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Fri, 16 Nov 07 - Episode # 4550

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Who Cares About Jack, Martha etc, Scruffy’s Up And About Again !!!! “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 16 Nov 07 - Episode # 4550]

MICHAEL’S FARM : Sam angrily wonders why Martha tried on the dress, and Martha says that she saw it, and just couldn’t help herself. Sam storms off is DISGUST.

DINER : Irene talks to Leah about her worriers about having to find a new partner to buy out Leah’s share of the diner, and that fact that Leah, Dan etc will be going way, perhaps, forever, very soon.

BEACH : Dan, drew, Ryan, Vj, belle & Annie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay have fun playing with a rugby league football.

FARM : Jack [heaving not seen Martha yet] tells her that scruffy is having some x rays done, but vet thinks it’s not too bad.

Jack see her is THAT dress, and wonders why. She comments about how colleen thought that Martha’s wed dress wasn’t as good as Sam’s - jack disagrees.

Jack then helps Martha out – as the zip as stuck. With jack looking the other way, Martha removes the dress, and pouts back on her checked shirt.

Martha hands jack the wed dress – and he bails.

RACHEL’S : After jack enters, Sam has a go at hi9m, after she takes his comments to mean that he is defending Martha’s actions.

Sam takes jack’s firm suggestion that Martha is NOT coming to wedding with grain of salt. Sam then ini9sts tat she is sooooooooooo getting another wed dress – as jack will always think of Martha when he see Sam on their wed day.

NOAH’S : Michel enters, and says that the vet is doing some more tests on scruffy.

When Martha suggest that she wants to way help Michel with everything., he much rejects her, saying that he has to be up way early morning [for sale of his farm etc]

BRAD’S : Next day, Lewis arrives – with a bunch of roses.

Rachel rejects both the flowers, and Lewis, esp., when he says that if he was a bit older, kids would be great. Rachel insists that that sounds just like kimmy druid, and this time, Rachel is going to put HERSELF 1st for a change. Lewis bails.

BEACH : Annie [with her hair up in bun for the 1st time that I can recall] & Michael are walking along the waters edge. Annie is V pleased to hear that the vet thinks that scruffy is going to be totally OK.

After Annie walks away, Michel sees jack exist the water [with surfboard]. Michael way convents jack about what’s going on with Martha.

DINER : Sam tall to jack about taking hoping the wed dress storee with exchange this tainted dress for another – Sam insists that she so doesn’t want to explain whey,. And that will make her the subject of gossip all over the bay. Sam comments that it’s funny that she went to the farm to offer Martha the n hand of friendship.

As Sam exits, Tony enters, and he talks briefly to jack about hat;’ss been going on.

In kitchen, Dan tells Leah that he rally having 2nd thoughts about what’s happening. He realises that he’s rally going to miss this place, and their friends and Ryan etc, but Leah insist that Dan will kick himself later in life if he chooses not to go. Dam is muchly reassured by this – and then they comment about a surprise that bell has arranged form later.

SURF CLUB : Michel enters, and he tells Martha that he hares that she is not being honest with hum – as he thinks that she still REALLY wants javk. Maratha initis to Michael that she isn't holding ANYTHNG [thoughts, feelings] back form him, but Michael doesn’t seem to believe her.

BEACH : Dan, Leah, Ryan & VJ muck around together, before bell & drew approaches with a surprise fro Ryan. He opens the pressie – it’s a digital camera, but bell insists tat she is to be the one to takes this cam’s 1st pics – and she proceeds to take several pics [various fun poses]of Leah, Dan, VJ & Ryan].

DINER : Annie & Irene join in the “goodbye to Ryan” celebrations. They have made a big chocolate cake but when Ryan touches the bottom of the cakes when he is cutting the 1st piece, they all jokes about how he has to be kissed by a girl – rain not keen on this, but its Leah that does the honours [i was imagining Annie would for a moment there].

Leah & co say goodbye to Ryna – as Dan is about to drive him to Amanda’s place in tee city

HOSPITAL : Rachel; give that flowers that Lewis gave her to one of the nurses, saying the they should be given to a certain patient.

Rachel encounters Lewis, who tells her that his surgery rotation is happen now, and Rachel says that it’s good that this has happened – as they are well and truly over [esp. since an ultrasound today confirmed that rach miscarried]. As Rachel walks away form Lewis, she’s way fighting back tears.

NOAH’S : Martha is overjoyed when Scruffy runs up to her. Michael enters moments later, and says that he’s already visits Annie [who is overjoyed that scruffy is ok].

Michel wonders about what’s going on with Martha, and she insists that it was just weird after jack come out of his coma about thought that they were still together. Martha insists to the jack is TOTALLY in her past, and Michael clearly loves it when she says that she is really beginning to have DEEP feelings for Michel.

DINER : Tony approaches jack, who amdiststhat he RALLY felt something for Martha when he saw her in the wedding dress. Tony can’t believe it when jack says that, when he saw Martha in the dress, he wishes that he was marrying her, and not Sam, soon.

HOPSITAL : Martha approaches Sam, and Sam tells Martha off – esp. about how embarrassed that she had to take back the dress. Sam continues her attack about how Martha seems to be too close to jack, but Martha returns fire – insisting tat Sam will loose jack if she keeps on being this neurotic abbot the whole Martha thing.

Martha’s had enough and decides to bail, and when Rachel tells her that she should be escorted by security to her car [it night time obviously], Martha says that she can’t wit for them., Rachel asks Sam to go with Martha, but [when Rachel is out of view], Sam decides against go with Martha.

Martha goes outside and is unlock her Ute when she is grabbed from behind by a balaclava wearing person!!!!!!



In the final 2 weeks of H&A for 2007 –

There’ll be a wedding;

The hospital attacker is someone they all trust [Rachel gets a note “you are being watched”]


[with images on screen of a scruffy looking man walking on the beach] a 20 year old mystery will change sally’s life FORVER !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

Annie: white, simple but gorgeous, thin strap [just below knee lenght] dress - GOLD

Irene: brown mottled see thru scoop top, with black spaghetti top neath - SILVER

Martha: white waaaaaaaaaaaay beaded & floral etc low cut [both front & back] wide strap wedding dress - BRONZE


Annie: baby pink [unknown black motifs] scoop top/bright red shorts

Belle: sleeveless sheepskin jacket/dark low cut top

Belle: white (with silver swirl pattern across the bust, and orange cloud like motifs elsewhere) singlet top

Dan: green, white & black polo shirt

Dan: light blue [dark blue surfing dude] t

Drew: balk [white splotches] boardies/white singlet

Drew: black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t

Irene: red scoop top

Jack: aqua (ocean themed motif) t/light blue [dark floral] boardies

Jack: denim jeans/black v neck t

Jack: light pink polo

Leah: orange (silver spots across the bust) spaghetti strap top

Leah: purple shimmery spaghetti strap top

Lewis: brown leather jacket/blue swirls button up shirt

Lewis: white med coat/blue swirls button up shirt

Martha: denim jeans/dark top/white jacket

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Martha: red [white check] button up shirt/denim short shorts

Michael: denim jeans/grey singlet/olive green button up shirt

Michael: white singlet top/dark blue track pants

Rachel: black v neck dress

Ryan: blue [green dancing? Dude] t

Ryan: yellow polo

Sam: black & grey [horizontal striped] low cut v neck top/purple shorts

Sam: purple polo/bone long punts

Tony: red & black polo shirt

VJ: red & white horizontal striped t/white [blue floral] boardies

VJ: royal blue t

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