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Thurs, 29 Nov 07 - Episode # 4559

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Reason # 27 Trillion To HATE The Abomination That Is Cassie Turner !!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 29 Nov 07 - Episode # 4559]

DINER FLAT : Martha enters, and she tells Michel that she did go to see jack, but he was with Sam, and looked way happy. Michael wonders what would have happened if Martha had found jack miserable and alone, but she insists that she can’t deal with what ifs. Michael tells Martha that he just can’t put up with being 2nd best [always in jack’s shadow].

DINER : The likes of Irene & Leah well & truly suggest colleen that she should STOP saying all these things to jack about the wedding already having so many bad omens [Martha try on dress, the nose thing etc].

Luc approaches Ric [at one of the tables. He asks about rice’s gazed knuckles, but Ric really not want to talk bout it.

DINER FLAT : Its lat at night and Michael is asleep on couch with Martha approaches. She kisses him on the face and wakes him up.

They start talking about their ‘ship, and Martha admits that she just wishes that she loved Michael more, esp. since with great act of selflessness by bring her back to the bay.

The pair kisses rather passionately [one last time???]

VPH : Next day, Maddie is talking to Cass in the main area of the house. Maddie can’t believe that Cass isnl;t coming to the wedding, but Cass explains why.

Sally enters, and tells maddie that Ric seem to have REALLY taken their break up BADLY.

DINER FLAT : Martha enters the main room, and she can't believe that Michael is packing his bags. He once more insists that he can’t be who Martha has settled for.

Martha wishes Martha all the best an then bails – martha is totally in tears.

SANDS RESORT : Maddie enters and talk to fellow bridesmaid Rachel about how things could be very interesting at the wedding, with Ric there and all.

Sam asks rach & mads for their opinion about which earrings she should go with – both pick the same pair, and Sam., of course, is all V excited that she is get married today.

RACHEL’S : Jack is on front patio, within Rory [in suit] come outside. Jack thinks to Rory looks great, and when those two & Tony go back inside, jack tells Rory that Sam will be VERY proud etc of the speech that he has written fore the ceremony etc.

RESORT : Leah arrives, just as Sam goes to get her wed dress on. Btew, Maddie has now changed into her bridesmaid dress. Sam is astonished when she discovers that the shop has given her the WRONG dress, i.e. the old one that Martha tried on!!!!

DINER FLAT : Martha is leaning over the sink – looks deep in thought about all that’s happened/happening.

RESORT : Rach tells Sam that she has rung Tony who is collecting the right dress. Sam is stressing that Martha is STILL affecting her life.

RACHEL’S : Jack is pretty worried about how Sam will be taking this latest set back, whilst Luc thrie to get Ric to tell him what’s up./ Ric finally “breaks” – and tell luc that Viv is preggers, with rice’s child !!!!

RESORT : Sam is VERY pleased when Irene arrives with the dress [after Tony contact Irene etc]

RACHEL’S : Ric insists that luc can’t tell Maddie about the pregnancy, and he adds that Noel & Viv are disgusting and that he wishes he never met either of them.

Its time to head off, so they [Rory, luc, jack & Tony] head out the door. When on front porch, jack wonders to Tony if he is doing right thigh, and Tony insists that he is – as it will makes Sam, rory & jack very happy. Jack not exactly looks so sure still.

OUTSIDE CHURCH : Ric is talking to Luc when the 1st of the bridal cars pull up, and after Maddie exits car, ahs overhears them talk about Viv pregnancy. Maddie is NOT impressed.

Right near the entarnce to the church, the likes of Sal, Irene & Annie are talking when Geoff arrives. Annie is please that he’s made it here for wedding, whiles he kinda teases Annie because he "suggest" that she is wearing make up.

The main bridal car arrives – and when Sam gats out, colleen comments on how great Sam looks etc.

CHURCH : Near the altar, luc comets on jack looking a tad nervous, but jack insist that luc will feel that way when he is here [about to be wed] one day.

Ric enters, and when he tries to talk to Maddie, she “suggests” that now is not the time & place for this.

