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Tues, 20 Nov 07 - Episode # 4552

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jack AND Martha’s Rose Coloured Glasses “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 20 Nov 07 - Episode # 4552]

BEACH : Martha & jack are still kiss as ep begins, but Mart breaks away for m the kiss, and runs way form jack.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Martha encounters rory & Tony, and Tony suggests that Martha shouldn’t be walk alone at night, so he says that he & Rory will walk her home.

Tony is not impress when Rory is a tad terse with Martha, i.e. “we’re having the wedding rehearsal morrow and you’re not invited”

DINER : Leah is discussing the reception menu with Leah when Martha [who go straight upstairs], Tony & Rory enter.

Sam asks Tony to take Rory home – but before they bail, Rory takes offence to colleen saying that Sam isn't acting like a normal bride to be.

DINER FLAT : Michael apologises to Martha for hitting Jack. Martha then tells Michael that she is VERY keen to “go with” his plan for leaving the bay, and whilst we see that Michael looks V pleased, he doesn't see the look of unease etc on Martha’s face.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tiny & Rory enters, and Tony tells jack that Sam is way stressed and asks him to bring Rory home.

Rory tells jack that he is keen to at last wear some of the suit that he is wearing to the at wedding for the rehearsal morrow, but when Rory keep on asking, jack gets rather terse with him. Luc then takes Rory home.

Tony wonder what is happening with jack – who tells Tony that Sam asks him to stay here tonight. Jack admits tat he IS in love with 2 women at same time right now, and Tony is shocked when jack tells him that he & Martha kissed tight. Tony insist that jack should remember how much of a nightmare that jack & Martha’s marriage actually was, as Tony does not think that any of the issues that broke them up have been resolved.

BEACH : Next day, Martha is walking on the sand – muchly thinking it looks.

VAN PARK HOUSE : With Cass always being a bit of a busy bee of late, Matilda wonders to ric if maybe their rekindled relationship is affecting Cass [since Henk is not with her]. Matilda suggests that they should all go for a post school trip away for a few days.

BEACH : Michael catches up with Martha who insists that she is up & about early as she has to open up Noah’s etc. Michael then suggest tat going away isn’t maybe the best of ideas – as he's not so sure that Martha wants to go way for the right reasons.

NOAH'S : Jack enters, and Martha tells him that THAT kiss last night was a mistake. Jack admits to Martha that although he loves Sam, jack loves Martha MORE. Jack wonders if there is ANY chance for Jack/Martha to get back together, but before she answers, they are interrupting by Tony. Jack tells Martha to meet him on the beach at 10am today.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rory is most upset when Sam tells him that she & jack aren;t exactly in prefect harmony at the monet, but Sam insist that it’s up to jack to make a decision.

BEACH NEAR DINER : Luc & Matilda raise the idea of a post school trip away with Cass, who doesn’t think its such a good idea [what is that point of spending days getting there & back when you are only up holiday spot for a couple of days]. When Matilda etc try to talking further to Cass, she tells them [after just getting a txt msg][ that she has to open the bar for Martha.

After Cass has walked away, both Luc & Matilda are concerned that something is definitely “up” with Cass.

POLICE STATION : One of the other male uniformed officers tell jack that Rory broke a car window and waited around til police came etc. jack insist that this isn’t the way to solve Rory’s problems. Rory tells jack that he should charge Rory now, so they can get to church on t9me for rehearsal.

BEACH : Martha is waiting for jack when she gets a txt form him saying that he has been held up. Tony approach and tells Martha that he can still see that Jack/Martha are a volatile paring. Tony insists that partic Rory will get hurt of jack/Martha try aging. Tony also tells Martha that he KNOWS that jack will happy with Sam & Rory, but he doesn’t think [given history] that that will be the case if jack/Martha get back together.

[Note – think of the somewhat short lived marriage, and even when they tried to get back together after Martha/Cam split , that ended badly too, although it DID, thankfully, lead us to 1st meeting Annie !!!!]

CHURCH : Jack & Roy [in policy car] pull up outside, and jack insist to Rory that Rory can’t force this situation. When Rory wonders, jack says that he will get to the rehearsal soon, as jack is running late for a prior arrangement [thanks to Rory’s rock throw trouble].

Jack drives off, and Rory enters the church. He tells Sam [and Matilda, Luc & Rev Hall] that jack won’t be long now.

BEACH : Jack arrives at where he was to meet Martha – but she’s not there.

DINER FLAT : After Martha enters, Michael continues to be apprehencious about why she wants to go away with him, but Martha IS able to convince him that she isn’t running way by leaving town with him.

CHURCH : Sam, Matilda etc continue to wait for Jack, and it gets to the point that Rev Hall is about to Bial to another arrangement when Jack finally shows up.

SURF CLUB : Matilda tries to get to the bottom of why Cass is doing her best to kinda avoid Matilda at the monet, but she gets nowhere with that plan. Seconds after Matilda bails, Martha arrives, and thanks Cass for coveting for her at the bar.

BEACH : Cass encounters ric, and when he asks, Cass tells ric that he can’t be around Matilda at te moment because ric hasn’t told Matilda that he & Viv spend the night together.

Cass insist that if Matilda finds out that Cass knew that ric cheated, then Matilda & Cass’s friendship will be over. Ric insist that if Cass tells Matilda about what happened, their [Ric & Cass} friendship will be over.

OUTSIDE DINER : As Matilda sits with with Tony, Colleen comments about how Jack & Sam is booth about to have their 2nd marriage, and esp. about how ppl theses days move on too easily from a marriage.

Matilda starts walk ay when she sees Viv app. Matilda comments tats he could have ignored Viv, but since Matilda & Ric are back togther, it’s not an issue.

Viv responds by saying that Matilda is stronger than she expected, especially since Viv & ric spend the night together. When Matilda looks all stunned, Viv insist that she thought that Matilda knew about Ric’s indiscretion with Viv!!!



Matilda [in tears] confronts Ric!!!

Cass is beside the wheel of Belle’s car [with several ppl aboard] when the car crashes !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

Leah: sky blue low cut crossover halter top [with black top ‘neath] - GOLD

Martha: black [black roses] scoop top/bone shorts - SILVER

Colleen: black [yellow & purple floral pattern] dress - BRONZE


Cass: white (rainbow coloured motif) singlet top/green “camo” shorts

Colleen: light blue [green leafy motifs] blouse

Jack: black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jack: green polo shirt/white [2 blue horizontal stripes on each sleeve] jacket

Luc: pink & brown horizontal stripes polo shirt

Lucas: dirty pink [white & black running writing motifs] t/mauve board shorts

Martha: orange low cut spaghetti strap dress/white jacket

Matilda: emerald green scoop neck t/dark blue [white lining] shorts

Michael: blue singlet/denim jeans

Michael: olive green button up shirt/grey singlet/dark blue long pants

Ric: black [green rock band? motif] t

Rory: black [with some green & some blue monkey motifs] PJs

Rory: red [gold eagle crest] t/olive green button up shirt

Rory: SBH uniform

Sam: apple green low cut spaghetti strap top/purple shorts

Sam: bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top

Sam: white [with multi colour floral pattern, and black lining] tube top/white long pants

Tony: brown & blue horizontal striped polo shirt/brown [with white sides] jacket

Tony: white [sB gym] t shirt/brown [with white sides] jacket

Viv: brown [green diag squares on bottom half & on sleeves] scoop dress

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