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A Complicated Life

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Story Title: A Complicated Life

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Ric, Matilda

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: yes ( The story line with viv and Ric)

story being proof read: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: It's been a couple of months since Ric had cheated on Matilda with Viv, but they are now back on track and getting like back to normal. Viv relise this and all she does is try to make life harder for the two lovebirds.

Matilda looked at Ric in complete shock.

“Matilda” Ric said, “Will you marry me?”

Matilda’s thoughts ran through her head, after everything they had been through the last few months with Viv and now Ric was going to become a father, this was the last thing she had expected.

“Ric, do you really think now is the best time to ask me to marry you? Are relationship isn’t exactly at it’s best.”

“Matilda all I know is that I love you. I know I have made a huge mistake with Viv but I know that it is you I want and I don’t want to waste any more time”

Ric gazed at Matilda waiting for an answer.

“Matilda if you don’t want to be with me or if you don’t love me I would understand” Ric said anxiously

“Ric how can you say that to me. Do you really think that I would be willing to stand by you, watch you have a child with another women if I didn’t love you.”

“Then what’s stopping you” Ric said.

“Nothing, I’m just saying you shouldn’t have asked me because I might just say yes and now everything is more complicated.”

Next Time

Is Matilda having second thoughts?

And Viv and Noel have a shock for Ric.

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Chapter 2

Later that evening Matilda walked along the beach. In the distance she could see Martha coming towards her.

“Hi, you alright?” Asked Martha

“Ye I’m good” Replied Matilda

“Are you sure you don’t look it”

“ I’m fine it’s just something happen today, me and Ric got engaged”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Said Martha. “You should be ecstatic, I remember when me and Jack got engaged I felt like I was floating on air”

“Well you didn’t have to worry about Jack having a child with somebody else.” shouted Matilda. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that”

“No it’s ok I can understand, you are a saint to take Ric back and deal with all this Viv stuff.” Martha said. “But what I don’t understand is if you have or these second thoughts about being with Ric, then why did you say yes.”

“Because I love Him. I just don’t know that I can trust him. How do I know that he won’t cheat again or something else could come between us”

Matilda sat down on the sand at looked at the horizon.

“You don’t.” Replied Martha “You Might love him Maddie, but it takes more then love sometimes to make a relationship work. But for what it’s worth you and Ric have been through so much. Ric made a mistake and he knows that, you just have to be sure that he is the one.”

“Of Corse he’s the one. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

“Then I think you have answer your question.” And with that Martha got up and left Matilda with her thoughts.

In that exact moment Matilda knew she had made the right decision by saying yes to Ric.

“He made one mistake. Apart from this I have never had any reason to doubt him.”

Matilda walked through the front door of the caravan park, as she walked in she saw that Viv and Noel were sitting on the sofa with Ric standing up looking at them.

“What do they want?” Matilda rudely said.

“You know you shouldn’t be so rude to me. I am caring Ric’s child and before you interrupted I was about to tell Ric some news that might brighten up you day”

“Well then, don’t let me stop you. The quicker you tell us the quicker you can get out.” Matilda quickly added.

“Well me and Noel have made a decision and we think that it is best that me and noel bring this child up as our own. The child would never know about you and you and Matilda would never here or see from us again”

Ric fell into the armchair.

“What!” Shouted Matilda. “You can’t do this to Ric. You can’t turn our lives upside down with you having a child and then tell Ric he can have nothing to do with the baby. If you wanted this you should never have come back to the bay and told Ric about the baby in the first place.”

And with that Sally and Cassie walked thought the door with Pippa.

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Chapter 3

It had been a couple of hours since Viv and Nole had told Ric that he could have nothing to do with his child. Matilda was upstairs in the bathroom trying to process what had happened in the day.

Matilda turned on the cold tape and splashed water onto her face. In the space of a day she had got engaged to the man of her dreams, had second thoughts about it, decided she had made the right decision and then thought maybe something good was finally happening in her life. But that feeling was quickly destroyed when Viv had announced that Ric could have nothing to do with his child. This child had created so much problems for her and Ric over the last couple of months that Matilda was sort of happy that her and Ric would finally have Viv out of there lives forever.

“What am I thinking of course this is a bad thing Ric will always know that he has a child and will never be able to see it”. Matilda said out loud.

Ric had heard Matilda through the bathroom door.

“Hay are you all right in there” Ric said.

