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Tues, 27 Nov 07 - Episode # 4557

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ All That She Wants …. “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 27 Nov 07 - Episode # 4557]

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally notices that ric isn’t eatighis dinner, but he says that he’s not hungry [too many other tings on mind].

Sally suggest that Cass should dressed to impress morrow in court – with Sal lending Cass one of her suits etc.

LEAH'S HOUSE: : As Dan packs his bags, Leah can’t believe stat he is leaving soon etc. when they ho into the lounge room, Leah & Dan get all “playful”, which leads drew to cover VJ’s eyes when they enters the room.

Leah & Dan are much pleased when drew tell them that he is go back to school.

VAN PARK HOUSE / HUNTER HOUSE : Ric & Maddie are both up way late at night, and ric finally descries to ring Maddie, but she doesn’t answer.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Next day, Cass & sally can’t believe it when ric tells them that he is not coming to court today to spt cases. Morag is also NOT impressed when she arrives. Cass, Sa & Morag then bail.

DINER : Irene gets off the phone, and she tells Leah that she can’t believe that jack won’t do a search to see if roman has a crim record. Leah can’t believe that Irene ask jack to do so. Leah tells Irene that she will try nto subtlety ask roman bout his past later today.

COURT EXTERIOR : Cass & co have to witb for her case to begin as another case has gone overtime. Maddie tells Sal & Cass that she is going to get a drink.

COURT HOUSE : After Maddie gets inside, she sees Simon, and wonders why he didn’t smoke those drugs that night in the car. He sasystht he didn’t want a crim record. Maddie then REALLY lands a VERBAL punch on Simon, when she suggest that how can he even THINK about being a lawyer, if he is prepared to lie in court today!!!

Just after simian walks away, Morag has a bit of a go at Maddie for talking to the other side’s witnesses.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Noel enters,a nd not only does he offer ric a lot of money [lots of notes in a bundle] to keep ric out of the bubo’s life, but he also tells ric that Viv used him – because Noel can’t have kids, Viv flirted etc with someone who can.

BEACH : Ric approach Viv, who conforms that noel IS telling the truth. She adds that Noel didn’t want them to get a donor, so Viv decides to make things happen herself. Ric throws THAT pile of money notes at her feet, and walks way.

COURT : With Morag on our side, and McGrath on the other side of the case, Cass & Maddie answer that various questions put to them under oath. This includes Maddie inistingthat all of this is her fault for badgering Cass into9 driving.

Simon comes into witness box – and is asked what happened. With Maddie kinda death starring him, Simon tell that judge stat he’d like to change his story – that the other boys in the car where the ones with the drugs, not cassie!!!

NOAH'S : Ric tells drew about viv being preggers, and that it was her plan all along. Drew tells ric that he went to Viv looking for a full ti9me job, but he insists wouldnl;t have if had know this. Ric says that he knows that etc.

COURT : The judge hands down his verdict. It sounds like Cass is going down, as he initially talks about teens not listening to all the msg’s about drink driving etc.

However, he “only” fines her about $500 and suspends her licence for 12 months – the charges about the drugs, and the crash resulting in grievous bodily harm are quashed.

Cass and co are waaaaaaaaaaaaay relieved.

DINER : Leah aks [in kitchen] roman about his background – he comes form a big family, is financially secure and is looking now to settle down. Roman tells Leah that he will answer queionm of this nature, but anything personal is OFF LIMITS.

Leah goes into main are, where sally, Cass, Maddie & Morag are celebrating Cass’s moistly good day in court. Morag [tongue in cheek] suggest to Maddie that she should become a lawyer, after whatever it bias that mads said to Simon.

Cass & sal are by bteh jukebox when Cass tells sal that she just wishes that henk were still around.

At counter, Leah tells Irene what she found out form Roman, but Irene is still way sceptical [note – rem that it was Sally & Irene who war bthe only one that were Suspicious of Josie when she 1st hit town, and mesmerised everyone else]

NEAR DINER : A thick set man approaches ric and starts laying into9 him, but ric easily give as much as he gets in the VERY physical fight. Drew runs to the scene and his presence sops the fight.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is tend to his wounds [back patio] when noel approaches. He insist that he wonl;t be calking that police abbot the fight. Noel says that if, form now on, ric not knock on viv’s door, they won’t knock on ric’s. Ric suggests that that is the same deal as before, but without the money.

Just before noel bails, he tells ric that he [ric] could earn a living form his temper, and to call noel if inclined in work of that ilk.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass & sally enters, and sally finds a note form ric – saying that he is go to friends place, and will be back for the jak/dsam wedding.

Both comment on how Maddie waaaaaaaaaay came through for Cass today [wit the somin thing].

Someone come the door – it’s henk, and whilst Cass eagerly hug him, sally looks not too impressed [back turned to Cass & henk at time]



IN the year’s final eps,

Will jack marry Sam despite his love for Martha???

A male stranger comes to the Bay looking for Sally!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Viv: white red & black floral] low cut halter top

SILVER - Matilda: apple green (with sky blue lining) cami top/apple green (with red dots) shorts

BRONZE - Matilda: white [gold vertical stripes] top/mustard crop jacket


Cass: red blouse/grey suit

Cassie: white (various colour dots, and red lining) tube top

Dan: brown & green horizontal stripes polo shirt

Drew: black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t/white [green splotches] board shorts

Drew: white singlet/black long pants

Henk: white t

Irene: sky blue blouse/red & orange horizontal stripes top

Leah: light yellow (v shaped straps) top

Leah: silver (dark mosaic patterned) low cut spaghetti strap top/bone long pants

Morag: bight white blouse/dark jacket

Noel: dark grey long sleeve button up shirt

Ric: light green [with darker green forest motif] t

Ric: red shorts

Ric: white singlet/grey track pants

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t

Sally: black low cut singlet top

Sally: light brown [autumn motifs] blouse/brown shimmery jacket

Simon: dark suit/light blue button up shirt/grey [blue squares] tie

VJ: red [with small back unknown logo on chest] t/grey board shorts

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