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Wed, 28 Nov 07 - Episode # 4558

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ll Know It When I See It “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 28 Nov 07 - Episode # 4558]

VAN PARK HOUSE : With Sally looking none to pleased, Henk insist to Cass that he got her msg [about court case] and decides to drop everything and come back.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & luc are talking about the weeding etc when Jack enter – he’s here to get some ting for the pre wed BBQ morrow, but Tony &* luc convince him to stay from a drink.

RACHEL'S PLACE : The likes of roman, Leah, colleen ^ Rachel are talking about various things, eps. the wedding. Colleen kinda takes offence that they’ve decides that Rachel should be roman’s guide for his time in the bay [intro’ingh him to everyone etc].

When jack returns, with some baking tray type thigh, colleen wonders what took jack so long.

VAN PARK HOUSE : When Cass is out of the main room [Cass is upstairs], sally had a word to hank. She can’t believe that he came back like this and naturally Cass hears some of the chat when she returns to downstairs.

Sally insists that henk won’t be renting a van, but sally isnl;t impressed when Cass tell her that she will sty with henk [at sands resort] tonight.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Next day, Tony & jack talk about the days to come, and Tony admits that he’s pleased that Martha is gone, as it means less complications etc.

COUNTRY TOWN : Michael, scruffy & Martha are in a park and Michael suggest that there’s good work prospects her, but the moment that Martha sees a bridal party arrive nearby, she thinks that this place isn’t a good idea.

DINER : Colleen tells roman that there’s cerat8in been more female custrtyo9mer a t diner since he came onboard [for his trial period].

In kitchen, sally tells Leah all about what’s going on [henk etc]. Sally saystyat she is hoping to catch up with rach before rach encounters henk.

Sally goes int9 main area, and sees Cass, and makes it clear that she doesn’t want henk in the pre wed BBQ today, but Cass is free to come. Cass not reacts kindly to that.

NEAR DINER : Rach is descending the hill to the side of the eatery, when she gets SHOCK on her life when she sees henk.

NEAR DINER : Rach lays verbally into henk, well & truly accusing him once more of being the hospital attacker.

Sally & Cass approaches, and sally WAAAAAAY apologises for not telling rach that henk is back in town. Rach storms off.

ANOTHER TOWN : Michael is keen on the latest place they’ve stopped off at – but Martha isn’t so keen. She’s all “I’ll know it when I see it” as to the place that they should make there new living.

HUNTER HOUSE BAKYARD : The likes of jack, roman, Dan, Tony, luc are enjoying the BBQ, and then Sam, and then Rachel arrives. Leah notices rach looks bad.

HUNTER HOUSE : Rachel tells Leah about henk, and when sally enters, ashen says sorry again, and says that she has banned Cass & henk form the BBQ. Rachel likes that idea.

ANOTHER TOWN [WITH BEACH] : Michael pulls up the Ute in a car park. After the trio [incl scruiffy[] get out of car, Michael wonders if marth would confdder this place, whilst he looks for the place’s jobs prospects.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass & henk are lying on the couch. Henk suggest that they should leave the bay – or else Cass will have to9 get use to 365 days a year of the treatment that got today with BBQ. Cass insists that ppl will het used to9 their presence, and even if not, henk is worthy it.

HUNTER HOUSE : Roman & Rach both kinda accuse the other of being inside avoiding everyone. Rachel apologises for not introducing roman to ppl at te BBQ, but he insists that colleen relished that job.

Rory enters, and he kinda badgers roman into coming outside to play boulles.

ANOTHER TOWN [WITH BEACH] : Michael returns toy the car, and Martha isn’t rally keen on this place either. Michael launches into a verbal attack -0 insisting that Martha just can’t keep running until she trichinas that she is far enough away form jack. Martha insists tat she is waaaaaaaaaaay tired etc, so Michael give up his attack.

HUNTER HOUSE : As the various pp, enjoy the BBQ, rach admits that it IS much better without Henk [and Cass] here.

Jack is near the BBQ itself when Sam turns around and runs straight into him – it mushily hurts her nose, and rach tends to her.

ROAD : Michael is driving, whilst Martha sleeps.

HUNTER HOUSE BACKYARD : Jack talks to Tony – he just wishes that he woulkdnl;t keep letting Sam down. Tony tries to reassure jack, i.e. “its was just an accident” etc.

LEAH'S HOUSE : : Dan finishes his packing and tells leah that he has her [a photo of her] with him for his trip. Both hope the time tweeny Dan leaving and Leah join him stateside totally flies by.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As Cass & henk discuss were they will be staying tonight, sally enters, and thanks that for not coming to the BBQ. She lasso tell henk that he can stay in one of the vans.

When Cass wonders, sally insists that the decision for Cass & henk to go to the wedding is up to Cass, but sally also insist the Cass should REALLY think about other ppl [esp. with rach & Sam being pretty close friends]

OUTSIDE DINER : Martha awakes and can’t believe where she is.

DINER FLAT : Martha storms inside, and wonders what Michael is playing at, He insists that she HAS to sort out this jack business once and for all.

HUNTER HOUSE EXTERIOR : Sam tells jack that she’s about t9o head off to the sands resort – here bridal party will she thie night. They kiss – and Martha [form kinda afar] sees this.



Will jack marry the wrong woman??

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Rachel: red wide strap low cut top

SILVER - Sally: royal blue (with intricate red & design around the collar) singlet top

BRONZE - Dan: white [with a blue & a gold horizontal stripe across chest] polo shirt


Cass: red blouse/grey suit

Cassie: white halter top

Colleen: cream (pink floral motifs) blouse

Colleen: multi colour floral blouse

Henk: grey [brown sleeves] t

Henk: white [tan rhino? Motif] t

Jack: orange [yellow lions’ head?] t

Jack: white [with serval ducks, and yellow & green horizontal striped] t

Leah: black low cut spaghetti strap top

Leah: light yellow (v shaped straps) top

Luc: pink & brown horizontal stripes polo shirt

Luc: white [red check] button up shirt

Martha: cream wide collar top

Michael: olive green button up shirt

Rachel: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] scoop neck top

Rachel: navy blue [with white collar & red striped pockets] polo shirt

Roman: green [balk “san Diego [something]”] y

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t

Rory: dark blue [white “speed racer” logo] long sleeve top

Sally: light brown [autumn motifs] blouse/brown shimmery jacket

Sam: white [dark chestnut?] scoop top

Tony: brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Tony: white [light blue floral] button up shirt

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