“Ye. Ye I am fine I will be out in a sec.”

Matilda pulled her self together and slowly opened the door.

“See, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure” Ric looked at Matilda.

Ric knew it had been hard for Matilda recently and had formed a annoying habit by always asking Matilda if she was alright.

“Well ye, but, it’s just that” Matilda tried to get her words out. “It’s just that, are you goner be alright with this. I mean your always going to know that you have a child and your never going to be able to see him or her. And then someday in the future this child could find out the truth and come looking for you, asking you why you weren’t evolved in his or hers life.”

“Matilda, there is nothing I can do even if I wanted to. I can’t prove to anyone that this is my child and even if I could is this really want you would want to have this other child in ours lives” Ric gazed at Matilda.

“Yes, I was prepared for it when we got back together.”

“Matilda, I’m not goner lie to you it will be hard for me to know that I have a child and won’t be evolved in it’s life. But I have no doubt that you and me will have kids in the future one day so I will still get to be a dad. So are we good? I mean do you still want to marry me and spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Of course, and who said anything about me having kids in the future I might not want to get fat” Matilda laughed.

“You could become the fastest person I’ve ever seen and I would still love you”

Matilda continued to laugh. “You know that’s never going to happen, I am far to beautiful for that.”

With that Ric picked up Matilda and took her into the bedroom.

“I am going to love you for ever Ric Dalby.”

“And I am going to love you forever Matilda Hunter, soon to be Dalby.”

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Chapter 4

The next morning came and Matilda lay in Ric’s arms thinking while they were in bed. While all the commotion with Viv had been going on Matilda had had a problem of her own playing on mind. She was late as in late, Matilda was hoping that her period would eventually come but it hadn’t and she was now 3 week late. Matilda had to put her mind and rest she decided she would go and get a pregnancy test today before. Ric would be out and she would have the house to herself.

“see you later” Ric kissed Matilda and walked out of the caravan park .

“have a nice day” Matilda replied.

An hour later Matilda had returned with a pregnancy test and sat in the bathroom waiting for her results.

“Please, Please only have one line” Matilda looked down at the test.

Unfortunately it wasn’t Matilda’s day. When she looked down at the test there were two blues lines staring back at her. Matilda was pregnant. I’m seventeen I’m too young to be pregnant she thought to herself. Then again people might say I’m too young to be getting married.

Later that day Matilda and Ric were sitting down eating dinner.

“As Cassie and Sal are out for the night I thought that we could have a early night, if you know what I mean.” ”Hello, earth to Matilda” Ric said.


“Matilda are you ok, You seem a bit distant. Did something happen at school today?”

“What, no there’s nothing wrong”

“So do you want a early night like I suggested?”

“Em no, I don’t think so I am really tired.”

“Alright what’s wrong you have been distant from me since I got home.”

“You want to know, you really want to know what’s going on! I’m Pregnant!”

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Chapter 5

“Pregnant!, are you sure” Ric looked at Matilda.

“Yes I took the test today while you were at work today”

“Why didn’t you tell me I could have been there with you.”

Ric got off his chair and moved towards Matilda.

“Because I didn’t want to let you think I was pregnant and then find out all the fuss was for a false alarm”

“But it’s not a false alarm.”

Matilda moved away from Ric and stood up trying to clear the table.

“What are you doing?” Ric said “We have just found out you are pregnant leave the table.”

“I can’t I need to take my mind off things.”

“Mattie, we need to decide what we are goner do.”

“I can’t, I can’t think right now. Ric I’m seventeen, engaged and pregnant. It’s just everything is happening so fast.”

“Than let me help you slow down” Ric moved his hands and placed them round her waste and looked Mattie straight in the eyes.

“Do you want to have this baby Mattie?”

“I don’t know, I mean I am in the middle of redoing my HSC how am I suppose to do that while there’s a baby on the way and we are so young and what would people think of us.”

“Stop Mattie. Who cares what people think. Do you want this baby?”

“I don’t know if I am ready to be a mum, but I don’t think that I could get rid of it either.”

“No ones every ready to be parents Mattie and so it’s not the best time but I believe everything happens for a reason. With everything bad going on maybe this is our miracle, I agree it’s a shock of a miracle but a miracle none the less and I know we can make this work.”

“So we have decided, we are having a baby.”

“Guess so.” Ric said.

With that Ric kissed Matilda passionately and placed her head on his chest.

“Now all we have to do is let people know.”

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