had give her a lift here as Rach car wouldnl;t start earlier.

Rachel approaches the perron who is giving her a lift [H&A camera man is just the lift person’s shoulder].

ROAD : We see Rach talking to the person who is give her a lift on the way home, but we not see the driver.

RACHEL’S : Rachel [seen form her lift givers’ eyes] thankless person for give her a lift. Her comets that she thinks the notes she get over form kids etc.

She once more thanks the person for lift, but as she opens the door, REVEREND HALL grabs Rach [hand over her mouth] and pushes her inside – to up against a wall. He tells Rach that “you gave me no choice”

BEACH : Next day, Sal & lil Pip are walking when sal suggests that they should stop here, but lil pip insists that brad want them to set down their tings a little further down the beach. When they get t where “brad” suggest, sal talks to lil pip about Sal’s own imaginary friend.

Up the beach a little, miles is watching sally & lil pip – and almost instinctively [sometimes whilst having his head turned looking at sal & lil pip], miles writes a word in big letters in the sand. When he finishes, we see a shot from above …. Miles has written “MILCO” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When H&A returns in 2008, we’ll discover who Milco truly is!!!

In preview, we see Sally looking at the word that Miles “wrote” on the beach, along with some classic sally & Milco moments. I esp. LOVED it how they reminded me how much I HATE Dodge – when he [with sally in tears] got her to admit that Milco REALLY really isn’t around

There’s more of the montage [to a song called “asleep on the lawn” on the official H&A site

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Rachel: aqua & brown beaded necklace/black v neck t

SILVER - Rachel: soft green low cut halter [bridal party] dress

BRONZE - Sally: maroon low cut (with see though fabric on, and just below, shoulders) top


Belle: red [black “Emily the strange” motif] singlet top/black jeans

Belle: red [white crest] singlet top/black jeans

Colleen: bright multicolour floral blouse/blue top

Colleen: olive green [pink floral] jacket/sky blue hat, dark top

Dom: white [blue, brown check] button up shirt

Drew: black [white butterfly like motif] t

Drew: white [kinda floral] t

Irene: black [white swirls around “collar”] low cut v neck top

Irene: dark green floral long sleeve top/bone long pants

Little Pippa: baby pink top/ denim “overalls”

Little Pippa: hot pink [white floral] hat & matching t

Little Pippa: white [with black floral pattern, and red lining] v nek dress

Miles: tattered olive green button up shirt & matching long pants/faded yellow t

Roman: dark colour t

Roman: olive green t

Roman: white sports singlet/brown [yellow smiley face etc] boardies

Sally: off white [dark floral motif, and brown lining] low cut spaghetti strap dress

Sally: plum scoop neck dress


Welcome to the 2007 It’s A Designer Label Awards Ceremony

From this year, the awards will, like many of these types of ceremonies around the world, take on an unofficial title, so just as the Academy Awards are called the Oscars, these IADL awards will now be known as … the EMILYs, in tribute to Brad Armstrong’s dearly departed and extremely fashion savvy wife.

Before getting to the announcements of the awards, some formalities to take care of.

These awards are split into 2 sections – Best Dressed & Most Consistently Well Dressed.

Best Dressed followed the principals of the Olympic Games, with the most GOLD medal victories determining the ultimate winner.

For the Most Consistently Well Dressed awards, the winner is the person with the most points, on the basis that each Gold medal is worth 7 points, each Silver worth 5, with each bronze 3 points and each Honorable Mention scoring 1 point. These Honorable Mentions have no bearing on the Best Dressed awards.

Every single H&A ep of the 2007 season, 230 episodes in total – from the series return on January 15 to the finale last night - has contributed to these results.

In 2006, we had 6 awards - for Best Dressed Female, Male & Guest, and Most Consistently Well Dressed Female, Male & Guest

On top of those, we have, for 2007, the announcing of several new accolades - Best Dressed AND Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent, for those people who’ve not had an end of year ranking before the one that they attained this year. The other 3 new awards are those for Most Silver Medals, Most Bronze medals and Most Honorable Mentions.

Throughout the 2007 season, 37 females, 23 males, 37 guests and 28 newbies scored at least one medal (and are eligible for Best Dressed), whilst 66 females, 77 males, 118 guests and 104 newbies scored an medal or a honorable mention and are in the running for Most Consistently Well Dressed.

Now that the formalities/explanations are done, onto the announcing of the awards themselves, starting with the award for Most Honorable Mention.

This award, like the new ones for Most Silver and Most Bonze Medals, we will just read out the winner’s name.

The 1st EMILY of the night [with 167 HMs] goes to ….


The next award is other of the new for 2007 accolades, for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent,

The final 5 nominees are – Annie, Geoff, Jazz, Kelli, and Tam

and the winner (with 200 points, 62 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2007 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent is …


Now, to the Best Dressed New Talent EMILY.

The final 5 nominees are – Annie, Jazz, Lisa, Naomi and Tam

and the winner (with 9 GOLD medals, 3 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2007 award for Best Dressed New Talent is …


The next award is the EMILY for Most Bronze Medals,

and the award [with 22 Bronze medals] is


Now, to the accolade for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest.

The final 5 nominees are – Jazz, Kelli, Kit, Sam and Tam

and the winner (with 192 points, 54 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2007 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest is …


The next award is Most Consistently Well Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are – Alf, Drew, Jack, Lucas & Ric

and the winner (with 216 points, 35 clear of the 2nd placed person) of the 2007 award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Male is …


And now to the most prestigious of the three Most Consistently Well Dressed EMILY Awards – the one for Females.

The final 5 nominees are – Belle, Martha, Matilda, Rachel and Sally

and the winner (with an amazing 502 points, 76 more than the 2nd placed person) of the in2007 EMILY award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Female is …


The next EMILY is that for Most Silver Medals in 2007,

and the award [with 31 medals of this color] is


Time to get REALLY serious with the GOLD medal, winner-takes-all, Best Dressed awards, starting of with, once more, the honor for the Guest/Recurring characters.

The final 5 nominees are – Jazz, Kit, Naomi, Sam and Tam

and the winner (with 9 GOLD medals, 3more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2007 award for Best Dressed Guest is …


Now, to the boys – with the EMILY for Best Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are – Dan, Drew, Jack, Lucas and Ric

and the winner (with 2 GOLD medals, just 5 SILVER medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the award for Best Dressed Male is …


It’s been a great year, fashion wise for the Baysiders, esp. for those who feature in the final accolade of this ceremony, the EMILY for BEST DRESSED FEMALE.

Before we get the nominees, a special “shout out” to Amanda, who, despite having left the Bay months and months ago STILL ranked an impressive 7th at year’s end this year in terms of this category

The final 5, extremely fashionable (of course) nominees are – Belle, Martha, Matilda, Rachel and Sally

and the winner (with a VERY impressive 25 GOLD medals, which is 2 GOLD medals more than the 2nd placed person in the category) of the 2007 EMILY award for Best Dressed Female is …….

Drum roll please ……..


Congratulations to all the 2007 winners, and we all look fwd to 2008, and lots of deliciously fashionable clothes.

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