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A Complicated Life

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Chapter 6

It had been a couple of weeks since Matilda and Ric found out that they were goner have a baby together and they still hadn’t built up the courage to tell everyone Matilda was pregnant. It was a Tuesday morning and Matilda was in the bathroom throwing her guts up.

“Hay babe you ok.” Ric asked through the door.

Matilda opened the door and pulled Ric in.

“No, I feel terrible and look terrible and I think Cassie is getting susptions of what is going on and to top it all off I am late for school.”

“Firstly you don’t look that terrible and we are going to have to tell Cas sooner or later so would it be so bad if she found out you were pregnant?”

“I guess not, but I still don’t know if I am ready for the whole school to find out.”

Matilda walked over to the sink as she thought she was goner be sick again.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to school today.” Ric said.

“Ric, I am pregnant it means that I can do other things and I am redoing my HSC I can’t afford to miss any school”

“I know but we don’t want you throwing up in the middle of a lesson”

“I am going to school and that’s final and as I am already running late would you mind giving me a lift.”

“Sure, I will wait for you downstairs.”

Later at school Matilda was feeling slightly better as the sickness had passed but all of a sudden Matilda came over all light headed and started to feel faint.

“Hey, Mattie. Are you feeling ok you don’t look so good.” Drew said turning towards her.

“I’m fine”

The school bell went and as Matilda got up to leave the classroom she collapsed on the floor.

“Mattie!” Drew said. “Mattie wake up! Aden go and get a teacher NOW!”

Matilda opened her eyes slowly and saw Rachel looking up at her.

“Matilda you are in hospital. Can you hear me?”

“What’s happening, why am I hear?”

“Matilda you collapsed. You were very dehydrated and we have hooked you up to a drip. You know it’s very dangerous to not eat and drink properly when you are pregnant.”

“So you know than. Is my baby alright?”

“Yes everything seems fine. Does Ric know?”

“Os course he knows. Speaking of Ric I don’t want you to tell him I am here, he will only worry and I’m fine now.”

“Sorry Mattie, it’s to late we called Ric when you came in he will be hear any minute.”

With that Ric walked in

“Hey, you ok what happened?”

“I’m not really sure I don’t remember much.” Matilda said grabbing Ric’s hand.

“Ric Matilda collapsed from dehydration, you must make sure that she is taking care of her self during the pregnancy or Matilda’s body won’t be able to handle it.”

“Thanks Rachel”

Rachel walked out of the room and left Ric and Matilda.

“Please don’t look at me like that I will make sure this never happens again.” Matilda said knowing what Ric was thinking about her.

“You better” Ric said “I don’t know what I would do if I lost either of you.”

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