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Thurs, 22 Nov 07 - Episode # 4554

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Is Matilda On The Verge Of Loosing Everything/Everyone ??? “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 22 Nov 07 - Episode # 4554]

ROADSIDE : Cass, Matilda & the others begin to stir, but when they have, Aden tell them that his leg is waaaaaaaay is pain.

DINER : Colleen talk to Leah & Irene about the annoying schoolies kids, and just after Lara gets involved in thus chat, she receives a radio call about and MVA. Lara bails.

ROADSIDE : Matilda, Cass & the others are out of the car, and there‘s [esp. tween Mad & Cass] a balm game happening.

.Cass can't believe it when the other 3 of Aden’s mates [not Simon] bail – for reasons that they are in posse ion of drugs and to kionda hep Cass [only 4 in car when crash since they’ve bailed].

Lara arrives and starts querying especially Cass bout what happen.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is still sway drunk, but he wants to go out of get Matilda away form Aden etc. Sally insists that she will go – and Belle aggress to look after both Ric & little Pippa.

ROADSIDE : At the ambulance officers tend to Aden, Lara gets Cass to blow into the breathalyser. Sally arrives – and as the ambulance officers put Aden in their vehicle, Lara tell Cass that she officially has alcohol in her system, which is against law for a younger diver,. So Cass will have to come down to the police station.

POLICE STATION : Lara interviews Cass & Matilda, with Sally in the room too. The sequence of events that Cass & Matilda tell Lara is different to what Simon has told the police etc – and it’s clear that there’s further tension tween Cass & Matilda.

Lara instructs Cass to go to hospital for a blood test.

HOSPITAL : Rachel approach Sally & Cass – saying that the should have the blood results back soon.

Aden’s uncle approach Cass – and major has a go at her for NOT being a responsible designated driver./ Cass tries to thel him about how smashed & irresponsible Den e& co were, but uncle is not listening. Sally eaeg5rkly hugs the crying Cass when the confri9ntaion is over.


VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass tells Sally in more detail what happened, and Drew looks partic worried when she mentions how Simon etc were waaaaaaaaaay drink.

DINER : A customer named Roman Harris talks to Leah about how he realty lies her food., but that leads to Leah saying that she is about to sell her share of the business. Leah is encouraged when Roman []played by Conrad Coleby] says that he is interested, and is a good cook.

Leah intro’s roman to Irene and tells him that they’ll have to have a trial period with him, but he’s ok with that.

After Ramon bails, Irene think that Leah had been a tad affected by how pretty HOT Roman looks.

NEAR DINER : Next day, as Irene approach the diner, she sees Roman eating hi breakfast- he is sitting at te back of a van.

DINER : In kitchen, Dan & Leah both component n how responsible Drew seem to be at the moment.

Irene enters, and well and truly tells Leah that she may not be so keen on Roman [with the van van thing].

In main area, Rachel isn’t exactly pleased when Colleen comments that Rachel; isn’t looking the best at the monet [and colleen isn’t inferring that rach is ill either].

Rachel has to skip the coffee she just ordered – after getting paged by hospital.

HOSPITAL : Rach enters Aden’s room. He is way in pain, and she touches huis toes etc, and wonders ho much of that he can feel.

Rachel goes into corridor where she encounters Aden uncle, and tells him that they are going to have to operate – if not Aden will loose his leg [have to amputate].

NEAR DINER : Cass approaches Maddie – and it’s a waaaaaay tense conversation. Both are mushily blaming the other for various things, and Maddie points out that she wasn’t a lot of help with the details at the police interview as she was thinking about her mum’s [car crash [death.

You can sense, as Cass walk away, that things [the friendship [appears to be over.

DINER : Irene still inlet exactly keen on Roman – despite colleen insisting that the customers like the meals he is cokking.

Cass, Ric & Sal are talking when Aden uncle enters. He way has a go at Cass – as Aden might not be able to play football ever again. Roc goes top defend Cass, and rally takes offence to the uncle trying to swing at Cass. Indeed, Ric pushes him to the ground – which Irene & esp. sally aren’t that keen on.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As sally, Cass & Ric enters; sally has a go at Ric for his action, but he sarcastic replies that he will just let the next person attack Cass.

Lara arrives – and tells Cass etc that the blood test revealed that there were traces of drugs in Cass’s system at time of crash.


VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass tells Lara that Aden exhaled some of the drug virtually right in front of her face as she drove. Lara suggests that Cass should come to the station.

DINER : Dan tells drew that he’s proud of drews’ actions [not partying] of late, but Maddie nearby overhears this, and she’s clearly not paled.

In kitchen, Leah suggests that Irene should try some of Roman’s cooking, and even though Irene seems to like the omelette, she’s still cagey bout roman.

NOAH'S : Drew is behind the bar when Maddie approaches – wondering why drew was stupid enough to seel the alcohol to Simon. Drew insists that Simon would have got the grog from somewhere, but as they talk, Tony enters the room, asd he is NOT impressed with drew.

HOSPITAL/POLICE STATION : With Aden’s uncle shaking the hand of a doctor in background, Rachel phones sally, and says that Aden’s ope with a success.

When off phone, sally tells Cass, but then Cass tells sally about the other 3 passengers.

Lara approaches – and tells Cass that they found the wallet fog one of the other 3, who has confessed to being in the car. Lara suggests that Cass should way stop lying.


NOAH'S : Dan is mushily annoyed with drew for the underage alcohol thing, and Tony tells drew that he no longer has a job here.

When Dan wonders, Tony says that he won’t take this further – as the kid had a pretty decent fake id etc.

POLICE STATION : Lara tells Cass [with sally in the room too] that all of Cassies’ lies hasn’t helped her on bigot – indeed, make things worse.

Lara then tells Cass that she is being charged withy negligent driving occasionally grievous bodily harm!!!!



In the year’s [upcoming] final episodes,

there’ll be a wedding – but will jack marry his ex wife or his fiancé??? AND

The hospital attacker’s identity [someone they all trust] will be revealed!!!

[note – its interesting that end of year previews no longer feature the whole Sally 20 year mystery thing]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: maroon [white coral etc motifs] low cut spaghetti strap dress/elec blue [orange tropical motifs] halter kini top

SILVER - Leah: red halter top (with black spaghetti strap top beneath)

BRONZE - Dan: green [with red 1950s convertible motif] t


Aden: grey & black horizontal striped t/white board shorts

Belle: black scoop [with white lining] dress

Cass: white (rainbow coloured motif) singlet top/green “camo” shorts/white [pink “BONT” logo] jacket

Cassie: orange (black palm tree motif) singlet top/brown halter kini top

Colleen: dark blue [purple floral[ top

Colleen: light blue [green leafy motifs] blouse/blue top

Drew: dark shorts/light grey singlet

Irene: orange long sleeve blouse

Irene: white [blue village motifs] low cut v neck dress

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah: brown singlet top

Matilda: emerald green scoop neck t/dark blue [white lining] shorts

Rachel: “medical blue” top

Rachel: black wide collar knee length dress

Ric: black [green “Juice”, with kinda slimy/spooky type font, logo] t

Ric: maroon (gold crest) t

Roman: dark blue shorts/purple [unknown black motif] t

Roman: olive green singlet/dark long pants

Sally: black [horizontal zig zag pattern across bust] top/

Sally: red t/denim jeans

Simon: yellow [blue “Mexico 1968 Olympics” motif] t

Tony: black & white horizontal striped polo shirt

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