BEACH NEAR DINER : Martha is walking when Cass approaches. Cass canl;t beehive that Martha is back, whilst when asked Cass says that she is not at wed because she wouldn’t go if henk wasn’t invited.

Cass insists to Martha that ppl have to live for themselves, and not to please everyone else. This obviously strikes a chord with Martha [i HATE you Cassie] and Martha quickly runs away form where she was talking to Cass.

CHURCH INTERIOR/OUTSIDE CHURCH : Sam & Rach enters, and they & Maddie walk down the aisle, and the wed ceremony begins.

Cu to outside, where Martha is running as fast as she can – she finally arrives outside the church.

Inside, jack ^ Sam say their vows etc [Rev Hall is performing the ceremony], whilst Martha stops just outside the entrance – she can see jack & Sam at te alter. Martha slowly enters, but she only allows herself to get a little inside – and no one detects her presence.

At the alter, Jack & Sam [i initially typed jack & Martha] say their I do’s – and Martha is all but in teras.

Rev Hall pronounces that couple as husband & wife – and seconds later, both Tony AND Sam see that Martha is there [total DEATH STARE form Sam].

Martha rushes outside – and starts balling her eyes out.

{Note – whilst I think that Jack & Sam shouldn’t have got married, given Jack’s “confusion”, I soooooooooo don’t want Jack/Martha to get back together. They may love each other, but when they’ve tries to live together, it’s been a TRAINWRECK, I don’t want to go there again!!!}



In the 2007 season finale,

a 20 year old mystery, involving Sally, will be revealed!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Sam: white strapless [deliberate ruffled, way elegant] wedding dress

SILVER - Colleen: multi colour floral blouse

BRONZE - Annie: light brown, white & light blue [brown bust, white middle, blue to the knee, then more brown] dress


Cassie: white [blue dots] bikini top/tan singlet top & skirt

Colleen: olive green [pink floral] jacket

Geoff: dark suit/light blue [black double ended triangle motifs] button up shirt

Irene: black [white swirls around “collar”] low cut v neck top

Irene: silver [brown floral] long sleeve top

Jack: aqua [lime green trophy] t

Jack: black suit/white button up shirt/gold tie

Jack: orange [yellow lions’ head?] t

Leah: yellow scoop neck, mid thigh dress

Leah: black low cut spaghetti strap top

Luc: black suit/white button up shirt/soft green tie

Luc: white [red check] button up shirt

Martha: grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Martha: violet thin-ish strap low cut top/dark [green lined] short shorts

Martha: white dressing gown

Martha: cream wide collar top

Matilda: soft green low cut halter [bridal party] dress

Matilda: white [with red roses and a black cross on the front] thin strap top

Michael: blue singlet/faded jeans

Michael: white singlet top/dark long pants

Rachel: soft green low cut halter [bridal party] dress

Ric: dark suit/plum button up shirt/dark [yellow diag lines] tie

Ric: white (with 3 apricot vertical blocks on front) t shirt

Ric: white [blue horiz stripes] polo shirt

Rory: black suit/white button up shirt/soft green tie

Sally: plum scoop neck dress

Sally: black low cut singlet top/white [with black floral motifs] skirt

Sally: red low cut v neck dress

Sam: silver [pre wed] satin nightgown

Tony: yellow [brown horiz stripes across chest] polo

Tony: black suit/white button up shirt/soft green tie


2006 IADL Award winners

Give that, following tomorrow’s 2007 season finale ep guide, I will have the ceremony for the 2007 It’s A Designer Label Awards,

here’s a reminder of who scored accolades at last year’s inaugural IADL awards

Best Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter

[Top 5 – Matilda, Amanda, Beth, Rachel, Sally]

Best Dressed Male – Jack Holden

[Top 5 – Jack, Dean, Lucas, Ash, Macca]

Best Dressed Guest – Emily Armstrong

[Top 5 – Emily, Dean, Lee, Tara, Morag]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Female – Amanda Vale

[Top 5 – Amanda, Matilda, Sally, Beth, Rachel]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Lucas Holden

[Top 5 – Lucas, Ric, Jack, Brad, Rocco]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – Emily Armstrong

[Top 5 – Emily, Lee, Morag, Tara, Rocco]

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