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Wed, 21 Nov 07 - Episode # 4553

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Can’t Believe That You Are Using That Against Me “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 21 Nov 07 - Episode # 4553]

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally sense that unease tween Cass & Ric when they are all in the main room, but she comments instead about the “schoolies” lot [[who are stay at van park] who are rally noisy late at night etc. Sally is pleased when ric suggest that he will talk to them [Aden & his mates]. Sally also tanks ric in general for all the help he’s given her in the absence of Alf & brad.

NEAR DINER : Ric approach Aden & his mates. Ric “suggest” that they should calm that noisy, troublesome antics.

Matilda app ric – and confronts him about Viv’s accusations. When ric doesn’t say yeas or no. Matilda is distraught, and stomps off.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric enters and way has a go at Cass for telling Mads. Cass insist that she didn’t and think that Ric should be out look for Matilda rather that having a go at Cass. Sally enters the room, and wonders what’s going on.

HUNTER HOUSE : Cass tries to get Matilda to come on of her locked room, as does Luc. When Matilda does unlock the door, she is WAAAAY disgusted that Cass knew about Viv & ric.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As Ric explains to Sally about things, Cass enters, and has another go at him.

Viv then enters – and tells Ric & the others that she is sorry, as she thought Matilda knew. When things start getting verbally heated, Sally “suggest” that Viv & %Ric should take this elsewhere.

BEACH : Ric is rather surprised when Viv tell him that she told Noel about her night with Ric. Viv insist that she knew that she HAD to = even through she KNOWS that truth is way hard.

As they talking, Matilda sees them form afar [she is standing near surf club].

NOAH'S : Matilda is next to the bar when Simon [Aden’s cousin] approaches her – he wonders if she’d like yo come to a party on beach tonight. She declines – then bails.

Simon then asks barmen Drew if he can buy some alcohol. Drew insist tat Simon is underage etc, but Drew’s resolve melts when Simon tells [show him the money and all] that he will pay double for the alcohol [$300].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Matilda confronts ric about him & Viv, and she [waaaaaaaay in tears] tells ric that it makes her feel TOTALLY worthless that he spend that night with Viv after having only just broken up with Matilda. Ric tells Matilda that he will do ANYTHING to make tings right tween them again, but Matilda insist that there’s nothing ric can do, i.e. Matilda/Ric are TOTALLY over now.

BEACH NEAR DINER : Matilda approach Simon, Aden & their mates and says that she will go to that party with them.

NOAH'S : Cass & Belle enter,a dn they are looking for Matilda. Drew says that he saw Matilda with Simon etc/ Cass all but begs Drew to drop her off at the beach where Matilda & co are, and Drew eventually relents [and agrees].

FLAT ROCK BEACH : As Simon, Aden etc REALLY get into the alcohol hat Simon got form Drew, Cass approach Matilda, who tells Cass that she is having a lousy time here.

Matilda also covenants to Cass that Ric hasn' been the dependable guy that she knows & loves of late.

Simon approach – wondering if Cass or Matilda would like a drink, but when Matilda reminds Simon that he is the designated Driver, Simon is way too drunk to care.

FLAT ROCK BEACH : Aden was a go at Saint Cass for not even being able to enjoy herself at a party, and then Matilda’s day gets worse when Aden & another of his mates pick her up and dump her in the water!!!

NOAH'S : Drew refuses to serve Ric any more drinks – as Ric is already drunk. Drew also rejects a teen who [like Simon] said that they would pay double for the alcohol. Btw, Noah’s is a rather busy place tonight – lots of ppl there.

FLAT ROCK BEACH : The cold & wet Matilda rally wants to go home, but Cass sooooo isn’t keen on driving everyone [Matilda, Simon, Aden and another 3 ppl] as its that law traht she cant have more than one passenger after 10pm. Cass is NOT impressed when Matilda insist that its Cass’s fault that Matilda is here at party in the 1qst place – Cass’s reply to Matilda’s comment is my ep title.

Btw, Cass also not keen on driving as she has had one alco drink.

NOAH'S : Drewtill refuse to seel Ric any more drinks, so ric tries to help himself to a beer that a customer briefly leaves on the bar [customer has hands full with more beer].

Tony enters the room, and helps Drew break up scuffle tween Ric & and t hither dude. Tiny orders ric out of Noah’s

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Ric is sitting against the club’s wall when Belle approaches. Ric insist to Belle that he is not a bad person. Be agrees with ric, but she does further point out that she‘s a “tad smashed at present. Ric tells Belle that he is not keen on going home at moment, as Matilda is out with Aden &* his mates.

ROAD : Cass is really annoyed that the others [not Incl Matilda] are constantly distracting her, and she can’t believe it when Aden offers her some drugs.

It all gets to be too much, and another distraction leads Cass to spin the car – into a power pole!!!!! [car hots pole on driver’s side]



In the year’s [upcoming] final episodes,

there’ll be a wedding – but will jack marry his ex wife or his fiancé??? AND

The hospital attacker’s identity [someone they all trust] will be revealed!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Matilda: emerald green scoop neck t/dark blue [white lining] shorts

SILVER - Cass: white [pink “BONT” logo] jacket/white (rainbow coloured motif) singlet top/green “camo” shorts

BRONZE - Belle: black scoop [with white lining] dress


Aden: grey & black horizontal striped t/white board shorts

Drew: bone (Noah’s) button up long sleeve shirt

Drew: grey t/dark long pants

Fake ID dude: yellow [blue bridge? Motif] t

Fight with Ric dude: olive green [green rockband? motif] t/white [brown check] shirt/denim jeans

Luc: pink & brown horizontal stripes polo shirt

Ric: black [green “Juice”, with kinda slimy/spooky type font, logo] t

Sally: red t/denim jeans

Simon: yellow [blue “Mexico 1968 Olympics” motif] t

Tony: bone (Noah’s) button up long sleeve shirt

Viv: brown [green diag squares on bottom half & on sleeves] scoop dress

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