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Fri, 23 Nov 07 - Episode # 4555

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If Ever Annie Gets Married Bayside, DEFINITELY Sounds Like It WILL Be The Wedding Of The Century “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 23 Nov 07 - Episode # 4555]

VPH : Cass & sally enetr5 and they tell Ric that cases has been charged. Cass admits that she way lied about various tiuungs, and that its funny that they would have prob believe her about the drugs [smoke being blown in face] if she not lie bout other things.

DINER FLAT : Martha enters the main room with her bags packed. She comments t that she is way look fwd to going, and both Martha & Michel comment that Irene will REALLY appreciate them taking scruffy with them, as it sounds like he has been destroying Irene’s backyard.

HOSPITAL : Sam & Rachel telak about the wedding rehearsal. Sam says that it went well – even with jack running late.

Sam wonders about Lewis – and rach tell her that it’s good that he is in city doing surgery rotation of his internship.

One of the nurse3s wonders if rach & Sam will be attend that self defence classes, and when they say that they are pretty busy, the female nurse suggests that they rally should meek the time.

RACHEL’S : Jack is muchgly looking for the wed rings when Tony enters. Tony starts to help look – and jack is not keen on tell Sam that this has happen.

Drew comes to the door, wondering to tony if he can have another chance at Noah’s, but tony inists that drew’s error was TOO big.

VPH : Next day, Cass is siting in nteh doorway tweeny house and back patio when maddie [pack patio] approaches. Maddie way apologises for taking out al her frustrations [and not want to blame herself for accident][ on Cass.

Cass insist tat she still weant to be friends, as Cass REALLY needs her best friends right now. After Maddie sits besides Cass, the later says this crash could lead her to having a crim record which could waaaaaaay affect rusty of her life.

Inside sally is on phone to Morag – who [it sound like] is eager to help.

Martha enters – and tells sally that she & micheal are bailing today – asn that their will be a get together at diner later today.

DINER : Irene is not impressed when Annie enters with scruffy. Annie is pleased that she’s had some more time with him before Michel & Martha take scruffy with them. Annie recall her schlock art finding Martha & Michael in the barn like she did, before Irene FINALLY gets Annie t take scruffy [on a lead btw] t go outside. Btw, iron reminds Annie that scruffy is a working dog, and won't like being cooped up on their backyard.

At one of the tables, drew tells bel that he sold the alcohol t minors so he could use that extra cash to pay for a new camera lens [for one broken during formal]. Belle initially looks impress, but then insist that drew shouldn’t have done that.

HOSP : Rachel & one of the female nurses are trying to find the watch of a patient amidst the laundry. The nurse can't believe it when she sees that Rachel is holding a jacket much like that one that Martha described that the attacker was wear when he grabbed her.

NOAH’S : Martha tells Tony that this is her last day, and tiny suggest that he might have to train up luc that work at the bar with what happened to drew.

After Martha tells tony that there is a get together at diner laster, Tony sys that it’s a good tang that Martha & Michael are going [because of all the things happenmeing with jack etc]. Martha however asks tony to tell jack that she is bailing from town today.

Seconds after Martha bails, jack enters – still no sign of rings, ad tiny suggest that they keep a lid on this until at laset until end of the day.

DINER : Sam tells Leah & Irene that the wed rehearsal went well, and then Tony & jack enters.

Monets later, Annie aentrs – looking for Martha & Michael. Irene tells her that they are taking scruffy for one last walk before bailing.

After Annie bails, jack wonders if Tony knew about thing [Martha bails], and jack isn’t impressed that tony did. However, an urgent phone call leads jack to bail quickly form the diner.

HOSP : Rach tells jack & other police officer about the jacket. She then unlocks the laundry etc room, but they jacket is GONE!!!

NEAR DINER : Ric is work on his van when Drew approaches. Drew is a tad condescending when Ric blames ALL of what’s happened on Viv.

HOSP : Rach tells jack that she is way worried, as the attacker is obviously close enough to have seen etc Rachel find the jacket.

DINER FALT / RACHEL’S : Martha rings jack, but gets the answering machine. She leaves an mg saying that she wishes him all the best for the future.

However, Sam is sit beside the phone, and deletes that msg as soon as Martha finishes!!!

DINER : Rach tells Leah about the latest attacker developments – and how scared she is.

Nearby, many ppl [sally, Annie, Tony, Irene, belle, Cass] are gather to farewell Martha & Michel – there’s even a farewell cake.

At another table, drew gets a txt form Viv – offering him some cash to do errand for her – Ric suggest otherwise, and drew also suggests that Ric should stop blaming Viv for everything [i.e. Ric says that he can’t approach Martha at farewell as Maddie, Cass etc will have something to say about that.

Martha is concerned that jack is not there at farewell, and Michael bails -0 he says that he has to do something before they bail form town.

RACHEL’S : Jack finds the rings [in the lounge room, next a scale model of a Ferrari F40], before Michael arrives. Michael suggest tat it would a great tangs if jack didn’t come t the farewell – better for everyone. Michael bails.

DINER : Maddie, Belle, Drew & Cass talk bout what’s harpooned – and Cass comments that at least drew not in trouble with police, but Maddie tries to reassure Cass – with the reminder that morag will WAAAY do her best to help.

Nearby, Rachel tales to the likes of sally about the attacker – how close to the hospital the person is.

Michael enters and tells Martha that he caught up with jack – who insists that he has to/is at work.

Everyone says goodbye to Michael & Martha – and Annie gets some weird looks, esp. form belle, when she insists that Martha & Michael invite them all to their wedding. Martha & Michael then exit diner.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Jack [wed rings in hand] is stare out to sea when Sam approaches and leans tenderly beside him. Just like a recent Martha & Michael scene, whilst Sam looks WAY happy, jack looks uncertain etc about hat’s happening.

ROAD : Martha, Michael & scruffy drive past surf club – and part “we are leaving the bay” sign. It’s clear that Martha is hoping for one last look at jack.

NEAR DINER : Rach approaches her car, and sees a note on windscreen – its says “you are being watched”. We then see Rach from [i assume] the attacker’s perspective – atop the hill to right side of the diner!!!!@



In the final week of H&A for 2007,

Will jack marry Sam – despite his love for Martha? AND

A male stranger arrive in town looking for Sally – a 20 yr old mystery is set to be revealed

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Sally: black [sky blue floral] low cut dress

SILVER - Matilda: mauve low cut spaghetti strap top/denim jeans

BRONZE - Jack: sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt


Annie: grey [pink & white cloud? motifs] scoop neck t/dark shorts

Belle: red & blue horiz striped “Emily the strange” scoop dress

Cass: black low cut singlet top

Cassie: orange (black palm tree motif) singlet top/brown halter kini top

Drew: light brown [black tiger motif] t

Drew: dark shorts/light grey singlet

Irene: green leafy scoop neck long sleeve top

Jack: red (mustang motif) t shirt

Leah: yellow (with black palm tree motif) singlet top

Martha: mauve, brown & green [mauve on bust, brown on stomach, green the rest] low cut spaghetti strap dress

Martha: mustard polo shirt/dark shorts

Michael: dark blue t

Michael: mustard button up shirt

Rachel: black blouse & long pants

Rachel: “medical blue” top & long pants

Ric: white [red eagle crest] t

Ric: maroon (gold crest) t

Sally: black [horizontal zig zag pattern across bust] top

Sam: green polo shirt/denim jeans

Sam: red polo shirt/green shorts

Tony: brown polo shirt

Tony: black & white horizontal striped polo shirt

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