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Mon, 19 Nov 07 - Episode # 4551

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ What Happens On Tour, Stays On Tour !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 19 Nov 07 - Episode # 4551]

HOSPITAL CARPARK : The attacker tries to pin down Martha ion the grassier rea near car park, but Martha is able to escape, thanks to both a a painful blow to the tacker that Martha lands, and the shouts of security guards.

HUNTER HOUSE : Maddie & Ric kinda uneasily cat as the eat dinner. Btw, Maddie looks a “tad” bustier than usual.

HOSPITAL : As Rachel treats Martha, jack approaches, and insists that Martha shouldn’t wash under her fingernails auntoil that get dna samples – as Martha scratch they attacker.

After Michael goes to marthas side, jack looks a tad jealous, as does Sam [not far behind jack] because of jack’s [he’s on duty btw] way eagerness to see Martha.

HUNTER HOUSE : Maddie & Ric are now sitting on couch and Ric comments on how Maddies seems to trying to adjust her. Maddie comments that she bought a new [push up] bra as she thought Ric would like that, but he thinks that maddie should wear something comfortable.

Luc enters – and Ric & Maddie ask him about the US writers ting troop that he’s just been on. Luc thinks it was amazing. [note – a comment of luc’s in the scene is where I got epo title from]

HOSPITAL : Michael muchly tells esp. jack that he’ll be able to take good care of Martha, whilst Rachel muchly has a go at Sam for not escorting Martha to her car. Jacks hears this.

RACHEL'S PLACE : After they enters, Sam tells jack off – for siding wit martha again. This leads to further heated words, and the quarrel is only ended when Luc enters, i.e. Sam bails seconds later.

DINER : Irene, Annie & Reverend hall comment about the attack on Martha.

Sam enters and talks the Rev Hall about all that’s happening.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rev Hall enters, and he “suggest” to jack that 3 ppl don’t makes a marriage – and when jack isn’t exactly respectful of rec hall’s opinion, the Reverend says that, given jack’s attitude, he won’t marry jack/Sam. Jack then “suggest” that rev Hall should bail – which he does.


DINER FLAT : Next day, Martha is on phone – sounds like jack tell her that the DNA results should be thru later today.

Michael enters the room, and he slugfest, given that his farm is now sold that he & Martha should go way somewhere – without a real desistation or timeframes of how long away for. Martha is kinda surprised, but suggests it is good idea.

DINER : Luc overhears Madide arranging for Irene to put together a surprise] romantics picnic basket. Maddie then tells luc about what;’ been going on [rioc/maddie split, before not getting close again]

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam & jack have another row. Sam is not palesaed that they currently haven’t got a wedding venue etc, but she eventually tells jack that she will try to ease things by apologising to Martha for not escort her last night.

NOAH'S : Martha insists to ric that Alf not need to know what happen to her. Luc enactors, and is rather intrigued to hear Ric talking about arranging a romantic surprise picnic for he & Maddie.

DINER FLAT : Michael is a tas surprised when Sam arrives at te door, she tells him that she wants to clear the air with Martha, but comments form both Michael and esp. Sam indicate to Michael that Sam didn’t REALLT want to apologise to Sam [or wouldn’t have meant it]. Sam bails.

NOAH'S : Jack tells Martha that there is no DNA match on file with perron who attack her. Jack & Martha then chat – inch Martha insisting that she doesn’t want to marry jack.

Michel sees [but not hears] jack & Martha’s chat – and Michel follows jack out of the club.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Michael confmnits jack about Martha, and a comment form jack almost leads to Michael punch him, but another comment [that Michel is just a guy who abuses woman because his mum tells him to] leads Michael to WAAAAAAAAAY punch jack in the face. Martha sees this – and hates it.


DINER FLAT : Martha further tells off Michael for punch jack – but Michael insists that esp. now, he need to know where he stands with Martha.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric has is picnic basket, and he has written a card to Maddie, but when he try to put small biut of perfume on card, he put too much and it smudge the writing her did. Ric phones Maddie – and they agree to meet near surf club.

DINER : Maddie collects her pachinko basket form Irene, and luc enters as mads is bailing. Irene points out to luc that the injured [cut lip etc] jack is at one of tyeh table.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Maddie & Ric approached each other. Both comment that in their picnic basket is al, the things that the other likes. Both comets that they may be trying too hard to really restart things.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam tells jack that she is pleased that he sais sorry to Rev Hall, but she wants to know what is going n. jack admits that just after the coma, her was confused [thought he was still with Martha]/ Sam insists that jack should “perhaps” stay at the hunter place tonight and if jack is not at the wed rehearsal morrow, Sam will know that he has chose Martha. Jack ][reluctantly] bails.


BEACH : Jack approach Martha at water’s edge, and admits that he is jealous whenever he sees Michael near Martha. Both can’t resist any loner – they kiss.



Will Jack actually choose tween Martha & Sam???

Viv tells Matilda about her night together with Ric!!!


The official site has a sneak peak at the next [#4552] ep, and clips from many previous eps

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

Martha: denim jeans/black low cut singlet [with vertical lfrills on shoulders] top/white jacket - GOLD

Matilda: dark blue [grey dots] scoop neck dress - SILVER

Sam: apple green low cut spaghetti strap top - BRONZE


Annie: white [floral motifs near the very top] t/grey track pants

Irene: grey scoop top

Irene: red scoop top

Jack: black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jack: white [raised white crest?] long sleeve top

Luc: lime green & grey horizontal striped polo shirt

Lucas: dirty pink [white & black running writing motifs] t

Martha: orange low cut spaghetti strap dress

Matilda: mauve & black [mauve floral design on bust, black – with white specks - on the rest] dress

Michael: grey singlet/grey long pants

Michael: olive green button up shirt/grey singlet/dark blue long pants

Nurse Julie: white [blue floral etc pattern] blouse

Rachel: black v neck dress

Ric: black button up shirt

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo] t

Ric: white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t

Sam: purple polo/black [purple BONT logo] jacket/bone long pants

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