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Ric and Maddie Remembered: Your Memories

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Yes, we thought it would never happen, but after just over 1 year together on our screens, H&A strongest relationship of recent has finally reached the end of the road.

Will they ever reunite? Sadly, the 2008 teasers so far say they won't, as Maddie will begin dating new character (played by Conrad Coleby) Roman and is expected to a long-term relationship.

So I am asking you to leave personal messages on this forum. Share what you think were the highs and lows of their relationship. Plus, do you think a reunion will be on the cards.

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I'm also depressed :(! I can hate Ric at the moment! Why did he had to sleep with Viv? But it was so heartbreaking when he was drunk and he missed Matilda; he is still in love with her, that's obvious. And I feel sorry for Matilda!!

But there is Youtube :P An user is uploading clips of Ric and Matilda, it's all of the beginning when Matilda and Ric began dating :wub: Here is the first clip: Clip 1 You can find the others by clicking on the uploader.

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I liked them more when they first got together. They had more passion. Towards the end they were acting like an old married couple.

I agree. They made such a good couple because they were good friends and both understood eachother and helped each other out completely. Mattie kept Ric on his toes and vice versa. Matilda was such a good friend cause she listend and helped him through the Cassie-gate. What happend? I still love them but they became strangers..like they were stuck in the realtionship cause they had to be. They stopped talking, and that was what made them so perfect for eachother.

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Shouldn't we be using the existing Mattie/Ric thread for this...

Still, I really liked Mattie and Ric as a couple in the beginning because even when they were only friends you could see something more was there. I think it was since Beth died and Mattie had to deal with that which was when Ric began to feel a bit neglected. I, in no way condone what Ric did with Viv but can see why he might have wanted to "get out" for a bit. I hope sometime down the track they do reunite but for now maybe a bit of distance will make the heart grow stronger.

Although I really hope Mattie doesn't get with Roman. He's a bit too old isn't he?

Thanks homeandaway10 for the photo - So cute!

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