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Mon, 26 Nov 07 - Episode # 4556

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Oooooooh Boy, Things Get Even More “Fun” in Matilda & Ric’s Worlds “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 26 Nov 07 - Episode # 4556]

Note – Newbie Roman Harris [Conrad Coleby] is ALREADY on the opening credits. He’s 3rd in the sequence, only behind Matilda & Martha!!!!!!!

DINER : Belle & Drew talking about recent vents, and Belle, whilst mad at Drew for the selling of alcohol to underage teens, she is pleased that he has been a V good friend to Ric [with the whole Ric can’t belme Viv for all his problems ting].

NOAH'S : Matilda talks to the on duty Cass about her upcoming court case. Matilda thinks that Cass has no chance of going to jail for this – as the circumstances tween when Ric went to jail and this are way different etc.

Simon enters that room – and Matilda agrees to his suggestion that they hang out together today [simon is still in town because Aden being in hospital etc].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass sees Ric repairing the scooter. He tells her that he wants to give it back to Matilda – after all, it is hers. Cass tells his about how Simon & Matilda are hanging out together today.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel tells Leah that she’s decided for the time being to stay at this place, rather that the place that brads was living in. Rachel tells Leah that when she & te nurse found that jacket, she was REALLY pleased that she was the one who would lead the police to the attacker.

SURF CLUB : Simian & Matilda are playing pool when Viv enters. Matilda waaaaaaaay verbally attacks Viv over what’s happened, but before she exits, Viv does certainly “return fire”.

LEAH'S HOUSE : : Dan enters, and Drew is downtrodden that he’s not been able to even get an interview for the jobs that he’s gone for. Dan insist that dram jobs don’t just land in your lap, and when Drew suggest that that is what happened to Dan, Dan reminds him that dam has been in the counselling game for 10 years et now.

OUTSIDE RACHEL'S PLACE : Its night time, and as Rachel walks in direction of her car, she looks warily about, and Ric pushing the scooter up the side of the hunter house yard WAY scares her. She muchly goes inside.

OUTSIDE HUNTER HOUSE : As they approach Matilda’s house, Simon & Matilda talking about next year.simobn tells Mads about the uni offers he’s got, whilst she tells him that she is repeating Yr 12, after an eventful year.

Matilda & Simon encounter Ric, and on top of Matilda not wanting that scooter, she * Simon verbally clash with Ric. This leads to Matilda offering Simon an invite into her house.

HUNTER HOUSE : Next day, Tony can’t believe it when he catches Matilda trying to sneak Simon out the door. When Simon is gone, Tony has a go at Matilda sleeping with Simon just after she has broke up with Ric, but Matilda suggest that Tony is a hypocrite for saying that.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass can’t believe it when Matilda tells her that she slept with Simon, Matilda insist that it just felty right –especially after she invite Simon in the house last night [to make ric jealous],

Ric enters tee room [from upstairs], but he all but ignores the girls before bailing.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel tells Tony about the ric/scooter scare last night, and she tells tny that she is VERY appreciative that he has come over to check up on her.

When Tony has bailed, Rachel looks at her mail – incl one letter from the attacker. It says “what did you do with your baby?” Rachel is shocked, perplexed etc

HOSPITAL : McGrath & Rachel enter an office, and McGrath tells Rachel that they lifted no prints/DNA from the letter she found on car near diner. Rachel tells McGrath about the new letter, and he wonders who at the hospital etc knew about Rachel’s pregnancy. Rachel insists just a few ppl, but she insist, when McGrath suggest that attacker could be Lewis, that ot can’t be him.

NOAH'S : Drew approaches Viv, and suggests that it would be a great idea if she employed him palmately to run errands etc for her. Viv declines that offer and the on duty Cass hears all of this.

DINER : Drew enters and Belle tells him that someone at the paper has lent/given her a new camera lens that is better that the one that broke. Dew tells her that he’s had no luck on the job search yet, but then Maddie storms into the diner and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tells Drew off [after Cass told Mads about Draw’s proposal to Viv. Belle also appears to be unimpressed.

HUNTER HOUSE : Simon comes to the door, and he is keen to hang out with Maddie. She’s initially not so keen, but when Tony goes all parental on her [:”there are house rules” etc] Maddie tells Simon that she’d love to hang out with him. They both bail – Tony is not impressed.

LEAH'S HOUSE : : Dr4ew talks to Leah about how tings aren’t going well. Leah suggests that Drew should try to find somet5hging he rally likes, rather than just scoring a job for the money. Drew wonders if Leah is suggests that he should go back to school, and she thinks that it could be a good plane

NOAH'S : Ric is on the phone, when Maddie & Simon enter. Ric is off the phone, he tells Maddie that she is hanging out with a moron – who ALSO is the chief witness AGAINST Cass in the court case [to get his friends clear of drugs charges]. Cass and esp. Maddie verbally lay int9o Simon before Maddie bails in disgust.

HOSPITAL : McGrath tell Rach that they’ve found no DNA etc on the new letter., Rach takes offence to McGrath claming that he knows how she feels – as right now, even the sounds of the bodice of a male doctor gets Rach jumping !!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is rather surprised when Viv enters vis the back patio door. He’s even MORE surprised/shocked when Viv tells him [after ahe says that she thought long and hard initially not to tell Ric] that she is PREGNANT, with HIS child!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : With Ric is shock, Viv tells him that it can’t be Noel’s child – he can’t have kids. Viv insists that she’ll be able to “manage” noel, but she also REALLY shocks Ric when she says that she doesn’t want him involved with the baby. Ric insists that Viv is MAD to think that he won’t be involved. Viv takes advantage of ric’s total shock, and bails!!!



IN the year’s final eps,

Will jack marry Sam despite his love for Martha???

A male stranger comes to the Bay looking for Sally!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Leah: silver (dark mosaic patterned) low cut spaghetti strap top/bone long pants

SILVER - Belle: black [white dot lined] crop jacket/red bandana/white [unknown motifs] t

BRONZE - Cassie: white (various colour dots, and red lining) tube top


Belle: red & blue horizontal striped “Emily the strange” scoop dress

Cassie: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Dan: black [8 white double ended triangles] t

Drew: black button up shirt/black long pants

Drew: light brown [black tiger motif] t

Drew: white singlet/black long pants

Leah: yellow (with black palm tree motif) singlet top

Matilda: mauve low cut spaghetti strap top/dark long pants

Matilda: red halter top/dark blue [light pink floral] shorts

Matilda: white fluffy dressing gown

Rachel: black blouse & long pants

Rachel: black t/dark long pants

Rachel: black wide collar top/brown beaded necklace/grey skirt

Ric: white [red eagle crest] t

Simon: aqua [dark anchor like motif] t

Simon: red & white horizontal striped [with faint black crest like motif] t

Tony: brown & white horizontal striped polo shirt

Tony: white t/dark [white check] shorts

Viv: black [white diagonal splotches] halter top/bone long pants

Viv: green & light red floral [with black lining] low cut top/dark long pants

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